The fact that men should also care for their skin and schedule their skincare routine cannot be stressed more. You are not losing any of your masculinity if you start taking just a bit more care about your skin. Moreover, a neat and clean face gives upgrades to your level amongst a majority of unkempt men. Therefore, leap of faith and start taking off your skin. It is going to help you!

When you finally decide to do something for your face after a lot of thinking, you will realize that your face needs multi-masking. Multi-masking is one of the most effective ways to care for your skin as it can help to reap maximum benefits from it.

Have you ever realized that when it comes to your face, different areas are different in terms of qualities? For instance, you may have dry skin in general, but whenever you wake up you find your nose and T-zone oily. Not only that, if you have oily skin, your cheeks might also face some dryness from time to time.

Under such circumstances, you cannot choose just one kind of mask or make one type, because, in doing so, you might cure the problem but also aggravate another. Therefore, to avoid such situations, you can always opt for a multi-mask, which inculcates all the qualities of skincare.

What is multi-masking exactly?

Multi-masking, as the name suggests, is applying more than one face mask to reap maximum benefits. Using a multi-mask on your face can help you target the specific affected areas, which eventually will help your skin look better. This will also help you to know your specific skin areas perfectly and which beauty products to apply to those areas.   

The main purpose of applying a multi-mask on your face is that instead of using one face mask, you can apply multiple face masks keeping into consideration the skincare problems you are facing. For instance, for oily areas, you can apply a mattifying face mask and for dry areas, you can apply a hydrating face mask.

What do you use in multi-masking for men?

If you are using multi-masks for the first time, your mind will be in a frenzy as to which skincare product to use and which one to avoid. So, here are 6 multi masks for men to make things easier for you and help you fix your skincare problems.

  1. The Problem: Tanning

Sometimes, it so happens that only specific areas of your face are tanned which sort of creates pigment on your face. This distorted look does not give an even look at your face. To solve this problem of tanning, you can use ingredients like activated charcoal and volcanic ash to exfoliate your skin.

Apart from exfoliating, you can use this mixture to also brighten your skin which helps in absorbing excess amounts of oil. You can use a significant amount of this mixture and apply it to the affected areas.   

  1. The Problem: Oily T-zone:

There are specific areas on your face such as your t-zone and nose, which feel oilier than other parts as more sebum is produced there. That’s why, when you wake up your nose feels oilier. If you have such a type of combination skin, you can apply a red clay face mask with willow bark, as it helps in the gradual absorption of excess oil, exfoliation, and nourishment.

Moreover, if an oily combination leaves your skin with acne, you should opt for Kaolin and bentonite clays which help in deep-cleansing and detoxifying your skin. After applying that, you can use a lemon peel which helps in obliterating pigments over your face.

 If nothing works, you can always fall back to aloe vera gel. Apply a thick layer of aloe vera gel as it helps in moisturizing your face and reducing oil production.

  1. The Problem: Rough texture

There are two ways to deal with the rough texture in your face which is often seen on your chin, upper lip, or your cheeks. To get the soft skin, you can apply a yellow clay face mask with hyaluronic acid, as it escalates blood circulation, hydrates, and nourishes your skin to give it a natural glow.

Another way to combat the roughness of your skin is to use bentonite and kaolin, two different types of clays that help in obliterating all the impurities that your face might be harboring. Along with this, you can also use avocado oil and aloe vera for moisturizing your skin. It can soften in just 10 minutes!

  1. The Problem: Dullness

Have you ever felt that your face looks dull and dead even after waking up? That’s due to pollution and all the impurities that are suspended in the air which leads to premature aging by inducing oxidative stress.

To combat pollution, your skin needs bentonite clay as it can help in detoxification and deep-cleansing it. Another way to brighten up your skin is to use activated charcoal which helps in obliterating the accumulated dirt and rejuvenates your skin to restore the radiance.  

  1. The Problem: Premature aging

With time everyone is going to age. Everyone will have to accept the unsolicited wrinkles and dull eyes with huge sacks underneath them. However, your mind is pissed off when you are just 35 and you are already looking like 65.

Under this situation of premature aging, you can apply a yellow clay face mask which helps in removing those fine lines and reduces the process of premature aging. It helps in rejuvenating your skin and adds radiance to it.  

Another multi-mask that you can apply here is the dead sea mud mask which helps in the healthy circulation of blood which revitalizes the dead skin cells.

  1. The Problem: Dry cheeks

If the rest of your face is hydrated but your cheeks are extremely dry, you might want to use the hydrating face mask of Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water, glycerin, and vitamin B3. These ingredients will help you replenish the dryness of your skin and help in hydrating your cheeks.

It also helps in soothing your skin and gives you a fresh, comfortable feeling. As mentioned before, multi-masking can help you revitalize your face through these masks