Excessive hair loss or alopecia is one of the common problems that affects half the population of the world. Regardless of its commonality, it’s extremely difficult to handle because it deeply impacts the mental health of the affected individuals. For years, we are used to combing and styling our hair the way we want to. But, one day, when the hair loss is uncontrollable to the extent that bald spots are visible on the head, it is difficult to control the raging frustration. At that moment, all one needs is instant cure and treatment.

However, it’s always easier said than done. Having thick, voluminous hair is not only associated with one’s appearance but also with one’s cultural importance. Consequently, when one starts to lose it rapidly, psychological distress is inevitable. 

Keep on reading to learn more about men’s hair fall solutions. 

Causes of hair loss

Hair loss can be triggered due to a plethora of reasons. However, when one talks about excessive hair loss or alopecia, there are certain peculiar reasons that one can note down. Certain types of hair loss can be caused by infection and inflammatory skin diseases, whereas other types can be caused by fungal skin infections, autoimmune disorders, stress, thyroid diseases and anaemia. 

Whatever be the reason, the after-effects of hair loss are difficult to overcome even after the treatments have begun. 

The impact of hair loss on mental well-being:

Although the research concerning the relationship between hair loss and psychological distress is limited, enough evidence has been gathered to confirm the negative impact of hair loss on mental health. Excessive hair fall can cause an individual to suffer from emotional turmoil which can hamper its social and professional arenas. 

Due to the inherent relationship of thick mane with appearance and the culture of the society, one instantly suffers from the feeling of insecurity under such circumstances. Be that as it may, it is extremely important to understand the loop that one is easily caught in. More often than not, stress can induce the problem of hair loss and its related stress can again exacerbate the situation. 

No wonder why people with excessive hair loss are more susceptible to developing psychiatric disorders such as social phobia, anxiety, depression and paranoia. 

Anxiety and depression:

The rate at which your hair loss occurs equals the rate at which your self-esteem decreases. Consequently, you indulge in behavioural inhibition which involves avoiding social gatherings and socialising. Resultantly, your social life becomes negligible and your relationships have become chasmic. 

This feeling of isolation is only the inception of the whole baggage of negative emotions of your own volition. Sometimes, you try to quickly fix it by consuming some cheap drugs or unprescribed medications from the market, apart from a plethora of at-home men’s hair fall remedies. But it’s important to not rush in such quick fixes out of the insecurity that the situation makes you feel.

The hair industry would certainly try to woo you and promise to help you overcome all your hair woes but in the end, you know it’s not going to work. 

With the advancement of time, you realise how futile every tip, routine or hair care is because hair loss, for example, pattern baldness is genetic and there is nothing that you can do about it which is under your control. This brings us tete-a-tete with the reality of the situation and compels us to accept the immortality of human beings. 

No one likes ageing and no one is, technically, ready to age. So, when situations like these hit us, they hit us hard. Unfortunately, hair fall does not become the only effect of it. Anxiety and depression associated with hair loss can have a deep impact on your overall health and impact your relationships with other people. 

If you are going through something similar, it’s important to know that your mental health is more important than your physical appearance. You are not in control of the external factors, but you’re sure in control of what happens inside you. So, be extremely mindful of your feelings and act accordingly. 

Ensuring good mental health by men’s hair fall solutions:

If your hair loss is induced by stress, anxiety and depression, you need not worry because once your condition is diagnosed and treatment begins, your hair loss will also be significantly reduced. On the other hand, if your hair loss is sudden and there is no apparent reason for it, you need to pay a visit to a dermatologist. You can do your research if you want to look at various treatments. 

Be that as it may, please make sure that you don’t start consuming anything before your doctor’s nod. Just because the internet says that a particular shampoo is the best shampoo for men’s hair fall, doesn’t mean it’ll render you any guaranteed results. And even if they do, it’s important to reflect on the possible side effects on your body.

Therefore, it’s important to do your homework and find some reliable dermatologists who have enough patient testimonials. If you’re quite hesitant, you can call them up and solve your queries. Once you have a face-to-face appointment with the professional, things become relatively easier for you. The prescribed medicines which are backed up by science will certainly have positive results. 

However, in certain cases, if hair transplant surgery is needed, it is important to get a second opinion and then go forward with it. For your surgery, choosing a highly experienced and legitimate surgeon is always preferable. You also don’t need to go overboard by travelling abroad and get a ‘medical vacation’. You just need to evaluate facts and choose the best option in your area. 

Remember, there is a plethora of men’s hair fall solutions before surgery. Surgery is the last resort when nothing else works. Also, don’t forget that the association of a thick mane with an attractive appearance was set by society. It has nothing to do with who you are as an individual. So always prioritize your mental well-being over the things you cannot control. 

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