Plunging into the real world all alone after living with family or friends can certainly be intimidating. Be it shifting due to a new job or just spending some time solo, there are certain integral things which should be included as a part of men’s shopping list. 

If you’re presently dealing with a similar situation, what better destination than this article which has articulated some of the most necessary things, from clothes to food products, that you can include in your list. So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s dive straight in!

Essential fashion and grooming items to include in men’s shopping list

1. A perfectly fitting blazer

A well-fitted blazer can be a great, probably a much-needed addition to your business casual interview attire men’s shopping list. With this, you can never fail to impress your interviewer.

2. Underwear

It’s high time now that you stop wearing the same old underwear that you wore for months, or perhaps years now. Buy some new durable ones. 

3. Bags

Owning different bags is extremely helpful, especially if you’re planning to travel solo in the near future. For instance, you can buy a sleek weekend bag if you’re going on a small trip. This will prevent you from carrying a heavy bag and ensure that you travel light. 

4. Wallet

You might wonder why invest time, effort, and money into something that is largely hidden in the back pocket of your jeans. But the truth is, even if you’re pulling out your wallet for an ephemeral period, it gets noticed by people you’re with, and believe it or not, it becomes an indicator of your personality. Therefore, it’s important to invest in some nice wallets for yourself. 

5. Grooming products

When it comes to grooming products, you cannot steal someone else’s when you’re running short of them. You have to buy them according to your needs. 

This is the most basic men’s wardrobe shopping list, assuming that you’ve already got the basic t-shirts and denim covered. Make sure that apart from the basic stuff, you’re also mindful of the items mentioned above because traveling solo can be less intimidating and more freeing when you’ve got a perfect wardrobe. 

Next in line is a comprehensive grocery shopping list that every guy would need at some point. 

Essential items to include in men’s shopping list for groceries

When it comes to grocery shopping, a comprehensive list of food items is required. Without this list, it’s almost impossible to buy food items that you’ll need right now and in the future. You’ll just end up collecting items that may rot in the future or might not eat it at all. Therefore, to prevent such a scenario healthy meal plans for men’s shopping list are very much required. 

Whether you’re traveling solo, moving into a new apartment in a new city or planning a vacation with your friends, the rest of the article has got your back with a helpful grocery shopping list, ranging from the most staple food items to some healthy snacks and meals. 

Brown rice

When you have a hustling schedule, a healthy meal plan is required which will help you retain your energy. This meal plan should include healthy carbohydrates as they energize the body. These healthy carbohydrates include whole grains which are full of fiber. As a result, they also help in keeping your gut clean. Not only that, fibrous foods usually take a longer time to break down which decreases your hunger. 

Apart from whole grains, brown rice is also a healthy complex carbohydrate that can replace white rice, which is a staple in several Asian dishes. Regardless of the consumption of healthy carbohydrates, make sure that you also buy some simple carbs because they are an integral part of men’s abs diet shopping list. 

Be that as it may, not all carbohydrates are healthy. There are certain carbohydrates found in white bagels, white rice, white pasta, and white bread which are not healthy at all. So, if you’re traveling solo then it’s advisable that you abstain from including these in the shopping list. 


Needless to mention, salmon is one of the healthiest additions to men’s shopping lists. Containing high-quality protein that enables men’s functionality throughout the day, salmon helps in building lean muscles of the body. 

In addition to its high content of protein, salmon also provides omega 3 fats which are extremely healthy for your body. Sharpening your cognitive abilities, ameliorating the health of your skin, and ensuring mental health, omega 3 fats are a must to any healthy diet. Cold smoked or steamed, salmon are nutritious in any form. So, don’t forget to add them to your list. You can also consume it through prescribed supplements. 

Men’s multivitamin

More often than not, no matter how much you eat and what you eat, your body faces a deficiency of nutrients. Under such circumstances, it is prudent to buy men’s multivitamins which can help you recover all the lost nutrients. However, it is better to consult your doctor first and then buy the prescribed multivitamins. It should be considered as a complementary consumption rather than a replacement for the meal. 

Whey protein powder

You might’ve observed that a plethora of fitness enthusiasts and weight lifters have replaced their meals with whey protein powder which consists of a high amount of nutrients. 

What makes it so alluring is its fast-absorbing qualities which isolate and hydrolysate which only escalate men’s muscle-building process. Its vanilla flavor mixes quickly with shakes, water, and milk. 

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Other food items: Other products which should make it to your grocery shopping list at least at some point include: frozen fruits, fish, onions, oranges, bananas. Raw nuts, tomatoes, cheese, eggs, yoghurt meat, broccoli, dried pasta, frozen vegetables, peanut butter, bread, apples, dark chocolate, granola bars, couscous, carrots, milk and butter. 

This is the ultimate men’s shopping list, including fashion items and grocery shopping items. Hopefully, this article has helped you in getting some insight regarding what to shop and what not to shop when you’re solo.