Have you ever had an open pore situation? Doesn’t matter, it can be as big or as small as they are. Open pores are little bumps or indentations on the skin that help from skin breathing. Most of the time we don’t notice these little bumps but when we see them they can bother us and cause acne. 

It doesn’t matter how hard you try to get rid of them they come back with a vengeance making it harder each time to get rid of them. Pores are an obstruction between you and a clear, healthy complexion. If you want to enjoy a natural glow, you’ll have to get rid of your open pores.

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Causes of open pores

Open pores mean a lot of things and the reason behind them can be different for each individual.  For some, it could mean that your skin isn’t breathing enough. For others, it could be because of an oily skin type or even if you have a dry skin type. 

Open pores can be caused by oily skin, stress, the environment, and many other things out of our control. They do not go away on their own and are known to come back again and again. No matter what is causing your pore problem it makes sense to get rid of them as soon as you can.

Having open pores(As everyone does), can be a hassle and such. They can appear anywhere on your body, with them sometimes being very noticeable. What if we told you that you could get rid of them within a few hours? That would sound like an amazing thing to hear, wouldn’t it? Keep reading to find out how you can treat large facial pores by yourself.

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Treatment for large pores

1. Use moisturizer

The use of a white moisturizer can help with minimized pore appearance. When using an eye-liner with gel-based components, opt for products that contain mineral oil instead of carrier oils due to its emollient properties. 

When it comes to choosing between products made for dry skin and those formulated for oily skin, opt for hyaluronic acid serums and face creams made for dry skin first before trying out those for oily skin. If you have overly sensitive pores, skip using a honey mask or scrub and opt for products made with natural plant-based cleansers instead. 

Also, wear a white moisturizer to help minimize your pore size. If you’re using eye make-up with gel-based components, use only mineral oil-based make-up removers but avoid products with silicone oil such as dimethicone or Cyclomethicone.

2. Exfoliate

Pores are obstacles between your skin and the air. When left unattended, they can grow, forming a dimple or two on your face. That’s why many people, including me, struggle with getting rid of them. Exfoliating regularly – once or twice a week – can help with this. 

When you go about your daily routine and don’t remove your hands or feet for an extended period, these small pore-clogging bumps might start to appear bigger and more prominent. Your pores also produce oil when they’re inflamed, which can lead to acne breakouts if not cleaned out.

Exfoliation is the key – and it means peeling off the outermost layer of skin cells which are also your pores. Doing so when cleaning your face with some warm water helps keep oil and dirt from clogging them up. It also prevents acne breakouts and keep your skin smooth and bright

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3. Use clay masks

Get rid of open pores with Clay Masks. This homeopathic solution is clinically proven to fight out open pores, white matter, and other forms of inflammation by stimulating the immune system. It’s safe and easy to use and provides quick results.  It’s safe and you can see results in just 24 hours.

Clay masks contain multiple ingredients that penetrate deep to open pores and kill acne. Clay Maska also helps to remove bacteria from pore which prevents pore-clogging. Clay Maska is easy to use and is clinically proven to fight open pores, white matter, and other forms of inflammation by stimulating the immune system.

Clay Mask is a revolutionary new skincare solution that will help you remove open pores, white matter, and other forms of inflammation. It’s safe and easy to use and provides quick results. If you want to get rid of open pores for good, this is the product for you.

4. Wear sunscreen

You can get rid of open pores. Open pores are made of dead skin cells that clog up your hair follicles and cause split ends and breakage. Prevention is best so use sunscreen with an SPF 30 or higher and follow a daily sun-protective routine. 

But sometimes breakage can be unavoidable, especially if you don’t use a moisturizer regularly or follow a good daily routine with pre-and-post treatments.

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5. Retinol

Want to get rid of pores at home? There are a few products you can use to remove them. The first is called Retinol and is available in most drug stores. It’s a Vitamin A derivative that helps stimulate the production of collagen, the main proteins that cover our pores. 

The next step is using a retinol serum. This comes in a spray form that you apply directly to your skin. It’s formulated to be effective within an hour and leaves your skin looking brighter for up to 24 hours.

Retinol creams are also available, and they work by producing and releasing collagen where needed. If your skin is sensitive, find a product that has calming properties.


The most effective way to get rid of pore-related problems is to change the way you clean. Clean daily at home and then apply a foaming cleanser on a hard-to-reach area like your nose, forehead, or chin. Wearing cotton pajamas and a cap while you wash clothes is another popular way to get rid of pore-related problems.

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