Vaping has gained a lot of traction as an alternative mode of nicotine. It has penetrated the lives of young men as a part of their hobbies and lifestyle. So much so, that entire shops are built to sell vaping equipment, accessories and liquids. If that’s not enough, you’ll also find ‘vaporiums’ which are special cafes for people who’d like to vape. 

Due to the increasing likeability of vaping, vapes have also become a style accessory and hence men’s vaping trend is often considered to be stylish and in fashion. Let’s see how. 

The reason behind young men’s vaping trend

  • Making a style statement:

Although the ultimate end of the vape (e-cigarette) is to render a quality vapour and guarantee a similar experience as any normal cigarette would do, these e-cigs are designed in a plethora of sizes and shapes which determine the person’s individuality. 

Its outer refined look emanates posh and high-end vibes. Therefore, a wealthy individual who gives importance to such things will certainly choose a high-end rose-gold vape pen over a normal one. This helps in making a style statement.

In addition, if a young guy is interested in art and its aesthetics, will also have his own set of choices for buying a vape. What’s interesting is that vapes that are available in many-marble or stabilised wood often reflect the sophistication of its possessor, even when they are extremely cheap. 

  • Birth of vape culture:

Young men’s vaping trend is not only indicated by the number of people doing that act, but also the spike in its related activities. For instance, those who vape regularly, often indulge in their own slang words such as Shark Bends, Ghost Draw, Bowtie, Split, etc. This jargon is often associated with vaping tricks. 

In addition to the lingo, vape culture is also identified by the peculiar type of clothing which is more rugged and street-style. T-shirts, baseball caps and hoodies are some of the common apparel. They’re often available with the prints such as, ‘Vapor King’, or ‘All I do is vape.’

  • Old is gold, but new is a diamond:

As they say, everything new is always in fashion, at least for some time. Vapes, or electronic cigarettes, were basically introduced in the global market in 2006. However, they started gaining popularity only after 2015 due to the availability of a variety of electronic devices such as pen-style vaporizer, stylish small vape models and cig-a-likes.

The increasing addiction to new technological innovations and devices explains why more and more millennials are lured by e-cigarettes.  

From young men’s vaping culture to fat men’s vaping trend, you’ll find everyone enjoying the act of vaping as it gives similar, perhaps even more enjoyment and contentment as a traditional cigarette. 

  • Vaping is popular among celebrities:

Hollywood celebrities such as Katy Perry, Leonardo DiCaprio, Sienna Miller and Katherine Heigl have switched to vaping from smoking traditional cigarettes. 

Some people did suspect them doing it for marketing purposes but the paparazzi confirmed their daily usage. Adding to this list, you’ll find Tom Hardy, Lady Gaga, Johnny Depp and Drake switching to e-cigarettes. 

These celebrities are effective influencers. So, whatever they do, is often imitated by their fans or criticised by their critics. Whatever be the case, their actions are put under the limelight and many are expected to follow suit. 

  • Vape as a men’s styling accessory:

If you’re passionate about fashion, you’ll know that fashion is not about clothes. It’s a lot about accessories as well and how you style them. Clothing and accessories together help in showcasing, evolving and moulding your style and personality. 

Vaporizers can be incorporated into an outfit as an accessory to elevate the entire look. However, the way you incorporate them depending upon their size and shape is also of paramount significance. 

A majority of ape models are available in several colours starting from silver, gold, black, white and even neon green and purple. Styling any of them with your outfit requires some styling skills. 

  • Competing to transform from a vape to a cloud-chaser:

Did you know that there is a thing called competitive vaping? It’s basically known by the name of cloud-chasing. Under this activity, professional vapers or cloud-chasers have to blow out huge amounts of clouds of vapour in several artistic ways.

Unlike the conventional smokers of e-cigarettes or normal cigarettes, cloud-chasing requires professional vapours to use sub-ohm devices to master the tricks. These devices are specially designed to blow large clouds of vapour.  

This shows that apart from vaping being a styling act to showcase one’ personality and individual style, it is also used as a form of sport. This point can be further proved by the fact that sometimes cloud-chasers or professional vapours often use nicotine-free e-liquids. 

  • Trending as one of the healthy habits:

The people in the contemporary world are not as ignorant as they were before concerning their health and how they carry forward their lifestyle. Creating more healthy habits and moulding a healthy lifestyle for yourself has become a trend in recent years. This explains why more and more people switch from tobacco cigarettes to a mini vape mod.

People have become more aware of fitness and healthy eating especially after the pandemic rendered everyone behind their closed doors. It has made people very health-conscious. As a result, you won’t be surprised when a muscular man’s vaping throughout the day. 

Since science supports the cleanliness of the vapour than the smoke, its addiction does not come off as a surprise. 

These are some of the most prominent reasons why young men’s vaping culture is in trend and very much considered to be stylish, fashionable and sophisticated. 

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