Loves come in our lives through many faces and phases. Did you ever think of why love, at first sight, is just a mere infatuation which the world knows that it will not last forever, yet it is romanticised in every drama and movie you watch? The honeymoon period of any relationship is the golden and the happiest phase in anyone’s life. 

Whether you are married or in a live-in relationship with your partner, fantasising about your early days of the relationship is one thing you can never stop thinking about. 

What is honeymoon period? 

The honeymoon phase happens during the early stages of the relationship, but how long it lasts is something that is not definite at all. Sometimes it can last up to six months and other times until two years or maybe more if you are lucky.

Honeymoon period is that romantic phase that is shown in the movies and dramas. You live in a fairytale, there are no quarrels or mistakes that you feel from your partner’s side. It is indeed fun and most happy time. 

When you are caught up in the honeymoon period where no problem can dare to touch you, it becomes extremely hard to face the reality of the world when you snap out of it. Of course! This does not happen in a day, but by and by, it does happen. 

Looking for signs to tell you whether you are in honeymoon period

If you are still confused about the phase you are in right now or if your honeymoon period is over or not, then here are some signs that will show the signs of the honeymoon phase. But before we latch on to that, here is a little trick to know: People who are already past their this lovey-dovey phase will know for certain that their honeymoon period is over!

Nevertheless, moving on to the major markers of the honeymoon period.

  • Increased energy

When you fall in love with someone, there is a rush of adrenaline all the time when you are around them. Naturally, the rush of adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin spikes up the energy levels. Thus, new lovers don’t get tired of each other physically. 

  • Smiling all time with them

The honeymoon period tends to overlook all sorts of problems when your lover is right beside you. All you do is smile, laugh, kiss and hug each other and never get tired of it. 

  • Extreme attention towards each other

You pay too much attention and become nervous at every little and trivial mishap. What you called cheesy in movies earlier, you are becoming one of them. You become over-protective for your partner, like ‘Oh darling! Put on a sweater else you’ll catch cold’. You get that if you have been there and done that.

  • Craving for your partner 24×7

You crave for your partner all the time. When they are around you, you want them right beside you in your arms, and when they are away from you, you want them with you so you can have them close like before. It is not an exaggeration but a real thing. 

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  • All you want is sex

Yes, that is quite true as bluntly as we’ve said it. Sounds extremely cheesy, right? But that is not wrong, all you want is to make love. There is a lot of sex, kissing and holding hands. You actually feel an ache when you don’t get any of that when they are around. 

  • Emotions get affected a lot

While it is true that even after the honeymoon phase ends, you still get affected by your partner’s emotions and moods. But during the honeymoon period when your infatuation is on the next level, your emotions get affected over the most trivial things, too. 

Why and when the honeymoon period is over? 

We all know that the honeymoon period has come to end eventually. It is only after it is truly over, that you realise you have known your partner for way too long and way too much and that adventurous road is over. 

Many people get confused with the end of the honeymoon period as the end of the love life, but that is completely untrue. 

Think of your married life or unmarried life with your life partner as a road. The honeymoon period is when you set out for the journey on that road for the first time with your beloved. All the adventures, beauty, risk and landscapes are as new as your relationship. 

Then comes a time when you finally realise that you’ve been travelling that same road for quite a long time. 

You want to travel with your partner but not all the time. You want to discover new roads with other people and old friends like before. This is when your honeymoon period reaches its end. 

Life gets back on track like usual and you go on with the routine with your hormones calmer than before. 

Craving to get back on the honeymoon phase, again? 

Yes, of course, you can get back that track. You need to invest your time and energy into your love life, again like before. Here is how!

  • Do some activities together

Go out you both of you and sign up for some lessons and activities together. Spend more time together in something fun that tires you out. It is the need of every relationship. The more you laugh together, the more you get back on that track you miss. The more adventurous you have to tell to each while you sleep at night. The routine ain’t boring anymore. 

  • Plan a date

Planning dates or giving a surprise date is timelessly romantic. No matter how regular or normal the idea is, it always takes your partner aback. 

Honeymoon Period
  • Decorate your bedroom

Revamping your living space, and especially the bedroom can blossom new flowers again. It is human psychology that their mood uplifts when they are placed in an aesthetic and beautiful surrounding. 

The same old monotonous routine and settings can bore everyone thereby, affecting the proximity in relationships. 

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For some, the honeymoon period should end

Yes, it might be a setback for you but, sometimes it is the need of the hour. Elderly couples or couples in a full-time job sector find it hard to cling to each other because of lack of time and energy.  Thus, occasional loving, hugging or kissing goes a long way for them which is all they need. 

In the end, being comfortable is all that everyone needs.