Well, you probably already know the obvious reason there is, but let us try to give you a detailed explanation about what is no shave November and why you should engage yourself in this yearly event when men give up shaving their facial hair for the month of November. 

1. It’s easy! 

All you have to do is stop shaving for a month, put up photos on your social media accounts, and you are part of the No Shave November trend. It’s literally the easiest trend that is to be involved in. 

2. The trend involves 3.9 billion people

Well, at least it has the potential to involve many people. With half the world population being eligible to participate in this global trend, it can surely involve many people at some stage of mankind’s existence. We are going to pretend that even little boys can partake here. 

3. It gives you an excuse to grow your facial hair and experiment how you look with it, without fearing the judgement from others

Because now you have an excuse ready with which is that you are doing so for No-ShaveNovember. This is only if you have to give someone an excuse to tell them why you’re growing your facial hair all of a sudden. A good thing about No-Shave November is that it allows you the liberty to trim or style your beard, so you can experiment too!

4. It saves money! And manages a part of your money for a good cause!

The only rule included in the No Shave November Rules is that you are not supposed to shave for the 30 days of the month of November. This will save all the money you would usually spend on razors, shaving cream and after-shave in a month. So that’s the saving money part. And the part where your money is managed for a good cause is listed in the second rule of the No Shave November Rules.

It states that the money you end up saving by not spending it on your grooming products for this month, to be donated to the cause behind this awareness-raising trend. This is one part of the main purpose of no shave November.

no shave november

What is the reason behind the No Shave November trend?

The purpose of No-Shave November is not just posting a selfie on your social media accounts or trying out a different look though. It actually aims to start conversations and raise awareness about cancer. This practice of growing out one’s hair is to allude to the side effect of chemotherapy that causes the patient undergoing the treatment to lose his/her hair. 

And the money that you save up in the month by not spending on facial hair grooming products, according to the No Shave November Rules, is to be donated to any charity or fund that aims to help cancer patients and survivors, sponsors cancer research, and raises awareness about the disease.

History of No-Shave November

The No-Shave November movement started in 2009 when the family of Mathew Hill created the official No-Shave November organization. Mathew Hill had passed away from colon cancer in 2007. Their website states that they have raised more than $10 million to date. 

Over the years, the movement has grown more inclusive and also encourages women to embrace their body hair. It promotes them to not wax or shave their body hair, and save up on that money to donate it to cancer-related charity and spread awareness and educate others about cancer, its preventions and encourages others to participate too.

What is Movember? Is it the same?

Though the two causes are very similar, there are certain differences between No Shave November and Movember.

1. No Shave November began in 2009, but Movember which is older and began back in 2004.

2. The rules for No Shave November are much easier to follow. The rule for Movember is sporting a moustache for the whole month. This makes no shave November more inclusive since it allows women to also participate, and growing out your hair could mean armpit hair as well. It’s anything that can spark a conversation and thus allow for an opportunity to raise awareness about the cause.

3. No Shave November is for raising awareness about cancer in general, whereas, Movember is focused on men’s health issues. Movember is for raising funds for prostate, testicular and colon cancer research, mental health and suicide prevention for men. 

So, even though the two names are often used interchangeably and the difference is usually not that apparent, these are two different movements. The difference between Movember and No Shave November thus lies in their rules and purpose, and one being much easier to follow and has a wider purpose. 

Should you go for No Shave November 2020?

Well, the month of November is almost about to end now. But if you wish to participate this year and haven’t shaved out of laziness or the luxury of work from home, then we guess you can call yourself a part of this movement for the year 2020. 

You can brag to people about partaking in this amazing initiative and donate to charity and educate others about the disease cancer. However, if you have already ended up shaving in November 2020, there is one year left for you to go and prepare yourself for No Shave November 2021. But, the main purpose of no shave November is to donate, so you don’t a reason for that. 

Regardless, whether you participated this year or not, you can always contribute to noble causes that support cancer patients, survivors and their families, and cancer researchers. You can always start a conversation and tell people about the disease and what they can do to prevent it and help others who are suffering (yes, even without your unshaven hair).

You can also encourage your lady friends to grow out their body hair and support this cause. We are sure they will appreciate it, because trust us, they anyway follow their very own No Shave Winter movement.