When it comes to working out at home to get in shape, the first thing that you need to learn is the difference between fat loss and weight loss. Fat loss refers to the process of burning fat in your body due to the physical activities or workouts you do every day. On the other hand, weight loss refers to a decrease in your weight which implies that you are losing your fat along with your muscles. That is not a good thing.

While burning fat, you may not observe a significant change in your weight as you are also building muscles by following certain fitness guidelines. However, if you are not, muscle loss can deprive you of the necessary strength required in the quotidian.

Therefore, if you want to prevent muscle loss while working out at home, here are some of the fitness tips and tricks that you can consider.

9 Tips to prevent muscle loss while working out at home

1. Exercise slow aerobic cardio

When you start working, be it at home or the gym, you would have come across the cardio training at the beginning itself. No matter how beneficial and healthy it is to do, the kind of cardio you do can prevent or accelerate muscle loss.

If you want to prevent muscle loss but burn fat faster, adopt slow exercises of cardio routine which involves walking on a treadmill, jogging, or even brisk walking. These physical activities will ensure blood circulation throughout your body and escalate the metabolic processes.

2. Consume more carbohydrates after workout

Generally, to maintain the muscle composition in your body, your gym trainer might suggest you do more strength training and weight lifting. Once you are done with your workout, it is essential to consume more carbs in your meal. This is because weight lifting and strength training exercises are intense which damages your muscle fibers and reduces energy in your body.

Consequently, you will need energy that could only be boosted by consuming carbohydrates. The more you starve your body of the carbs, the more time it will take for muscle retention and recovery. In addition, the post-workout body stimulates the metabolic processes and insulin sensitivity which will digest carbs better than before.

You can consume baked potatoes, rice, and sweet potatoes which will help you to build muscle as well as boost energy in your body. Be that as it may, make sure that you do not go overboard in your consumption because then you will need to work extra hard the next day and you might not even see the results.

3. Combine strength with hypertrophy

The benefits of strength training generally rely on the neurological functions of an individual and how fast one can shift from type I and Type II muscle fibers. Regardless of how beneficial strength training is for toning your body, it does not maximize the number of muscles you can utilize while working out.

What you can do is combine strength training with hypertrophy for maintaining muscle composition in the body. For instance, if you are doing eight reps with a heavyweight, you can rest 10-15 seconds, then do seven reps, followed by 20 seconds and do 6 reps, and so on.

4. Get enough sleep

Rest is an extremely important part of maintaining a strong body. If you think that workout is the only thing that you need to do for maintaining muscle composition, you are wrong. You also need rest as you have put your body under exorbitant pressure from physical activities. Therefore, your muscles need to recover and rebuild.

The best time for your muscles to recover is during the night because that’s when the growth hormone is excessively produced at night. Therefore, an average of 8 hours of sleep is needed during the night for full muscle recovery and growth.

5. Consume more lean protein

Consuming an optimal amount of protein is extremely necessary for the maintenance of the muscles in your body. Consumption of protein stimulates the metabolic activities in your body and boosts your body with energy. In addition, it instills the feeling of fullness in your body, which prevents you from overeating. Make sure that you consume one gram of protein per pound of body weight by eating nuts, eggs, fish, and other protein supplements.

6. Get some sunlight

Sunlight is a great source of vitamin D which is vital for the health of your body and mind. Vitamin D can cure muscle weakness and improve other physical conditions such as hair fall, dull skin, etc. If your body is lacking in vitamin D then muscle retention and maintenance is difficult.

Therefore, a 15-minute walk under the morning sunlight will prove beneficial for your body.

7. Consume more amino acids such as BCAAS

Branched Chain Amino Acids are one type of amino acid which derive from the diet you consume. These amino acids are stored inside the muscles which help in providing you energy while you are working out at home or your gym. These amino acids can act as great alternatives to high-calorie protein powders as they are free from all types of calories.

8. Eat a pomegranate

Besides having a plethora of health benefits, pomegranates are also known for preventing muscle loss in your body. Pomegranates are a powerhouse of ellagic acid which is transformed into urolithin by microbes in your digestive system.

Urolithin is an important substance in your body as it enables muscle cells to protect themselves against the dysfunctional mitochondria according to a study published in ‘Nature Medicine’ in 2019.

9. Take a break

Working out is necessary for getting in shape and building strength. However, that does not mean that you have to constantly work out every day of the week. If you do that, you are not giving your muscles the rest they need for recovery and growth.

If you go overboard and push your body beyond it can take much, it can result in an excessive muscle protein breakdown which could lead to muscle loss. So, make sure you get enough sleep in a day and you can take one day off the week from working out. This will help your muscles to relax and give them time for recovery.

These are some of the fitness guidelines and tips that you can keep in mind to prevent muscle loss while burning fat.