What is micro-cheating?

Ever felt guilty about flirting with someone else or just saying something to someone, while already being in a relationship with your girl? Ever felt like you are cheating on your partner?

Yes, that is what micro-cheating is.

The small things that we do in a relationship, that smell of infidelity, even when we haven’t crossed the physical boundaries, constitute micro-cheating. It is the latest dating trend that is sweeping social media.

Looking for small opportunities for affection, outside the relationship, with or without your partner knowing about it, maybe behind their back or maybe even in front of them, comes under micro-cheating. 

Some might consider this synonymous with emotional cheating, while for others, it might not be that huge a thing.

Micro cheating is generally harmless, especially considering that every relationship has a different threshold as to what constitutes cheating. But, if you are micro-cheating, it does indicate that you are looking for or are concerned about somebody’s affection and attraction towards you, apart from your partner. While this might seem to be perfectly normal in certain circumstances and relationships, it can certainly be a red flag that creates problems in the future. 

What are the signs of micro-cheating?

Listed below are some common signs exhibited by people who are micro-cheating on their partners.

1.They are almost always on their phone:

It is so easy to communicate with different people today. One friend request here and there, and boom, you are friends!

If your partner doesn’t ever put their phone down and is always hiding their notifications and other contents of their phone from you, it might be a signal that something is wrong is going on behind your back. 

Using your phones to connect to anybody outside your relationship is really easy, and if you are one of those people doing this, you must be really careful as to whether it can affect your relationship.

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2.They are still stalking their ex-partners on social media:

Everyone is on social media these days, and scrolling through anybody’s profiles, knowing what they are up to in their lives. 

If your partners are still spending a lot of time perusing their ex-partners’ social media profiles, commenting on their pictures, and keeping an eye on what they’re doing in their lives, it might be a signal of trouble for you.

Even though you might be extremely understanding, such behaviour can be a red flag for the future of your relationship. You must talk to your partner about this if such behaviour is observed.

3.They are still checking their dating apps regularly:

Meeting via dating apps is very common today, and there’s a chance you two had too. But, it is observed that a lot of people still check their dating app profiles regularly, even after being in a committed relationship.

Though micro-cheating is a subjective thing, we believe everybody would agree on the common fact that nobody should be looking or wondering what’s out there if they have already found the one for them.

If you notice your partner doing this, there is definitely a need to talk to them about it.

4.When you ask them to stop doing certain things, it generally turns out into a fight:

If you ask your partner to stop talking to their ex, or maybe stop meeting certain people or going to a certain bar, and they get mad and angry at you and start a fight over it, there’s a huge chance for you to be in trouble.

If they go all defensive and do not even try to listen to you, it is time for you to ponder if their behaviour has changed recently, or they have been this way always, and it is you who was expecting them to change with time.

5.They generally do not want you to accompany them to events:

If your partner starts to want to go out to more events and parties without you, this might be a signal that they’re looking to meet someone new. 

It is also important to note that this might be a big thing for you, but not for them. 

In such a case, it is important that you communicate to them that your boundaries are crossed, and this does come under your definition of micro-cheating in a relationship.

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6.They tell you that you are overreacting about these things:

Micro heating in a relationship becomes all the more evident when you tell your partner about the things listed above, and they freak out. They tell you that it’s you who is overreacting and taking things in a different direction. 

Sometimes, the situation becomes such that they just do not want to listen to you, and tell you that you are the one who keeps nudging them for trivial things and that they wouldn’t even be a problem had they been with someone else right now. If your relationship has reached this stage, you definitely need to take a step back and think with a clear mind.

What is the solution?

Experts say that communicating and discussing what all do you count as cheating in a relationship, is the best way out. With all the technological advancements and blessings of the internet, micro-cheating is easier than ever, and communication is the only solution.

Love the triangle of one woman. two boys. i have a secret love. that others do not know that adultery (gay, same sex)

When you and your partner both are on the same page, for example, both of you consider flirting as one of the micro-cheating signs, it becomes easier to prevent it. You would know what would hurt your partner, and you would try to stay out of it, as long as you do not want to ruin your relationship.

Although prevention is the biggest cure, there are times when you realize things late, and if you are already at a stage where you’ve started to observe micro-cheating signs in your partner, the need is to talk to them. There might be chances that they are oblivious to the fact that their actions are hurting you and they might want to improve things. There is even a chance that you might be doing it, and you aren’t aware of it.

So, talk about it and prevent it. You never know when this micro cheating gets converted into macro cheating and eats up your relationship.