A common misconception that is often believed to be true is men’s nipples are not as stimulating as female nipples. This couldn’t be more wrong. Nipples are the most erogenous and sexually stimulating parts of his body which are often ignored.

In addition to that, male nipples are often more erogenous than female nipples, therefore male nipple play makes becomes fun and erotic for reaching a perfect climax. According to the study conducted by the U.S National Library Of Medicine and National Institutes Of Health revealed that male nipple orgasm is a thing that can stimulate men sexually more.

Why this disparity?

According to the research conducted by some health experts, it was revealed that only 17 percent of men indulge in nipple play during sexual intercourse, whereas when it comes to women, a large 59 percent of them, experience nipple orgasm.

In addition to this, a large proportion of the male population has been caught under the conception that nipple stimulation does not lead to male nipple orgasm. This misbelief is often rooted in the stereotypes in association with gender which is prevalent almost anywhere you go, from the workplace to even your bed.

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But, don’t you think that when it comes to sex, you should be yourself more and forget about the hollow stereotypes, which often arise due to proper lack of education?

Many sex experts have affirmed that there is a sort of fear and consternation when it comes to male nipple play. The reason behind this fear and anxiety is the exaggerated effeminateness associated with it.

Due to this, men often avoid experiencing a male nipple orgasm, fearing that that would create a dent in their masculinity. This is an extremely wrong belief and futile belief.

Since childhood, women were bestowed with every piece of information to their breasts, and those being the extremely erogenous zones. On the other hand, however, men were given no information regarding their nipples, so they assumed it is good for nothing. 

Therefore, these subtleties in the education of both men and women since their childhood, have manifested in every area of life which have become extremely hard to ignore.  

In addition to this, there is no anatomical difference between male nipples and female nipples. Both of them have milk ducts and contain mammary tissues along with certain tissues which help in stimulating other organs of the body.

 However, the difference lies in the number of nerves they both have. Male nipples have a larger and denser amount of nerves. This does not mean that they are less sensitive to touch than females. Men’s nipples are equally sensitive, perhaps more than the female nipples.

Be that as it may, for some men, nipples can be extremely erogenous and stimulating than women, but for others, it might hurt or even irritate. Therefore, it depends upon person to person, and consequently, it requires understanding and communication whether you and your partner want to indulge in male nipple play or not.

If your man does like nipple play, here are some perfect ways to play with them like a pro and reach the impeccable orgasm.

6 Different techniques for male nipple play

male nipple orgasm,
  • When it comes to playing with the nipples, you don’t want to go play right in the beginning with them. Make sure you straddle your partner and run your hands through his chest, without touching the nipples. 

Next, slowly and lightly touch them so his attention is brought near them. Then you can slowly play around in that area with varying intensity with your fingers. After bringing his attention, you can bring your tongue to the show and increase the level. Remember, the key here is to change the levels of intensity so the partner is always caught anticipating and wanting more.

  • Sometimes, you do not want to start with your hands or your tongue in the beginning. For that, you can bring some sexually stimulating toys such as feathers, ice, and even oil. You can then use toys to suck, lick, and even pinching. Pinching as per some health expert’s opinion is considered to be the best feeling in men to sexually stimulate and arouse them.
  • However, as mentioned earlier, different techniques can be used on different men when it comes to nipple stimulation. Some men might react to it differently whereas others in an entirely different way. For some men, flicking your tongue or sucking it is the end game whereas for others, lighting, pinching, or touching it is everything.
men's nipples
  • You can try rubbing the nipples and the area around it in a circular pattern, along with gently sucking and pinching them. You can also use a cube of ice to rub and then lick the liquid off of his chest and even the nipples.  
  • Apart from using feathers and ice, you can also use nipple clamps which balance pain and pleasure. This helps in sexually stimulating the person to another level.
  • When you are using objects like ice or cream, you need to keep certain tricks techniques in mind. For instance, if you are using a cube of ice, place the ice near the nipple of a man. Next, slowly and gently rub it around the region until it melts. 

When it has been completely melted, you can lick off the extra liquid with your tongue. Moreover, if you are using food products such as whipped cream, you just have to pour some of it on his titties and lick him off.

These are some of the most popular and effective techniques when it comes to male nipple stimulation. However, these are not enough when it comes to male nipple play. You also have to keep in mind several other environmental factors.

For instance, don’t forget to set the mood by lighting candles and playing some soft romantic music. Moreover, make yourself comfortable. You do not want to rush into any kind of situation just because you are not comfortable. You can take your time and be more comfortable. 

You can also fantasize and imagine what you want to do and what will sexually entice your partner. You can try these different techniques, one at a time or even all together to get a big O!