Once upon a time, people mocked at the idea of men wearing flamboyant print shirts for men with bright colours and bohemian prints. However, in the brave new world that we live in, we no longer have to forgo the latest fashion trends because of gender stereotypes. This article is about Best Printed Shirts For Men.

These days men have increasingly embraced all kinds of fashion trends, from the easy-breezy ones to the over-the-top ostentatious styles. Following the recent Runaway fashion, Hawaiin shirts or printed shirts for men are back. In fact, it has been proven that these funky DIY printed shirts are a force to reckon with! 

We have accepted that printed shirts are the new black, and on that note, here is our complete guide to styling the best printed shirts for men!

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Are printed shirts for men easy to style? 

The short answer is: yes. Even though printed shirts seem daunting, they are pretty easy to style. Printed shirts for men come in a wide spectrum of colours and prints. You could either go for something more common like a Hawaiin printed shirt or if you are feeling bored, go for something quirky like a cat printed shirt. 

The best thing about printed shirts is that it brings out the personality of the wearer, and it can transform any outfit from boring to fab!

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Are printed shirts only suited for certain body types? 

There is a popular rumour in the fashion industry that printed shirts are not meant for plus size men. But, we can confirm that this is a lie. Prints are suitable for all body shapes and sizes. Printed shirts typically give a lean look while concealing the problem areas. Plus they are super comfortable, so you have nothing to worry about!

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Short-sleeved printed shirt or long-sleeved?

The rule of thumb is to wear long-sleeved printed shirts to work, formal events, or a fancy date night. Whereas, short-sleeved DIY printed shirts are more suitable for the weekends and outdoorsy events. 

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Should you wear an undershirt with a printed shirt?

It is your call. But, if you want to style it with an undershirt, make sure that it is a solid colour (preferably black, white, charcoal, or navy blue). Pull the printed shirt over and keep the buttons undone. This look is perfect for layering in the summer to autumn months!

How to pick the perfect printed shirt? 

This part is the hardest. Picking the wrong printed shirt can be a deal-breaker. Therefore, when you are going for bold prints, always choose carefully. Here are a few tips that will help you choose the right shirt:

  1. Go for patterns and colours that will complement the colours and prints already present in your wardrobe. This makes it easy to style. Pairing a pink printed shirt with khaki trousers won’t make sense. The colours that are easiest to match are blue, green, black, and red. These printed shirt machine styles will go with practically anything regardless of the colour or season. 
  1. Always remember that even the fabric is important. If you are looking for something on the fancier side, silk is the best, followed by wool and cotton. And, if you are looking for everyday casual wear then head to Zara or H&M for polyester printed shirts. 
  1. When styling printed shirts, the idea is to have fun. So, choose patterns with objects that are quirky and interesting, and stay away from the lame designs. A cat printed shirt is considered super chic, and so are birds and plants. 

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How to style printed shirts? 

With printed shirts, the styling possibilities are endless. However, baroque printed shirts aren’t suitable for formal or office wear. They can be best styled in a smart casual look or beachwear. 

1. Beachwear Style

Summer is here, and so is the time to pull out the printed shirts from the wardrobe! The printed shirt is the perfect beach to bar fashion item. It is dressy, makes sure that you arrive in style, and is versatile. No one gets tired of wearing printed shirt machine styles to the beach. 

Printed Shirts For Men

When styling, keep things simple. Pair your bright printed shirt with white or neutral coloured shorts. Usually, colours like blue, white, denim, and black work best. For accessories go for a simple neck chain and wear classic sneakers or slip-on shoes like crocs. Remember that the secret here is to let the shirt do the talking! 

2. Smart Casual Style 

As we said, the printed shirt is not meant for formal or office wear. But, if you style it smartly, you can make it work for a smart casual look. Follow these simple tips to style the printed shirt in smart casual wear:

  • Pair your printed shirt with ripped jeans for a cool laidback look.
  • You can also pair it with a casual drawstring or pleated trousers. Either tuck it in or let it out for a more casual look. 
  • For shoes, keep it classy with sneakers, leather or suede oxfords, or loafers. 
  • If you want to accessorise, keep it simple. Go for simple yet statement pieces like a gold or silver chain, a sophisticated wristwatch, etc. 
  • Don’t wear a belt with a printed shirt. It’s unnecessary and it can catch the eye in the wrong way. 

This is everything you needed to know about printed shirts for men. Most men can pull off printed shirts and look classy, but only if they pair them with the right clothing items. Take inspiration from Harry Styles, Ryan Reynolds or John Legend and look confident in your own skin!

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