Jewellery for men has risen in popularity in recent years, with many men desiring to adorn themselves with a variety of accessories, men’s rings being the most popular preference. Few symbols are as significant as the wedding ring: a simple band of gold (or platinum or hardwood) representing a lifetime dedication to the partner of your dreams. In our latest blog post review, we take a look at the upcoming brand NAnaco Men and their modern ring style. Read on to find out more!

We are a huge fan of men’s fashion accessories and jewellery, in particular, so we were keen to test out their pieces from their launch collection, after discovering about the brand from owner and founder – Hyona Lim. Hyona founded her company based on the goal that jewellery should follow architecture’s functionality via the same foundation and design factor, a commendable idea. NAanaco Men has set their goal to let their rings accommodate the body’s contours, guaranteeing a perfect fit for each customer.

NAnaco Men is a men’s jewelry company especially focused on designing rings that conform to the ergonomics of men’s fingers. Using their ERGO FIT™ outline, NAnaco can create a diamond men ring truly “fitted for you,” proposed for the human body to be worn on the human body.  

NAnaco Men’s founders are instructed in and obsessed with architecture which is why their rings are designed taking into account all of the variables of a man’s ring: knuckle and finger diameter, the interior shape of the ring relative to the finger, and the metal’s retort to temperature. NAnaco designs performative jewelry. The industrial design of jewelry rallies with the architecture of the body. Their patent-pending ERGO FIT™ ERGO FIT™ framework is going to transform the way you think about rings, giving jewelry items a successful business.

Without delay, check out our NAnaco Men Modern Ring Review:


We chose The Modern NAnaco Men modern ring for the review, bragging sleeker lines compared to its more rounded brother. It was designed almost completely using brushed silver titanium (hypoallergenic and tarnish-free), contrasting against a solitary black band, and giving an easy yet very effective appeal. 

This understated visual stands out just adequate, eye-catching without falling into the trap of being too busy, which can rapidly diminish a sleek look all too easily.


NAnaco proudly vessels their rings using what they call the “ERGO™” fit, attributing an asymmetrical interior that encloses a directional function. This best  brand wanted the fit of their rings to be supreme, ensuring that all men would own a ring that sits flawlessly on their fingers. 

During the design process, the men ring size comprises a curved internal structure, letting a snug positioning against the finger, yet also slip over and past the much wider knuckle area devoid of any problems, giving your ring the ideal fit. The company has promised to flip the industry upside down when it comes to sizing, hoping to expel ill-fitting rings in the future.

Thanks to the ring’s understated style; it can be worn almost anywhere. Suited and booted in a three-piece at the office, informal with a sweater and boots for men, or even at play on the beach during a vacation. We would happily state that this is the most user-friendly ring we have seen regarding how easy it is to style.


In this Modern Men Ring Review, we will also describe how these rings are constructed. Each of the NAnaco rings is crafted using advanced 3D printing technology, pledging all of their items are indistinguishable in shape and size while adhering to the quality workmanship the brand requires for their customers.
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The ring’s metal is lightweight, which when merged with a slim-line 6mm band will make you almost forget you are wearing anything at all (perfect if this is your introduction to wearing jewellery).

One of the NAnaco brand’s exclusive selling points is how they size their rings to get that great fit. They base their measurements off of these key sizes.

  1. knuckle diameter
  2. Band’s width
  3. Interior shape
  4. Temperature variations

With the high production values behind them, NAnaco has certainly hit the ground running in this department.


As with most things in this world, you frequently have to spend that little more to get a better quality product. In our experience,  basic jewellery falls into one of those categories. We have encountered men’s budget accessories in the past through our men’s fashion blog, and it hardly ever comes close to pieces that sit in a higher price bracket. 

The collection of NAnaco rings are at present available via Kickstarter, priced at $349, positioning itself resolutely in a high-end grouping. However, as stated, you sometimes need to expend a little more capital to reap the rewards (most notably with jewellery). We would happily say the price point is more than rational for the quality of the product on offer.
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The NAnaco Men Modern Ring Review applauds the brand for its superior quality and durability. That’s because these men ring size charts have a patent-pending design that takes into account the ergonomics of men’s hands. This contains the dimensions of the finger and knuckle, guaranteeing that your ring feels comfortable every time you wear it. These rings slide effortlessly past the knuckle and stay snug on your finger. 

And, with two designs—The Traditional NAnaco Men and The Modern NAnaco Men—you can pick a ring that suits your style. The Traditional NAnaco Men rings  are more classic and go well with formal attire, while The Modern NAnaco Men possess a bold and minimal design. They’re also hypoallergenic and great for lively lifestyles, and they look elegant on your finger. With the ERGO FIT rings, you’ll finally wear your ring contentedly.

The Modern NAnaco Men Ring is a top-quality part of jewellery, offering a beautiful design that is adaptable and can be worn to almost any event. The ERGO™ fit needs to be cited again in these closing words, an incredible idea brought to life, lastly allowing the dream of faultlessly fitting rings to become a reality, all offered for a more than reasonable price point. In the conclusion of the NAnaco Men Modern Ring Review, we would just say that we are delighted with this ring. We cannot wait to see what the brand comes up with next!