Maybe you want to spice up your sex life. Or, maybe you are just out of self-isolation and are craving some fun. Or, even if you have a fantasy that you want to make into reality. Regardless of whatever the reason may be, it’s time to broaden your horizons. Who said sex was only meant to be done in the bedroom?

One of the best ways to explore your sex life is to step outside your comfort zone, in this case, your bedroom. There are several places to have sex outside the bedroom. The pandemic has been hard on everyone, and if you want to break up a stale sex routine, it’s time to get creative.

In today’s article, we have rounded up some of the best places to have sex and also some of the worst places to have sex. Keep reading to explore some fun!

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5 Best places to have sex

Starting off the list on a good note, here are 5 of the best places to have passionate sex.

1. Near a fireplace

If you have never experienced the feeling of someone’s body on yours near an open fire, you are surely missing out on a lot of fun. There is nothing more romantic, and if we may say, sexy about rolling over a rug while soaking up the warmth from a fireplace. Nothing bad can come from the heat from the fireplace, well of course, if only you are careful. 

You will see your skin glistening against your lovers and your sex-flushed faces against each other as the flames heat your room and your sex life. The best part? Afterward, you can snuggle up together and enjoy some hot cocoa! 

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2. Your backyard

We have all heard that sex in the outdoors can be surprisingly sensual. Now it’s time to try it out yourself. One of the best places to have sex is in your backyard. Think about it. There is nothing more romantic than bodies wrapped together under a starry sky with a soft breeze flowing. 

Be creative and take it out of the house by setting up a small picnic in your backyard. If you have a porch swing or a hammock, make good use of it. Do you have a poolside lounger? Nothing can get sexier than that! However, just make sure your prying neighbors aren’t awake!

3. Ferris wheel

Of course, we aren’t talking about your regular amusement park Ferris wheel. Some luxury Ferris wheels give your very own swanky private cabin, and if you are lucky, a bottle of champagne.

You can enjoy about 15 minutes of good sex, and if you tip the attendant, he might give you longer. Or, just go for two rounds of it. The more you pay, the longer you will ride (see what we did there?)

The Ferris Wheel is the love seat, there is minimal rocking that maximizes the depth of penetration. And while you are on top, you can enjoy the view! 

4. In your laundry room

If you have a private laundry room, it’s time to make use of it. It might seem weird at first, but trust us on this one, the laundry room is one of the best places to have sex. There’s a certain charm about the height of the washing machine, and let’s not forget about the high-frequency vibrations of the washing machine. 

It is a two-in-one deal, the vibrations can stimulate your partner’s clitoris while stimulating your perineum and balls. It is almost as good as a cock-ring or a vibrator. The trick is to enjoy the process and roll with it. Here is a pro tip: Try doing it during a hot-wash or warm session for some extra heat.

5. Virtually

We had to include this among one of the best places to have sex given your current sorry situation and the pandemic. If you are thinking that virtual sex means sending each other nudes and long and provocative texts, then you are wrong.

Modern cybersex has evolved and revolutionized. There is a new technology in the market, called teledildonics. These are like gadgets (dildos, prostate massagers, butt plugs, and other sex toys) that allow your partner to control it over the internet.

Want to level up on the fun? Just turn your webcams on and log into Skype. The best part? Your partner can control your sex toy from across the world! 

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3 Worst places to have sex

Now on to the bad part, these are the 3 worst places to have sex:

  • The beach

Yes, it is time to debunk this. The only place where sex on the beach is legit is your cocktail glass. What good could come out of having sex on the beach? It is a miserable experience. And, no matter how careful you are, sand can get in places you can’t think of, and it will be extremely difficult to clean it out. 

Sex is all about friction but not the kind that happens on a beach or the kind that can cut you in weird places.

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  • The airplane bathroom

There is something sexy about an airplane bathroom. Well, for starters, it is clean and swanky. But, sex cannot be enjoyed in a place you are cramped for space. And, it may sound fun, but it is hardly practical and also super awkward. 

The worst thing? You are putting yourself through the risk of contracting a thousand infections.

  • Someone else’s bed

There is a certain thrill to this, we agree. But, it is still one of the worst places to have sex. It is not courteous to ride your partner in someone else’s bedroom. Yes, they might have made you very comfortable with their top-class hospitality but that doesn’t mean you go around soaking their sheets. 

If the tension is too high and you can’t lay off, try using the bathroom or even the floor. 

This was our curated list of the 5 best places to have sex and 3 worst places to have sex. We hope you have as much fun doing it as we had while writing about it! 

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