With the advancement of time, the traditional 9 to 5 jobs have almost become non-existent and in its place, we see the gig economy gaining prominence. Out of all the gig jobs, rideshare driving is opted by a majority of people as it ensures flexibility and work-life balance. Some of the best rideshare driver apps are Uber and Lyft.

These apps provide one of the important undeniable perks to the people of doing the work whenever you want to. This attitude facilitates an employee to set their hours and be their own boss.

In addition, the reason why this job has started gaining traction today is because of its pay. Rideshare driving will help you earn around 1500 INR per hour, which is very huge in comparison to other jobs which pay very little. 

However, before we get into the nitty-gritty of the job, let us first know who or what is a rideshare driver exactly?

Rideshare drivers are basically the people who help to transport other people from one place to another and also help in transporting food orders sometimes. 

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So, is being a rideshare driver worth it?

Definitely. If you’ve been recently fired out of the job for which you weren’t paid enough, then you should at least give rideshare driving a shot. Whether it be a full-time gig or just a part-time job, there are certain things that you will require before you begin with the application process.

How can you become a rideshare driver? 6 things that will be needed to become one:

1. Fulfil all the driver requirements:

The first and foremost step for becoming a rideshare driver is to meet all its requirements as posted in the rideshare driving forum. Every app will have different requirements which need to be met by the applicants.

However, some requirements are accepted universally and need to be respected by everyone. For instance, in a majority of states, the applicants need to be at least 21 years old with a minimum of 3-4 years of driving experience. A valid driver’s licence, no criminal history, a clean driving record and registration of vehicle are also needed along with the age limit. 

In addition to this, Uber, a ridesharing driving service, also conducts background checks on its applicants that scan back to seven years to unravel any suspicious driving history. 

Apart from Uber, Lyft is also one of the best ridesharing services that are active in the States. People who are interested in applying for Lyft must be at least 21 years old and should have a driver’s licence for one year. 

Similar to Uber, all the applicants should do a criminal background check. If there is any driving-related conviction that jeopardises the reputation of the service or might put the health of the passengers in danger, the applicant is rejected immediately. 

An applicant will also be rejected if he has committed a violent crime, a sexual offence or any other punishable offences that might besmirch the reputation of the enterprise. 

2. Be prepared with all documents ready:

In whichever forum you are applying to, the authorities will certainly ask for the documents that are required for the job. These include a driver’s licence, proof of insurance and vehicle registration. Make sure that you have a copy of all these documents to make the process much easier for you. 

3. Your car is also needed to fulfil certain requirements:

Similar to the individual requirements which differ in different companies, your car also needs to meet certain requirements depending on the forum you’ve opted for. 

For instance, in some cities, the car shouldn’t be older than 2010, whereas in others it can be as old as 2002. According to the requirements of Uber, a car should have four doors and there shouldn’t be any serious damage that puts a customer’s life at risk. 

A similar requirement is also put up by Lyft where every car should have four doors, which can be locked and unlocked by the passengers. Every car should have at least five seat belts for ensuring safety. 

The windows and mirrors should be immaculate, without any cracks. Everything should be functional from headlights to the wipers, air conditioning to horn system.

4. Follow the process of application:

Once you know that you and your care are eligible for being a part of the ridesharing service, you need to stop wasting any more time and quickly start with the application process. 

To begin with this process, firstly you’ll need to install some of the ridesharing apps such as Uber or Lyft. Once you are done with that process, you’ll find an option on your screen that says, ‘drive with Uber’ or ‘sign up to drive.’

Pon pressing that option, you’ll be led to a series of questions that need to be answered or filled with some personal information. 

If you’re not so confident about being a part of this process online, you can also go check out a local Uber Greenlight location where you can talk to someone and solve your doubts regarding the application process. 

5. Pass a vehicle inspection:

Be it any ridesharing service forum, every potential driver will have to pass a vehicle inspection in order to get their cars inspected. If they have successfully passed this stage, they can upload the certificate of the same to their profiles to ensure safety to the customers. 

In some cases, the vehicle inspection happens once a year. However, when it comes to some metropolitan or cosmopolitan cities, drivers need to get their cars inspected once every four months. 

6. Wait:

If you’ve successfully passed all the above-mentioned stages, the only thing that is left to be done is waiting for your application to be accepted. Once that is done, you’ll officially be called a rideshare driver.

Once you do get accepted, make sure that you have a working smartphone as your customers will certainly get in touch with you with their help. With a working smartphone and a car, you’re good to go!

These are some of the essential requirements that are needed to be fulfilled by all the potential drivers who are looking forward to making a future in the increasing gig economy.