The ending of the year marks the onset of winters. As winters approach, one must always gear up beforehand because no one foresees the challenges they would have to face once the weather hits the extremely low temperature and one is left to snug up in the blanket and laze around all day. 

It is on us to welcome the extremities that tag along in winter weather, in a fashionable and sophisticated way.

We have talked about overcoats, boots and other winter essentials, but one major thing that is still missing from the wardrobe is men’s parka jackets. Parka jackets are the only jackets that will not only help you against the harsh, cold and dry weather of January and December but will also give you a chic and elegant look. 

Now the doubt remains about the hype of parka jackets. What is so special about these parka jackets?

Let us brief you about why men should always have at least two shades of parka jackets in our wardrobe for this and every winter.  

What about men’s parka jackets?

Parka jacket is a quite special type of jacket, if worn once, none of the winter clothing can equal the comfort, style and the warmth of it. It is designed with the primary motive: to defy the harsh cold of the winters. Parka jackets have a hood, lined heavily and thickly on the edges with faux fur. The material of the jacket, too, is either made of traditional wool or modern textiles that act as an insulation against the cold winds and weather.

Let us delve a little into the history of parka jackets to realise its importance. Even though a lot isn’t known about the origin of the parka, the word parka is said to have been derived from Russian meaning ‘animal skin’. Parka was a clothing of the indigenous people of Canada. Fast forward to World War 2 where soldiers wore parkas with an open front, the parka jackets worn by the indigenous people are more similar to what we wear today. 

All this history presents us the prime purpose of the men’s parka jackets. Since its invention, the parka jacket for men has seen various innovations hitherto. 

How is a parka jacket different from a normal jacket?

How to wear parka jacket is similar to how you wear a normal jacket. But that doesn’t make both of them the same. You can never wear a normal jacket in place of a parka jacket. Normal jackets just end on your waist and come in a variety of clothing material and insulations whereas, parka jackets are longer and cover your thighs and sometimes your knees, too. 

Parka jackets are made to trap heat, but these normal jackets defy the purpose of keeping you warm

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Parka jacket for men: Choose the right type

After learning about the men’s parka jacket, let us talk about its different types so that styling and flaunting become easy. As these jackets have seen evolutions, they still come in different styles. Let us have a look at them. 

  • The M 51 (fishtail) parka jacket

This fishtail parka jacket was designed originally for the US Army serving in North Korea. These come in the olive green shade with cotton nylon mixed fabric. It is worn as a rain jacket or as a slightly warm jacket, depending on the insulation it has inside. It has two big main pockets in the front, a smaller one on either of the sleeves and a fishtail on the back.

  • Arctic Parka 

The arctic parka, also known as snorkel parka, is relatively warm and perfect for winters as it comes with a fur hood. After zipping it up, it leaves little or no space for the cold wind to enter. This type of parka fits perfectly with denims in winters, heavy boots and knitwear inside. 

  • The tailored parka 

This parka jacket comes in a more luxurious fabric like merino wool or cashmere blend and can be styled with formal clothing or over your office pants. It is neither heavy like Arctic parka, nor light mike fishtail parka. It falls under the formal version of the parka, hence perfect for formal events. 

parka jacket

Things to look in parka jacket for men

Before buying the parka jacket, there are many things that one must consider. With so many options in front, it becomes absolutely necessary to know what we are looking for in the parka jacket

  1. The collar: Are you looking for insulation in the collar or its fastening is a must for you before you purchase. 
  1. The hoodie: Do you want it insulated? Is it richly lined with faux fur? Or a drawstring is enough?
  1. The zip: This comes in two kinds: heavy-duty or the two-way zip. 
  1. Zip-covering: Do you need a flap that covers the zip and enhances the look of the jacket?
  1. The main body material: The kind of fabric: woollen, cashmere blend or lighter ones like cotton nylon. Are you looking for a drawstring to tighten the jacket at your waist for a slim look?

These are some of the most basic things to look for to make a deliberate purchase that will help you to decide further on how to wear parka jacket.

Looking for ways on how to wear parka jacket 

Now that you know about the material and the styles that come with men’s parka jacket, the only question remains is of how to wear parka jacket. Styling is the last yet the most vital part of your entire outfit and your personality, too.

Let’s look at some ways on how you can style your parka jacket. 

  1. Go for those black leather or plain pants: Wear your parka with black leather pants and boots. Winters will be easier for you and the style will leave everyone agape. It the most you can do with the least. 
  1. Pick a bright colour to wear underneath: Parka usually comes in mute colours or dark shades of bright colours. This leaves you with a great opportunity to pair whatever your heart wants. Do you want a neon yellow cardigan under the parka? Go for it without thinking twice.
  1. Joggers and parka: Set your own trend. Wear joggers with a short or long parka. Put sneakers or converse and you’re all set for your college or a casual hangout with your friends.
  1. Layering is important: What are winters without layering? Layer your parka a cardigan or a ribbed skinny t-neck then put a muffler and then your favourite parka. Wear shiny boots and old-school jeans. You have a whole new look!

These are a handful of ideas for parka jacket for men. You can style in many ways. Wear it over a skirt and break the gender stereotypes. Put some makeup over your formal look and set for your interview or date. Keep trying until you find and make your own style.