Going on a vacation is refreshing, it gives you a break from all the hustle and bustle of your life and gives you mental tranquillity. Vacation may mean a break from your office work routine, but it should not imply a break from your workout routine. This article will help you to know about Stay In Shape While Traveling With Our Vacation Workout Routine!

Not working out for weeks can disrupt your workout schedule, make your mental and physical health go haywire, and make you prone to injury when you finally return to it. With that said, it does not mean that you have to inculcate an hour-long workout in your vacation. A 15-20 minute cardio works just fine. 

So, if you are going on a vacation soon and are not inclined towards disrupting your workout routine, here are some of the quick vacation workout routine ideas that you can do in the space of your hotel room and even on a beach. 

Our Vacation Workout Routine ideas to ensure your fitness on a holiday

1. Tabata training

For those who don’t know, Tabata training is a quick yet intense workout routine that generally lasts for 5-10 minutes. It is a form of interval training, where one Tabata is a 4-minute workout. Tabata training is one of the best travel workouts that you can include in your vacation workout routine without the gym.

Vacation Workout Routine

For more results, you can include sprinting, pushups, tricep dips, and lunge jumps in one Tabata workout. Make sure that each movement is done at a high intensity. 

2. Compact gym routine

Who said that you cannot do vacation workouts without a gym? If you have 30 minutes or less for your workout routine, then you can begin by brisk walking or jogging for 5-10 minutes in the garden of the hotel or the beach depending on wherever you are staying. 

Next, you can use a pair of weights for 2-3 minutes for building resistance and resistance while doing squats or lunges. If you do not have weights, it is alright. Look around your room and you will find something heavy enough for you to lift. But don’t overdo it. You do not want your vacation to turn into a medical emergency. 

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After strength training, you can do 30-seconds of core exercises which generally include planks. In the end, you can finish the entire circuit by doing 30-45 seconds cardio exercises like jumping jacks, high knees, etc. You can repeat this one circuit 3-4 times and within 1-15 minutes you will be good to go.  

This can be one of the best exercises to do on vacation as it includes every aspect of a gym routine.

3. Resistance bands

It is comprehensible to avoid carrying heavy weights while traveling. However, resistance bands are extremely light and equally effective. So, if you are going on a vacation, don’t forget to make some room for them because they will help you to stay on your fitness game while you are traveling.

Vacation Workout Routine

They are ideal for doing simple exercises and also to intensify those exercises. You can do 45-50 pushups, 50 shoulder presses, 50 chest flies, and 100 air bikes with the help of a resistance band. This will help in strengthening your core like never before.

4.Bodyweight workout

Best travel workouts are often done without any sort of weight or equipment. To burn more calories and stay fit while traveling you need to do more compound workouts. For instance, you can do 30 bodyweight squats, lunges with 30 seconds on each side, mountain climbers for one minute, 30-45 seconds of burpees, and 30 seconds for double crunches. This is one of the most effective vacation workout routines that will render results within no time. 

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5. Boxing

‘More often than not, many high-end hotels will have the facility of a gym. If you are staying like this, then good for you. You don’t have to worry about the hustle of weights or equipment. Not only that, if the hotel gym has a good punching bag, you can get a good cardio workout.

Vacation Workout Routine

Do remember that there are three types of punches; a straight punch which is also called a jab, a side punch also known as a hook, and a punch underneath and above, known as an upper.  

You can create your interval workout by alternating between the punches and doing some pushups and planks

These are some of the effective exercises to do on vacation that can keep you focused and motivated for marinating a fit body. However, this vacation workout routine will not help you to solve all the problems that you might face while traveling. 

For instance, while traveling you will have to consume more street food which is not healthy all the time. This can disrupt your digestion processes and make It difficult for you to focus on your journey.

Make sure that you consider the below-mentioned points while traveling to ensure good stomach health:

  • Sometimes, you might have to skip meals due to traveling. Under such circumstances, it is beneficial to skip them strategically. For instance, if you skip breakfast, you have to make sure that you consume a heavy lunch and dinner.
  • Whenever you consume junk food as your lunch from a street food stall, make sure that you compensate your meal with a healthy and heavy dinner. You cannot consume junk food the entire day. That can create problems for your digestive system. Make sure you consume something healthy to compensate for an unhealthy meal. 

These are some of the important things that you have to keep in mind while traveling to get maximum benefits from your vacation workout routine. Finding time to exercise will help even while traveling will keep you focused, energetic, and refreshed for the day. You will be open to new things and all-nighters, or long computer sessions won’t hinder you from enjoying your voyage. 

Make sure that you stay committed to your workout routine so that you can keep your mind and body healthy for making your traveling journey indelible.