Every person has one favorite outfit that they love to carry, blazers and jeans happen to be a fairly common choice. In case you prefer blazers and jeans, then probably you too get happy with the cooler weather as there are enough innovative ways to recover your bucks paid on all the blazers that you are practically hoarding the rest of the year. 

It is a question of style that is so frequently asked by men: “How to wear blazers with jeans and not look like a chemistry professor?” And it really is a fair point, the combo of denim with blazers is an unbelievably flexible look thus it could be styled equally impressively and disastrously.

There are many ways to get clever for work or a date at night or to dress up and rock an 80s look with ripped jeans. 

Thirty years ago, a double act for a blazer and jeans was the height of preppy styling; however, as with many trendy items, this combination has not only become a widespread look but also appears to bring the best of both these timeless items to give a sharp style statement.

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A look at the past

The sports jacket or blazer has traditionally often been combined with contrasting pants. Woollen pants or chinos automatically come to mind with blazers. However, with the late denim revival, men take pricey as well as inexpensive jeans with their off-the-shelf and tailored blazers as well and pair cotton trousers with sophistication

The blazer, though, has witnessed some improvements from the time of its introduction, becoming much more simple and unstructured and a lighter weight type for carrying it in the summer season as well.

Basic Rules

Unfortunately, anything too basic can go wrong, so let us begin with some basic rules. 

  • When we carry a tie, cut it up and throw the suit jacket over trousers, where it normally goes. The other error is the pairing of the suit jacket with a basic white shirt with dad jeans, which honestly does not look good.
  • The trick to avoiding breaching the basic blazer styling rules is to pick up a blazer that is not a piece of a suit and which delivers the same professionalism and then figure out the perfect denim and the shirt, tee, etc. to go under the jacket as per its fabric.
  • Just like not every jacket has to be perfect for suits remember that not every blazer has to be braised in gold buttons. Except in the basic sense of classic blue, not all denim has to be jeans. 
  • Be free to play with blue, grey, and black colors, or even jeans styled like trousers, or consider tapered jeans by rolling it at the cuff. You do not have to precisely fit the color or shade as that is part of the suit territory. make sure a contrast lies between blazer and denim. 
  • There is an immense variety of designs and shades, and options to style denim in a brilliant, smart casual presentation. Any products that are closely linked to either conventional business or grungy street styles like graphic tees, go with tan shoes and printed canvas sneakers respectively, so style accordingly.

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Blazers With Jeans

Here are some of the ways to style the blazers with jeans combination perfectly:

1. The Traveller

The blazer for the frequent flyer is a perfect travel buddy. The grey tweedy jacket has a sharp monochromatic look with a leather bag or suitcase preferably in black, and aviator sunglasses with a basic black tee and matt finish loafers. Leave the blazer unbuttoned and keep the t-shirt untucked at all times. 

For other days, a microprint button top is received by the weekend traveller under a woolly seventies blazer. Carrying super dark denim gives the jean the look of a chino. Leave the button-down to stay in the unchangeable half-tuck, casually comfortable, so you can easily walk into the evening after you have landed.

2. Heritage Look

Pick a smoke brown woollen blazer and carry it over a paisley tie and olive cardigan. Clean lines (like pants) with a slim-cut tapered in with a brown belt and compatible document-holder are emphasized by raw denim. The denim shirt embraces the neutral color scheme and the textile’s naturalness. 

A black and white herringbone jacket for a new professors’ look causes the waistcoat trait to appear in navy córduroy, the combination of the two of which is ramped up further by a tone blue tie and a blue denim sweater. It is rustic in the triple piece of a suit and is wildly elegant for the graceful heritage with the inclusion of a twisted silk tie.

3. Business Casual

The denim and blazer affair truly warms up in a relaxed office setting. Summer styling like light denim and loafers beneath a cotton sports jacket and tastefully spotted long tie without lining would make for a perfect business casual look if your office permits though. 

Carry with a tan, flannel blazer and blue denim for the winter season; holding the top almost corporate-friendly with white cotton shorts and a shallow neckline. 

Feel the excitement with the studious, extended socks, brown leather shoes, and a pocket square, preferably spotted. It is as imaginative as your boardroom proposals to show peers your sense of fashion on Friday, if not every day.

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4. Sharp Summer Look

Beginning with a tweed blazer, carry a formal shirt (such as pink in a pastel shade to complement brown) and tailored fit denim jeans preferably dark blue. Summer styling is accompanied by a pocket square and chocolate monk shoes without the socks and the distinctiveness of a polka dot tie. 

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A soft cotton blazer is a summer classic. A light blue cotton shirt provides a sharp layer conveniently tucked in with a tan belt that looks fantastic.  The sulkiness of brown blends well with the natural features and the lines of jeans.

Styling them could indeed be very interesting. In any case, the blazer has a high touch on a classic wardrobe and is a perfect fit for any event.