The trend of men’s boat shoes kickstarted when the phenomenal fashion vanguard Miuccia Prada decided to put them on the runway. Recently, their increasing popularity is making them one of the men’s favorites. 

When it comes to styling these boat shoes, there are certain norms that you have to keep in mind. The rest of the article enumerates the sartorial tips that you need to consider while styling men’s boat shoes.

Things to consider while choosing men’s boat shoes

Boat shoes generally emanate more casual and relaxed vibes which can also be appropriate as business-casual wear. They guarantee comfort, support, and sophistication which makes them extremely endearing. While choosing, below-mentioned are some of the things that you need to keep in mind:

When it’s too casual

Opting for casual wear is similar to walking on the edge of a cliff because without care, you never know when you fall into the ocean of ruggedness. If you’re considering to style a business-casual outfit for your office which consists of pressed trousers and an Oxford shirt, a leather boat shoe will help you in elevating the outfit. At the same time, adding a touch of playfulness to it. 

Fit matters

Fit precedes comfort. Regardless of the quality of the most expensive men’s boat shoes, the fit is one of the primary things that you need to keep in mind for a complete look. To ensure the right fit, you need to make sure that your heel is supported by the soles and does constrain anything. 

In addition, half an inch of space between your big toe and the shoe is always preferable so that your toes do not squish when you wear them. 

Match your shoes with the clothes

Although this point is needless to mention, it also cannot be stressed enough. If you’re buying shoes for a specific occasion, then make sure that you also similarly consider the clothes. Your clothes and the shoes should complement each other and fit into the occasion that you’re a part of.

Styling men’s boat shoes as per the occasion

Things to keep in mind about men’s boat shoes fashion
  • For travel: Boat shoes are the most comfortable shoes for traveling, especially when you have got the right fit.
  • For beaches: Originally, boat shoes were made for maritime activities. This explains the rising popularity of navy men’s boat shoes which can also be worn on beaches due to their durability. Not only that but these shoes do not wear off in tough weather.
  • For a date: More often than not, women are adept at analyzing an individual’s personality through the clothes they wear quickly. So, if you have a date planned shortly, don’t miss this opportunity to wear the boat shoes. It will help in shining your personality and your sartorial skills. 
  • For the office: As mentioned earlier, boat shoes are most suitable for a business casual environment. So, if you’re working in one, then please do the honors. 
Things to avoid
  • Wearing in winter: If you’re living in a place where snowfall is frequent, then wearing boat shoes in such an environment is not preferable as they’ll get easily soaked and will not exude casual vibes as before.
  • High-end formal occasions: Boat shoes are not meant for regal or high-end formal occasions. They’re fit for casual and business-casual environments. 

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Styling men’s boat shoes as per the clothes

Next, make sure that you avoid your boat shoes from direct sunlight when you’re not wearing them. In addition to this, avoid any direct contact with water as well because it can result in discoloration and deterioration of texture. 

With the advancement of time, boat shoes have become more common footwear among men, in contrast to the past where only boaters used to wear them. Due to their unique style and comfort, they are becoming everyone’s favorite. Be it on the mountains or the beaches, boat shoes will be your perfect companions for the voyage and perhaps the best alternative to dress shoes or flip-flops. 

Things to consider:
  • Chinos: There’s nothing more stylish than the pair of colorful chinos with boat shoes; provided, the combination has been done carefully. To do it impeccably, remember that the color of your chinos should contrast with the color of your boat shoes. 
  • Shorts: Shorts and boat shoes are the go-to outfits for summer. Similar to chinos, choose the color of the shorts that contrasts with the color of the shoes. 
  • Jeans: Pairing jeans with these shoes will reflect a more casual and relaxed look.
Things to avoid
  • Pairing them with suits: Boat shoes are inclined towards a more casual look, as mentioned before. On the other hand, suits are more formal. So, contrasting casual with formal is not advisable, even when you’re thinking of adopting a business-casual style.  
  • Wearing visible socks: Wearing socks that are visible with these shoes is certainly not advisable as the socks draw complete attention and ruin the entire look. 

To remove a stain, you can use a dry brush which has to be moved in one direction only to avoid any scratches. For more care, you can also spray preventative spray on your shoes. This will help in preventing any sort of outer damage to the shoes, especially in the case of leather boat shoes. If you’re following this method, make sure that you allow them to dry for at least 24 hours after spraying. 

In conclusion, it’s safe to say that men’s boat shoes have dominated the footwear market and they are in for a long haul, owing to their incomparable versatility and comfort. Exceeding sophistication and style that emanate when you wear them, these shoes are a lot more of an indicator of your personality than anything else. Sometimes, following the trend will only help you discover yourself!