Personal hygiene for men sounds like something really easy, but it surely isn’t. It just seems easy to you, because you are not doing enough when it comes to hygiene. Male hygiene involves taking care of all parts of your body. 

According to experts, most men do not take their health seriously, especially their hygiene routines. Men’s hygiene, experts say, is important not only for health reasons but for succeeding in life as well.

Men sweat vigorously through activities, and to be honest, nobody likes to have you in their company when you are all stinky and sweaty. 

If you are looking for hygiene tips for guys, you are in the right place. Here are some hygiene tips for different parts of your body, that you need to pay attention to.

1. Washing your face:

Honestly, there are a lot of guys who just get out of their bed, get into their t-shirt and jeans, and jump out of the house. When you dress like that, you appear to be super lousy, and we are sure you wouldn’t take that as a compliment. 

You must wash your face properly, at least twice a day. Stop using soap and water. Wash it with some scrubber when you wake up in the morning, and also before you go to bed. 

When you’re out in the dirt and pollution, your face gets affected the most, and while this might seem like the easiest hygiene tip, we are sure most men aren’t doing even the bare minimum.

Hygiene Tips

2.Bad smelling mouth:

If you have bad breath, it is a very major turnoff for most people, mostly women. And if you feel brushing is enough, you need to know that there’s more to dental hygiene than just brushing your teeth.

You must not forget to brush your tongue, while you brush your teeth twice a day. Flossing also needs to be a part of your daily dental hygiene routine.


Most men today love to keep full beards and heavy moustaches, but they are not able to manage this facial fuzz properly. Honestly, you must keep your beard and moustache the way you can easily manage it, and not get swayed away by fashion trends.

It is not very easy to maintain hair, especially when you have a packed up work schedule. Visiting salons regularly becomes all the more difficult. Therefore, we would advise you to maintain your hair at a manageable length and to keep them groomed.

man shaving lying man

4.Feet care:

Your feet are an essential part of your body, and keeping your feet clean and tamed is an important part of male hygiene. However, men hardly pay attention to these things, and wrongly. Every part of your body adds up to form your personality and just like people might get turned off seeing your dirty hands, the same could happen with dirty feet as well.

It is not very difficult to take care of your feet. Here are some ways you can keep them clean:

  • Wash your feet:

Your feet must be cleaned daily, even on the days you are skipping a shower. 

When you wear slippers or open shoes in the market, your feet collect all the dirt from the surroundings. Even when you’re wearing closed shoes, your feet get all sweaty. So, it is very important to wash them regularly.

Wash your feet once in the morning before going to work, and once before going to bed.

Men must make it a habit to take care of their nails, keep them short and clean. 

If your toenails are long and dirty, they can actually be quite embarrassing for you at times, like when you’re under the sheets. 

Keeping your nails trimmed is actually a very easily doable task and you do not even need to invest a lot of time for it. When you are doing your nails, also remember to trim the flaps of skin beside your nails and apply some lotion to keep them soft and moist.

It is just really disgusting to look at dirty, long nails, be it on men or women.

  • Wash your socks regularly:

All the sweat from your feet gets accumulated into your socks and converts into a bad odour soon enough. When somebody removes their shoes, and their feet are stinking, it is a really embarrassing situation.

Washing your socks regularly has to necessarily be a part of men’s hygiene. 

Also, remember to choose socks whose material is sweat absorbent. Do not wear wet socks with closed shoes, and avoid repeating a pair of socks without washing them first. 

5.Change your towel:

For anybody who needs to hear this, please stop reusing that old, smelly towel. Using a smelly towel is going to make you smell too, and it is important to change your towel, at least once a week.

6.Trim the hair on your nose and ears:

This generally happens with older men, and untrimmed nose and ear hair make them look so unkempt, and is surely an instant turn-off. Hence, this is one of the best and most important hygiene tips that every man needs to know about.

7.Moisturize your skin:

Dear men, please take care of your skin and moisturize it. It is not a womanly thing to do, and trust us, you are yourself going to feel a lot better about your skin after doing this regularly. 

8.Clean your ears:

This is one of those hygiene tips that most people tend to forget to give you. The number of people that neglect their ears is alarmingly huge. 

You need to start cleaning the wax and dirt around your ear and keep them cleaned.

We hope these small hygiene tips help you, and you take care of your bodies and your skin, and give them the care they need. Remember that hygiene is not a one-day thing, it is a continuous effort, a lifestyle. Make healthy habits a part of your lifestyle and you will begin to see beautiful changes in your bodies and your mental health, too.