Yes, physical strength and a killer body might seem like the best methods to reward yourself after a workout. But some days, one’s workout might feel principally tough. Maybe one must have endured a challenging Rock ‘n Ryde class, ran an extra 2 miles, attempted aerial yoga for the first time, or added some more plates than usual to the squat rack. Whatever it is, knowing that one has something extraordinary waiting for, at the end of these more extreme sessions could give a person that extra spark of motivation to push through.

 But if one is new to working out, getting those physical rewards might be a bit ways away. To set oneself up for success and generate a habit of working out, one should give him/her some immediate rewards. The key is to expand ways to make working out second nature, so it becomes something one is less likely to skip or give up on altogether.

Here are a few ideas for constructing a reward system that keeps the workout motivation high

1. Reward oneself during the workout
 reward yourself after a workout

A common misleading notion about rewarding yourself for exercising is that rewards can only come post-workout, but this doesn’t have to be the scenario. Instead of forcing oneself to undergo a tedious workout, reward one by doing something that is loved. For example, working out with friends in the great outdoors might be a method to bring delight to the workout. Also, start the workout with a mindful stretch. This will help a person to be present while outdoors, or with friends, letting any negative thoughts fall by the wayside.

2.Pay yourself

Even though this may sound ridiculous at first, now putting a little amount of money into these workouts is certainly one way to reward yourself for getting sweaty. Consider tossing fifty rupees (or a hundred) into a jar after every workout. Once the money earned gets to Rs.1000, treat yourself to some awesome new workout gear like running shoes or designer workout clothes. Not only will this make one look great and feel more positive — every time one will wear the new item, they will be reminded that the goal is achieved and could be done again!

3. Track all accomplishments

Sometimes all the motivation one needs is to acknowledge the progress. Even reaching the least of milestones should be praiseworthy of feeling proud. When one sets a goal that’s out of reach, one might get discouraged for not seeing dramatic results within a few weeks. A good way to trail the progress is to keep a journal to jot down notes after each workout. Record what exercises are completed and how each routine makes one feel physically and mentally.

4.Satisfy the sweet (or savory) tooth
 reward yourself after a workout

Food doesn’t have to be the rival of fitness. Of course reward by fueling the body with tasty, healthy foods but also occasionally treating one’s favorite dessert. The input is to remember that fitness is, above all things, about obedience and accountability. In other words, should you be eating a whole sleeve of Oreos after every workout? Probably not, but a little treat should be given. (to one or a few).

5. Have a tasty, but healthy treat

Reward yourself for exercising by making a tasty low-calorie smoothie with low-fat milk or dairy alternative, half a banana, some berries, and a teaspoon of ordinary peanut butter. Toss a dash of cinnamon and a few ice cubes and blend the entire thing up. It’s delicious and will offer the carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fat one’s body needs to recover. Just be sure to avoid store-bought smoothies which can be loaded with sugar and calories. 

6. Hydrate deliciously

Ideally, one should be drinking plenty of water before, during, and after every workout. But for those days where a little excitement is required than water, one can try this. Fill a mason jar about halfway with any mixture of berries, cucumber, apple, fresh mint, sliced ginger, citrus fruit, and watermelon. Then, fill the jar with equivalent parts of water and seltzer. Put in a splash of apple, orange, or grape juice as well. Enjoy the delicious, low-calorie, and super-refreshing beverage after the next tough workout.

7. Take a nap
 reward yourself after a workout

Who doesn’t adore a nice nap? Give the body permission to get a snooze on those days when limits have been pushed at the gym. One’s body will be grateful for the additional recovery time. Just be sure to keep it under an hour so it doesn’t hinder the nighttime sleep.

8. Indulge in some “Me” time

A grand way to reward yourself for a workout is to use a little time doing what one truly enjoys. Read a book, sip a coffee at a café, or binge some episodes of the latest Netflix obsession.

9. Soak in a tub

The body’s muscles can use a little pampering after a tough workout and one of the best methods to do that is to immerse in a warm tub. Make the experience somewhat more spa-like by adding bath salts or a few dashes of necessary oil to the water. Dim the lights, illuminate some candles and put on some soft music. It’s like a mini-vacation. Plus, it’ll help pass blood flow to your tired muscles, which helps with revitalization.

10. Get a massage

Delight oneself to an infrequent post-workout massage—especially if one is doing resistance training—to squeeze out any stress and tightness. In addition to feeling great, massages recover circulation and help rid the body of waste products that can gather when muscles are overworked.

One thing is to be kept in mind. While it’s normal to feel pain after a workout, one shouldn’t feel sharp pain, which could be a sign of injury. 

11. Treat the feet
 reward yourself after a workout

The feet are the unsung heroes of all the workouts. They tolerate heavy-weight, repetitive pounding, and quick pivoting and are constantly ready for more. So, if one has had a tough workout, make sure to give the feet some extra attention. Obtain a foot massage, go for a pedicure, utilize some fancy foot cream, or merely soak your feet in warm water and Epsom salts at home. Your skin will feel great.

Rewarding yourself for working out is a great tool in creating internal motivation for working out. Rewards are individual and help to switch to new challenges and routines. Choose the reward that is significant to you and incorporate it into every workout for the best success in sticking to one’s powerful new habits!