Moringa, also known as Moringa Oleifera, the miracle tree, and the drumstick tree, has its roots of origin in Northwestern India. It has been used as a herbal medicine due to its nutritious leaves for any kind of problems for the past 300 years.  

Based on the extensive research done in test-tube and animal studies, it can be deduced that moringa seeds have some convincing benefits to men which cannot be overlooked. Its highly nutritious leaves can be consumed in the form of extract, pill, or powder.

Moringa seeds benefit

As mentioned earlier, moringa seeds have promising and effective health benefits for men. Here are some powerful benefits of moringa oleifera on men:

  • Increase prostate health:

According to extensive research done on the plant, it was revealed that moringa is rich in sulfur-containing compounds called glucosinolates, which are believed to have anti-cancer properties. These glucosinolates from the plants prevent the growth of prostate cancer cells.

 With the advancement of the age in men, the size of their prostate increases which makes it difficult for them to urinate. This condition is called benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH). According to the test-tube studies, it was revealed that moringa could help in preventing the prostate from enlarging.  

 In addition to this, the prostate also produces its specific antigen which is a protein. If there are high levels of antigen found in the male body, then it is certainly a sign of prostate cancer. However, the research indicates that Moringa helps in reducing the prostate-specific antigen in a male body.  

Be that as it may, the research also indicates that the plant reduces the testosterone levels in the body of an individual, which could lead to decreased libido and erectile dysfunction. Low testosterone levels could also cause depression in some men.   

Therefore, a lot of extensive research is required to determine whether moringa seeds help in promoting prostate health and prevent the growth of cancerous cells more or reduces the testosterone levels in men more.  

Moringa Seeds
  • Helps in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction:

Although enough research is still required to establish a relationship between erectile function and moringa seeds in humans, studies conducted on rats are all in the affirmative.

Erectile dysfunction is basically when one is not able to get his erection or even maintain it firm enough for the whole duration of intercourse. This dysfunction often results from problematic blood flow caused by high blood pressure levels, too much fat accumulated in the body, and even diabetes.   

However, the moringa plant has proven to treat erectile dysfunction in rats. They are believed to contain some compounds called polyphenols, which lead to the production of nitric oxide. The increased production of nitric oxide helps in  the  proper circulation of the blood throughout the body and reduces the levels of blood pressure.  

Apart from this, its extracts also help in relaxing the muscles of the penis, which escalates blood flow in that area, according to studies. In addition to this, diabetes in men can lead to high blood sugar levels in the body, which could hinder the proper circulation of the blood. This improper circulation can also mean erectile dysfunction. Moringa plant is also considered to treat the problem of erectile dysfunction in patients with diabetes, according to the research conducted by some health experts.

  • Enhance fertility in men:

 Generally, the infertility problems in men which have recently increased are mainly due to a reduction in sperm production and decreased sperm mobility. The extract of moringa leaves is believed to treat the infertility problem in men as they are great sources of antioxidants.

 These antioxidants help in treating oxidative damage which, more often than not, reduces sperm production and even damages its DNA.    

 Studies conducted on various animals show that the powder of the moringa leaves has helped in creating a spike in sperm volume and increased its mobility. In addition to this, the powder also helps in preventing the reduction or loss of sperms due to exorbitant heat, radiation, or even during chemotherapy.

 No matter how these results sound promising and convincing, it requires a lot of extensive research and experiments to be done on humans to substantially conclude the evidence.

  •   Helps in controlling the blood sugar levels:

Type 2 diabetes is more prevalent in men than in women. It happens when the pancreas situated in the body fails to produce insulin. Insulin is the hormone that helps in lowering blood sugar after we eat. When the hormone is not released in the body, then there is a spike in  blood sugar levels, leading to diabetes.  

As mentioned earlier, this condition is seen in men than in women, as they tend to store more damaging fat called visceral fat. This visceral fat is stored in the abdominal region, reducing the production of insulin and increasing the risk of diabetes.

 Experiments conducted on animals show that moringa leaves have significantly reduced blood sugar levels with the help of increasing the production of insulin. A study was also conducted on 10 healthy adults which revealed that only a small amount of moringa leaf powder stimulated the production of insulin. However, this did not have any impact on blood sugar levels.  

 However, sufficient research is still required in this area especially when it comes to controlling the blood sugar of humans with the help of moringa leaves. Based on this, one can make firm deductions to manage the type 2 diabetes.

Are there any side effects of moringa seeds?

moringa seed benefits

No matter how promising moringa seed benefits are, sufficient research is lacking when it comes to humans. As moringa has been traditionally used in Northwestern India as a herbal medicine for a long time, it is considered to be safe and highly nutritious.

There have been no side effects reported in people who have consumed 50 grams of the leaf powder or just 7 grams consistently for 90 days. As mentioned earlier, moringa is available in the form of moringa leaf powder, capsule or also in an extract. It is also available in the form of a herbal tea which can prove to be highly beneficial for maintaining a healthy body.   

Moringa seeds are beneficial for everyone, but if you have other medical problems such as blood pressure or erectile dysfunction and you are taking medications for the same, it is best to consult a doctor before consuming them as it can interfere with the workings of other medications.