Although the pandemic situation is under control currently, the third wave is approaching the world. And, one of the things that the pandemic has taught us repeatedly is the willingness to accept the change and the unpredictability of life. Therefore, it is necessary to stay at least a bit prepared in the face of the third wave and try to fight it with as much strength as we can muster. 

This article includes a fully comprehensive quarantine survival kit for men which will help to deal with COVID and ensure your as well as your family’s safety. 

Quarantine kit for men to be safe and healthy in the pandemic

1. Kindle

Sometimes, buying a bulk of books in advance is not prudent, if you can store millions of them in just one device and at a significantly reduced price. In addition, if you think about it, buying books on kindle is like the safest way to buy books, because you can maintain social distance. And what better way to spend your pandemic time than reading books in your room, with a hot full cup of coffee?

2. Dumbbells

Fitness has increasingly become everyone’s choice these days and it would not be an exaggeration to credit this spike to a pandemic. So, continue this tradition and you’ll always remain a warrior in the face of the corona. 

Even if you cannot do heavy weight lifting or practice some high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts, it is perfectly alright. All you need to do is contribute a maximum of half an hour of your day to some simple cardio and strengthening exercises that are safe and keep your physical health in check

3. Yoga mat

Now that fitness has been mentioned, it is prudent to buy an extra yoga mat, even if you have one. Who knows when and who might need it?

4. Shampoo

This should be one of the primary things in the quarantine survival kit for men. With the third wave approaching, it seems that lockdown is just around the corner. You don’t want to be a part of any more hair fiascos than you’ve already been. So, make sure that you buy at least 2-3 bottles of hair shampoos and remember to wash your hair 😉

5. Beer glass set

A beer glass set can be one of the most thoughtful quarantine gift ideas for men. What’s wrong with creating your own happy hours with your family over one or two pegs at home? 

6. A journal

With the lockdown imposed in March 2020, everyone was thrown into this vortex of emotions and got entangled in their own thoughts where they were forced to contemplate their past. Living in the past or the future, and debarring the present, is not good, no matter how enticing it is. Talking to your friends over the phone or binge-watching series are ephemeral escapism that will provide you temporary relief. But what about the bigger picture?

Under such circumstances, it is necessary to buy a journal or a diary and start journaling your thoughts. This is the time which you have to spend the most with yourself and your mind. If you think the world is riding on the wheels of injustice and unfair things, at least you should have your own mind rendering you peace

Therefore, to inculcate this peace, journaling is very necessary. Turn the anxiety, uncertainty of the future, fear, and anguish that you may be feeling at the moment into words and end it on a positive note. Write positive affirmations and try to take a bigger point of view of the situation that you are in. Try to be optimistic about the future and be courageous to face the reality. A journal can also be one of the delightful gifts for COVID patients at home. 

7. A Hands-free

Music is another thing that you can be grateful for in these trying times. Listening to music with the help of your hands-free can also ensure multi-tasking. You can fulfil all your household duties like doing dishes, moving laundry, cleaning the house, etc. while playing good music. 

If not music, you can also listen to some insightful and pleasant podcasts to expand the horizons of your mind and get super-comfy in your room. 

8. A toolkit

A toolkit is another important addition to the quarantine kit for men. You never know when you have to become the Mr Fix It for fixing the broken furniture during the lockdown. So, make sure that you buy a fully equipped tool kit that includes almost all the tools necessary for fixing a broken piece of furniture. Although how to fix that piece is another intricate and complicated process that you need to learn, it is still prudent to buy a toolkit for your home.

9. Clippers

You don’t want to deal with a beardruff out if anything else, during the pandemic do you? So, get up and buy some good clippers for your beard hair. Make sure that you regularly trim your beard hair and groom it with the help of beard shampoo and conditioner. 

10. Buy a plant

Now, buying and growing plants during the quarantine might seem a bit weird and therefore, this one depends on your personal choice. However, growing a plant is one of the most engaging activities that you can do during this time. It will help you inculcate a sense of responsibility and also develop a new habit. 

These are some of the important things that can be included as a part of the quarantine kit for men. Make sure that you’ve covered all the necessary things and are all prepared, physically, mentally and financially, to face the next wave.