In the previous five years, we’ve seen an increase in skin-care, shaving, and beauty products exclusively designed for men and male-identifying people than ever before. Where guys were once demoted to choosing from a handful of shaving cream, moisturizer, and Chapstick from a few big brands their local pharmacy carried, they now have limitless options. But more options likely pose an exclusive challenge: It can be simple to feel a little bit engulfed about what to buy. 

As this time of year is always a good one to revive the Best men’s grooming kit 2021, we’ve gone ahead and scoured our complete archive of grooming content to uncover the best men’s grooming gift ideas to keep a guy (or guys) looking clean, fit, and handsome in the year to come.

Colonia Futura Eau de Cologne;center,top&resize=480:*
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The latest iteration of Acqua di Parma’s heritage scent seizes sustainability very seriously, attributing 99 percent natural ingredients. 

Self-Care for Men: How to Look Great

From the straightforward—believe: how to put together a skincare schedule, and exercises for couch potatoes—to the intellectual—mental, and spiritual wellness is a necessary part of looking great—this amicable guide will have a guy looking and feeling healthier than ever. 

Travel Size Bergamot Hand Sanitizer;center,top&resize=480:*
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Who alleged hand sanitizer couldn’t be masculine? This pocket-sized dispenser feels lavish and leaves behind a delicate, fresh bergamot scent. 

Starter Grooming Kits Gift

This carved, refillable antiperspirant/deodorant stick draped in hand-stitched leather is far elegant than your average drugstore find, and the four scent offers (with choices like fresh Coastline or spicy Night Market) are considerably more sophisticated too. 

Healing Balm;center,top&resize=480:*
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This all-purpose balm can be utilized to soothe everything from over-sanitized hands to calloused feet to chapped lips. It is one of the best men’s grooming gift ideas.

Handy Mixture Brush

Men with manes will value this brush, which is made by hand in England using the finest boar bristle to keep hair shiny and knot-free. It is indeed one of the best fashionable gifts for men.

Alpha Beta added Strength Daily Peel, 60 count

Battle razor bumps, ingrown hairs, chunked pores, and signs of aging all at once with these easy, pre-moistened packets of exfoliating chemical peel. 

Conditioning Beard Oil;0,0.0126xh&resize=480:*
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Made with a combination of almond, jojoba, and grapeseed oils, and vitamin E, this oil will maintain his beard soft, shiny, and healthy. 

The Liquors Angels’ Share Eau de Parfum

With a bottle stirred by a cut-glass decanter, a soothing amber color courtesy of cognac essence, and a scent fragrant of cognac, oak barrels, cinnamon, and vanilla, Kilian’s Angels’ Share is perfect for cocktail hour, and all that comes after. 

Côté Maquis Bath Salts;center,top&resize=480:*
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Give him a bit of extravagance with these lushly scented bath salts would be one of the best men’s grooming gift ideas. They provide amazing relaxation benefits.

Shaving Cream

You may think of Le Labo for perfumes, but the brand makes a shaving cream that is admirable of attention, too. The plant-based formula comprises sage, chamomile, and coconut for a softening and soothing cream that will leave you incredibly smooth.

Japanese Welcome Soap;center,top&resize=480:*
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For the bar soap disciple, Tamanohada has been making excellent soaps for almost 130 years. This unusual soap on a rope is scented with pomegranate, lemon, and peppermint and compressed in a traditional wooden mold of a Tai fish to characterize good luck and success. 

Custom Hair Color Case

So he wants to stroke those grays? The coiffure connoisseur will value this handy, custom blended home hair color kit for men.

Creme de Corps soothing Dry Body Oil

Several guys find lotion excessively heavy. Assist him to stay moisturized and comfortable with this ultra-light oil that absorbs immediately.

20th Anniversary Travel Set

He will constantly smell distinguished with this limited-edition travel set from Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle, which includes a trio of divine fragrances to ensemble every mood: Bigarade Concentree, French Lover, and Vetiver Extraordinaire. 

Baby Foot for Men;center,top&resize=480:*
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Soft feet are an oft-overlooked necessary attribute of the well-groomed fellow. The acid merge in Baby Foot—treatment socks to be worn overnight—quickens a level of exfoliation that might at first seem startling, but eventually results in feet so smooth they emerge reborn.  

Purifying Charcoal Face Wash for Men

The primary step in great-looking skin? Getting it fresh. This face wash-ups the ante with activated charcoal (the same purifier you get in water filters) to seize dirt and oil as brush it away—all devoid of leaving skin feeling dry and tight. 

Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25

There’s nothing kissable (or relaxed) about dry, cracked lips. This silky, unseen balm fends off dryness with comforting shea butter, leaves in a touch of sun protection with SPF 25, and leaves a supple, matte finish that even the most product-averse will be glad about. 

Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 PA+++;center,top&resize=480:*
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Even the most sunscreen-averse guy will be won over by this accurately invisible mineral-based sunscreen that feels (and smells) like completely nothing on the skin. He’ll not recall even wearing it, and his protected complexion will be devoid of spot, wrinkle-, and all-around damage-inducing UV rays.  

Sisleÿum for Men Anti-Age Global Reviving Gel

Sisley produced this anti-aging moisturizer exclusively for men’s skin. Apply it nightly to lessen wrinkles and fine lines. 

Control Flexible Paste

Help him attain his Timothée Chalamet hair dreams with a moldable pomade that offers a supple, flexible hold. 

Lime Hand and Body Wash

It is one of Best Men’s Grooming Products. This lime-scented foaming gel is prepared with amino acids to rinse the skin without drying it out. 

Pure Black Shaving Brush

A luxurious brush is a simple way to promote your shaving routine and is also one of the best grooming gift ideas. Use it with shaving soap or cream to help facial hair stand on end for a closer shave. 

Celestial Black Diamond Contour Gel

This gel appeases, moisturizes, and defines the subtle skin around the eye and lip that is most prone to aging. It’s made with Matrixyl 3000, an anti-aging peptide that boosts collagen levels to remove fine lines and wrinkles. 

Everyday Face Wash for Oily skin and Acne Buster (90 Day Supply);center,top&resize=480:*
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Geologie produces customized skin care regimens for men based on a modified questionnaire, or the products can be procured a la carte. This salicylic acid face wash will eliminate daily grime and offer light exfoliation—a skin-improving additional benefit for an oily skin whether breakouts are an issue or not. 

It’s no secret that men are just as devoted to their grooming regimens as women are in their beauty routines. Whether he’s bearded or clean-shaven, a skincare follower, or a one-and-done minimalist, these are the best men’s grooming gift ideas to make him look and feel like the best version of himself.