There are not a lot of ways men can change up their looks. Well, there is makeup, but there is a large number of men who do not go for this option. So, for those men who do not wish to dwell into the art of makeup to change up their looks, the hair on their head and face are the easiest way to do that. 

This then makes it important for you to know how to match your hairs to facial hair. If you figure out what combinations work for you, it will be of great help to you enhance your features and look your best. 

Match Your Hair To Facial Hair

Here, we shall try to answer the question of how to match hairstyle to facial hair. Let’s look at some things to take into account when you are trying to do so.

1. Thickness of hair 

The first and important step into trying to grow your head and facial hair is to take into account the density and growth of this hair. Each individual’s body is different from others but this does not mean that one is better than the other. 

Typically thicker hair is seen as the ideal of beauty because all media depicts it as the one to achieve. But the truth is that since thicker hair is easier to play with and try a new thing on, the fashion industry and media continue to work with them, and psychologists will tell you that the more you see a face or feature, the more likely you are going to start finding it attractive and something to idealise.

The truth is, if the fashion industry and media put thinner hair individuals on our screens, we would start incorporating them into our ideas of beauty too. Hence, no density is better than the other, it’s just one allows more experimentation. 

So, if you have thick hair on your head and face, you can play with a lot of styles. If you have thin hair on the head but a lot of facial hair, you too can sport a bunch of styles of different beards and moustaches. If you have thin hair on the head and the face, we suggest you go with a well-kept stubble.

2. Texture of hair

A lot matters on what the texture of the hair on your head and face are. If you have silkier and straighter hair, you can change up your lengths and see what suits you. 

If you have curlier or more frizzy hair, we suggest that you keep either the hair on your head or the hair on your face long. If you grow both of them too long, without taking care and maintaining them, you might end up looking a little messy. But if you really do wish to grow your hair or beard, we would highly recommend you use beard oils and balms and also take conscious efforts to keep your hair look groomed and neat. 

After taking careful notice of your own hair, you can check out what are the most common and most recommended styles by hairstylists and beauticians, and see for yourself what might work for you the best. 

Bald head or buzzed cut

If you have a bald head or a close to a military haircut, you can go in almost any way when styling your beard. The absence of hair on your head is like a black chino or a blank canvas; you can pair anything with it or take your painting anywhere you like. 

You can sport anything from a long beard and a moustache to a small moustache or stubble. The one thing that we would like to emphasise is that a completely bald head can make your head look devoid of the sharpness of your facial features. So unless you have a chiselled face or very defined features, we would ask you to keep away from a clean shave.

Short hair

If you are an office going professional and your haircut is short, we would suggest that you probably should keep your facial hair short and periodically trimmed. 

This is not only for you to keep looking appropriate for the office, but also be sure this combination is a great way to match your hairs to facial hair. It brings about coherence and professionalism in your look.

Medium length hair

The basic principle behind identifying what and how to match your hairstyle to facial hair is that the number of styles available to you for your beard increases proportionally to the length of the head hairstyle you are sporting. It’s one of the most convenient lengths when trying to match your hairs to facial hair.

For example, you can keep a stubble or a small trimmed beard and moustache with your medium length hair; and you can even go for facial hair that is a bit longer. 

But when you are planning to keep your facial hair long, we cannot emphasise enough the importance of oiling and taking care of your hair. You must maintain it well otherwise it stops looking professional and fresh, and just looks unkempt and ends up dragging down your whole look.

Occasionally, you can even try tying up your hair in a bun and add a certain sharpness and ruggedness to your look, at the same time making you look neat and well kept.

Long hair 

Like mentioned earlier, the longer the hair, the more options are available to you which might flatter you and your long hair. 

Here again, you have to make sure that the longer the lengths of the hair, whether of the head or the beard, both require maintenance. You must clean them with mild shampoos or soap, and apply oils to keep them nourished. In order to style them, balms and waxes are available in the market which might be of good help. 

These are some of the basic tenets to keep in mind when you are trying to match hairstyle to facial hair. But remember that you can always keep experimenting by yourself, and you might come up with something even better than what we have described here. Be a stylist for yourself and find your perfect match!