Innerspring mattresses have been available for decades and are the world’s most common bedding solutions. Nevertheless, they are not for all because of their typically static, rigid response, and a variety of manufacturers have come up with workarounds for people who are uncomfortable sleeping on conventional spring mattresses. 

Saatva is a modern mattress that has taken the hybrid route: it has mixed a memory foam top with a coil-on-coil structure to create a combination of viscoelastic conformance with spring toughness – and its mattress enjoys a lot of success. Sleep Number, on the other hand, is a company that has followed a more novel approach: air-filled inflatable mattresses, the firmness of which can be changed on the fly to meet any sleeper’s needs.

Both approaches have their pros and cons, and the aim of this Saatva vs Sleep Number comparison is to discuss them in a contrasting environment so that you know which of these two mattress items is better suited to your needs.

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Breakdown of Saatva

This hybrid mattress can be summed up as a traditional innerspring with an adaptive viscoelastic twist. So here is the breakdown of this mattress as under;

  1. Cover

The mattress incorporates a 100% organic cotton sheet, making it a typically sleek, comfortable, and cool touch surface.

  1. Euro top

The Saatva has a comfortable 1.25″ Euro pillow top right under the cover that lends its initial response a degree of luxuriance, while also improving the aesthetic appeal of the mattress due to its tidy, tight fit into the overall design.

  1. First layer

The topmost layer of the mattress consists of memory foam with a thin width of 3/8 inches. This is just the right amount to allow the mattress to conform to the contours of your body without making you feel like you’re falling into the bed where you’re sleeping (a frequent complaint with viscoelastic products).

Besides, this layer helps to cushion some of the rigid reaction force exerted by the coil-on-coil structure without dulling its responsiveness.

  1. Second layer

This layer consists of 4-inch diameter, 14-gauge, individually wrapped coils that are capable of reacting to your weight independently of your neighbors, i.e. they offer a combination of protection and comfort that adapts to the shape of your body.

Their autonomy often guarantees a localized response to impacts and disruptions, so that the energy does not spill over into the surrounding areas of the room, thereby keeping you or your companion from being disrupted by each other – a common problem for traditional spring mattresses with intertwined spring cores.

  1. Third layer

This is another spring sheet composed of longer and heavier intertwined springs (13-gauge and 5.5-inch) such that they provide the stiffer compressive support required to hold the body’s maximum weight overnight while you sleep after the upper layers absorb the initial impact and conform to your position.

Deep support thereby obtained means that the body is well connected with the spinal cord, which is necessary for the prevention of back pain.

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  1. Border assistance for Edge

A dedicated foam sealed edge reinforcement perimeter is built into the Saatva to guarantee that it does not sink on the sides as tension is applied (you may have experienced a ‘crunch down’ when you often sit on the edge of the innerspring mattress).


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Firmness and sensation
  1. Comfort and assistance

The Saatva is available for firmness in the three different versions – in that way, it is much more traditional than the Sleep Number (as you will soon find out):

  1. Plush

At the ILD of 18, this is the most effective version of the mattress, providing the maximum degree of contouring and pressure relief, and due to the softness of its construction, it also boasts the highest relative degree of motion insulation, as the soft structure is best able to withstand shocks inside itself.

On a manufacturer’s custom scale of 1 to 10 firmness (1 is soft as fast sand and 10 is hard as a block of wood), the mattress is valued at 3.

  1. Luxury firm

The manufacturer finds this to be the ‘flagship’ version of Saatva, due to its success with consumers, which is most definitely due to how it maintains a fine balance between support and comfort by providing both spring resistance and viscoelastic pressure relief in moderate proportions.

To keep their proprietary formula for this mattress from being repeated by anyone, Saatva keeps the exact ILD ranking under wraps, but on their own 1 to 10 scales, they rank it between 5 and 7, which is about the right amount for a medium-firm mattress that leans so slightly towards the firm camp.

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Special features

  1. Reactive, springy reaction with some contouring thrown in

The hybrid configuration of the Saatva allows for a bed that is capable of providing the conventional feel of an innerspring mattress a less inconvenient bounce-back that follows every step you make on it. Of course, exactly how much contouring is present in the mattress depends on the amount of firmness you want, but rest assured, any pressure relief is guaranteed by the operation of the thin memory foam sheet and the pocketed coils together.

  1. A higher value for your money

Given that you’re fine with the particular sort of response that a hybrid innerspring has to deliver, the Saatva is by far the most premium mattress relative to the Sleep Number mattress priced the most.

The Sleep Number mattress in question is very simple – even without the SleepIQ functionality that is present in most of the other offerings, and the height is also low compared to the Saatva, which, on the other hand, includes a comfortable combination of an organic cotton sheet, high-quality memory foam, and sturdy coil-on-coil construction.

Breakdown of sleep number

Sleep Number

The Sleep Number brand sells several different mattresses with the same general concept of being inflatable to differing degrees to have various degrees of firmness.


  1. Cover

Sleep Number mattress cover is made of woven fabric that is soft and supple and breathable to the boot.

  1. Adjustability of DualAir

For sizes designed to fit two sleepers, all Sleep Number mattresses come with separate air chambers for each foot, which can be balanced independently of the other to their degree of firmness.

  1. Structure of the core

One of the key selling points of the Sleep Number is its capacity to be specifically adjusted to any sleeper’s ideal level of comfort and to do so by a mixture of viscoelastic foam and air-filled chambers. The foam coating covers the air chambers, ensuring a simple degree of adaptability at all inflation speeds – this can be further modified by handheld control.

  1. Advanced wireless sensor

Except for some of the cheaper ones, all Sleep Numbers have the ‘SleepIQ’ technology incorporated into the – wireless sensors that track your pulse, temperature, breathing rhythm, and motion.

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Firmness and sensation

  1. Comfort and assistance

As all Sleep Number mattresses can be balanced by the amount of air in their chambers to reach a broad range of firmness standards, there is no point in addressing comfort and assistance at confidential levels like we normally do.

There may be some difference in the general surface feel of each type due to the various top layers they add – the pillow top, the Euro top, the memory foam, and so on, but the air adjustment is primarily responsible for the overall reaction of the bed.

  1. Motion Transfer

Compared to the Saatva, because there are no springs involved, you can anticipate that there will be somewhat less springiness in the reaction of the mattress, and memory foam blocks motion on its own – so overall, the Sleep Number is pretty good at absorbing the effect of your motions and protecting your companion from it – particularly since they sleep on their separate air chamber.

Special features

  1. Answer constantly adjustable

As described above, the Sleep Number can be inflated with various volumes of air to attain different degrees of comfort and help. In other words, the mattress may be fluffy, medium-sharp, solid, and everything in between, at your discretion.

However, as we said earlier, the lack of springs relative to Saatva means that there is a fundamental difference in the answer from it: the Sleep Number is inherently less push-back and durability since the air is fluid, and the fluids do not compact the way metal springs do.

  1. SleepIQ sleep tracking 

The SleepIQ tracker technology installed in most Sleep Number mattresses gives you the ability to measure the consistency of your sleep in simple, hard quantitative metrics. For eg, if you’re having trouble sleeping with a specific firm environment, you could attempt to change it accordingly and then track your sleep effect through the mobile app.

In other words, you are basically in a position to fine-tune the consistency of your sleep.

We hope you enjoyed reading this in-depth contrast between two very popular brands, Saatva and Sleep numbers, and take on the challenge of balancing relaxation and supporting customer desires. If you found it helpful, share it with someone you think would find useful.