Like supersets, drop sets, etc,.Myo reps is a training principle. They work on the rest-pause technique and help in increasing the training volume by using a combination of effective reps, short rest periods, and lightweights. 

This Myo Reps training method was created first by the Norwegian strength coach Borge Fargeli, in the mid-2000s,  and is mostly used by people or athletes who want to grow a specific muscle group within a given stipulated short period of time. Most people who work out find this technique similar to GVT (German Volume Training). 

How do Myo Reps work?

Out of all mechanisms that enhance muscle growth, Myo reps target the metabolic stress pathway. Several factors bring upon metabolic stress, like:

  • Occlusion of veins, which means the blood is prevented from escaping the muscle
  • Lack of oxygen supply in the muscles
  • The buildup of metabolic by-products in the body
  • Cell swelling

The Myo-reps training method further also helps in the workout of muscle fibers due to high fatigue levels that come along with a high number of reps. 

Studies have shown that even lighter loads, like 40% 1-RM can be as effective as heavier loads for hypertrophy if taken close to failure.

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It is suggested that RPE 8-9 is close enough to failure to get some effective reps done. It is a known fact that training volume (weights x sets x reps) is closely linked with muscle growth and strength of the muscles

Myo Reps gets your muscles close to failure to create enough training volume as well as metabolic stress in just a short time period. When you work to increase muscle hypertrophy, you know that all reps aren’t equal, and the key is to work to limit ‘junk volume’ from our workouts to get more effective training volume. 

How to use Myo-Reps in your workouts?

Set 1 : Activation Set:

Leg Extension 1-20 reps, 0 to 1 reps in reserve

The first set of Myo-Rep training is the Activation set, which begins with a higher rep set taken close to failure. 

We’ll let you know about Fagerli’s recommendations for athletes to scale their loading for the exercise they’re doing as follows:

Beginners: 40 per cent 1-RM

Intermediate: 50 percent 1-RM

Advanced: 60 percent 1-RM

After your activations set is over, you can take a short rest for three to five deep breaths for about 15 to 30 seconds.

Set 2 to 5: Mini-sets:

Leg Extension, 5 reps

These sets are smaller in comparison to the activation set. The ideal aim is five total sets that are about 25 percent of the activation set. For example, if you’ve worked on 20 reps, you need to hit 5-rep mini-sets after that.

Myo-Reps set example:

  1. Start with the activation set. Go for 12-15 reps with a weight, after which do as many reps as is possible for you, until you’re 1-2 reps away from failure.
  1. Take a rest of 15-20 seconds.
  1. After the rest, do another set until you’re 1-2 reps away from failure.
  1. Take a rest for 15 seconds.
  1. Repeat the same process until you’ve reached 5 sets in total. (4 minisets)
Tips to Build Muscle: What Are Myo Reps? How to Use Them?

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Advantages of training with Myo-Reps:

Myo-Reps in workouts come with a lot of benefits, some of which are listed here.

1. Increase in training volume in a limited amount of time:

If you want to keep your quality volume training high and do not want to give in a lot of time for it, working out with Myo-rep sets is one of the best possible solutions that will work in your favour. 

Muscle building can actually take up a lot of time in general, and Myo-reps is one effective tool that will enhance your work towards your goal, and that too in limited time frames.

2. Depth of training:

For people who work out, it is quite necessary that their body, as well as their brain, is pushed to keep at their goal. Myo-reps can provide lifters with the right physical and mental challenge to push them. 

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If you’re in for trying a new training protocol or do not want to give in a lot of time into your training, we would suggest you go for Myo reps.

3. Lighter weights and easier on body joints:

Your joints and tendons are probably the most to suffer when working on moderate to heavy lifting. Light lifting with Myo-reps is a good solution to this since it goes really easy on your joints and tendons. 

Myo-reps work the best for smaller muscle groups that require isolation to grow, and also for muscle groups that require more training volume to grow, like biceps and rear delts.

4. Has a fat-burning effect:

The metabolic stress that you build up during working out with Myo-reps eventually requires your heart and lungs to work harder. To recover from this metabolic stress, your body needs a lot of calories and therefore Myo has a fat-burning effect.

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How to progress your workouts?

The Myo-reps method can be progressed using the following methods:

  • Increase total reps:

The total number of reps achieved over the entire course of the training protocol (activation set + mini sets) can be increased.

  • Increase the number of sets:

You can increase the number of mini-sets to progress your workouts. Keep the number of activation sets as 1.

  • Increase the weights that you use for your workouts.

The small mini-sets that are done after the activation set are to add training volume, but your actual performance is marked based on the activation set only and that forms the base for your progress. 

When to use Myo-reps?

Myo reps are generally worked on assistance exercises and for lighter weights. Lifting weights with an adequate amount of rest in between is definitely the best technique to build a proper base for your physique.

Myo reps are extremely useful for certain muscle groups that help make up an aesthetic and beautiful physique. Some of these muscle groups are:

  • Medial delts
  • Biceps
  • Rear delts
  • Abs

For a strong physique, these body parts are the ones you’d definitely be needed to work upon, and with Myo-reps, it can just be a treat for your body.