Pineapple is one of the healthiest and most palatable fruits out of the lot. It is highly rich in nutrients, antioxidants, and other enzymes which help in preventing inflammation of the skin and body, along with fighting off diseases. 

There are a plethora of pineapple benefits which include proper digestion, amelioration of your immunity strength, and also help in recovering from an accident or surgery pretty quickly. 

7 Pineapple benefits that will leave you shocked:

Here are some of the most important benefits of pineapple that you didn’t know.

  1. High nutrient content:

Pineapples are rich in vitamins A and K, phosphorus, zinc, and calcium which are extremely healthy for your body. Not only that, but pineapples are also very low in calories which helps you in maintaining your glycemic index. 

Not only that, but they provide high amounts of vitamin C and manganese to your body which are essential for the growth and development of your body.

Vitamin C is known to support and improve your immune system and also help you to absorb all the essential nutrients such as iron from your diet. Manganese is essential as it acts as a catalyst in the metabolic processes in your body and also has antioxidant properties. 

  1. Its antioxidants properties fights off diseases:

As mentioned earlier, pineapples are a great storehouse of antioxidant properties which help your body to fight oxidative stress. Now, what is oxidative stress?

Oxidative stress is a physical state in your body when there are abundant free radicals, which interact with the normal cells of your body. When this happens, you experience chronic inflammation and your immune system is drastically weakened. 

Pineapples contain antioxidants like flavonoids and phenolic acids which help the body to survive even the harshest conditions and strengthens the body’s immune system. 

  1. Helps in the process of digestion:

Pineapples are also richly filled with some digestive enzymes such as bromelain which aid in the process of digestion. Bromelain helps to break down the protein molecules and form amino acids and small peptides. 

Protein molecules can only be absorbed by the intestines of the body when they are broken down. Therefore, it is very essential to have at least pineapple to have a healthy and clean gut, especially for people who are suffering from pancreatic insufficiency.

Pancreatic insufficiency is a medical condition wherein the pancreas is not able to produce a sufficient amount of digestive enzymes, which hinders the process of digestion in the body and leads to several other harmful problems.

  1. Might reduce the risk of cancer:
pineapple benefits

Cancer is one of the most serious medical conditions that result from rapid cell growth which is generally uncontrolled. It culminates as a result of oxidative stress and chronic inflammation. 

According to some research conducted by health experts, it was revealed that certain compounds such as the digestive enzymes bromelain present in pineapple may help reduce the risk of cancer. This is achieved by reducing the levels of oxidative stress and inflammation.

According to a study, it was revealed the bromelain has been successful in suppressing the growth of breast cancer cells and even helped to kill some of those cells. Another test-tube study unraveled the benefits of eating pineapple as it successfully controlled cancer in the skin, bile duct, gastric system, colon, and other areas of the body.

No matter how enticing these results sound, more research is still required in this area. However, the fact that pineapples contain more bromelain than any supplement does, cannot be denied. 

  1. Helps in boosting your immunity:

The nutrient and mineral-rich content of pineapple have made it a traditional medicine for centuries to cure any malady of the body, be it a mild or a major one.

As mentioned earlier, pineapple contains some essential vitamins and enzymes like bromelain which help in strengthening your immune system and is also successful in treating inflammation.People suffering from a sinus infection can also be treated rapidly if they eat one pineapple a day.

  1. May help in reducing the symptoms of arthritis:
benefits of pineapple

Arthritis is a condition that involves chronic inflammation of joints that cannot be cured. However, as mentioned earlier, pineapples are a great storehouse of bromelain which has anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, some amount of relief can be provided to people suffering from arthritis if they consume one pineapple a day.

According to research conducted in the 1960s, it was revealed that pineapples help in relieving the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. Although patients suffering from osteoarthritis confirm the benefits of pineapple for relieving their symptoms, substantial research is still lacking, especially when it comes to its long-term effects.  

  1. Helps in speedy and easy recovery after an accident:

Sometimes, you pass weeks and even months on bed rest due to some minor accident. This happens due to the slow recovery of your bone health and tissues. To galvanize that, you can eat pineapples as they are proven to reduce the time that recovery from an accident or surgery takes. 

It is achieved with the help of its savior compound bromelain which contains anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants. According to some research, it was revealed that bromelain does not only help in reducing inflammation, but it also helps in treating a bruise, swelling, and pain. 

Sometimes exercising strenuously may also affect tissues, which may lead your surrounding muscles and tissues to swell up. Under such cases, bromelain comes to your rescue. It helps in escalating the process of recovery by relieving inflammation.  

In conclusion, the pineapple benefits render the fruit to be the healthiest yet the most delicious of all fruits. Their nutrients and compounds help in fighting off cancer, arthritis, escalate the process of digestion, strengthens the immune system, and also speeds up the recovery of a person after an accident or surgery.