When it comes to dating, men and women are alike. They have their insecurities and anxieties which certainly act as impediments in their dating journey. As a result, after one or two dating fiascos, when men hit up the internet to get some dating wisdom from relationship gurus, their eyes or ears abound the same philosophy: be yourself and be confident. 

However, if you’ve been in a dating game for a while, you surely know that it’s easier said than done. So, this article deals with the essential qualities a man will need to develop when it comes to dating beautiful women. 

But, what is dating exactly?

More often than not, the distinguishing line between dating and relationship is often blurred which results in confusion and misunderstanding between two people. To clarify the ambiguities is the first and foremost step to impress a woman and enjoy a long and healthy dating period.

The concept of dating generally arises when you and your potential partner are dubious about your future together, but you do like the company of each other in the present moment. This is dating. However, when you say that you are ‘dating someone’, you acknowledge the presence of romance between you and your potential partner. In the latter concept, you have a special purpose in mind and the other person holds some amount of importance. 

With the terms clear, let’s know some of the best dating apps where you can start dating someone casually and get some dating experience. 

Best dating apps to begin with:
  1. OkCupid
  2. Plenty of Fish
  3. MeetMe
  4. Grindr
  5. CoffeeMeetsBagel

How to impress beautiful women?

If you’ve been living in the rut of low self-esteem and self-worth, you might probably be thinking that you will never be ‘enough’ for a beautiful woman. Well, come closer buddy because your mind is going to blow off with this one secret. 

Well, the secret is that beautiful women are often attracted to intelligence, wisdom and more importantly, confidence. This does not completely make physical appearance fly out of the window, oh, it is very much present, but if your confidence overpowers your appearance, then you’ll undoubtedly have an amazing dating life. 

So, instead of trying to change yourself physically or being someone else, try to develop your confidence. It’s not something that you’ll be able to do overnight, it will require arduous efforts and perseverance to reach ‘there’. You’ll fall and you’ll get up, then fall back again and get up once more. Make sure that you never give up. 

Therefore, many dating coaches often say that before your process of looking for ‘the-so-called-one’, remember to build a healthy relationship with yourself first. This will facilitate the process of meeting new people and sharing some beautiful bonds with them. 

So, confidence goes a long way and consequently, it is important to have some of it before you begin this journey. You might feel a bit awkward, even shy at the beginning when you have to talk to some of the most beautiful women. Regardless, go ahead and take the initiative, even though you feel uncomfortable or shy. Confidence will catch up!

Phew! With that said, let’s unravel some of the key secrets to confidently dating beautiful women.

4 secrets to having confidence in dating:

1. Diminish the attached self-worth to companionship:

The prevailing societal norms compel you to desperately look for someone, regardless of your compatibility with them. Consequently, it becomes natural to feel less confident and less worthy when you aren’t dating somebody. 

Being confident despite being single is the most attractive thing that will certainly pull beautiful women towards you. When you do not attach your self-worth to the existence or longevity of a particular relationship, you start to realise your value and worth. 

Resultantly, if a person does not like you, you are true, hurt, but you are not broken, per se. You move on easily and are willing to let the bygones just be bygones. This also adds the element of respect between you and the other person, which is also very attractive. 

2. Ask yourself: Do you like her?

Dating beautiful women is a hassle indeed, where you try every possible method to impress them, which, honestly, is quite exhausting. But, have you ever tried to ask yourself the question, ‘Do I like her?’

More often than not, the more attractive thing than the beauty of people is their personality and their attitude. Therefore, try to get out of your head and focus on the other person. 

Don’t try to analyse every word that the other speaks. Instead, focus upon where the conversation is going and how it will help you to decipher the personality of the other person. 

This will help you in building a deep connection with people and open the prospects of future dates. 

3. Remain in the present:

Take only what is presented on the plate. Nothing more and nothing less. Apart from being the authentic and confident version of yourself, try to also remain in the present.

Don’t get entangled in your fantasies, predicting how the future will unfold. This might blur your perception of the present and make you do things that might seem weird to the other person. 

So, try to stay as much in the present as you can and just enjoy it because it will never come back!

4. Enjoy your solitude:

It’s important to give yourself some time in the day where you are completely alone with your thoughts and yourself. If you’re not comfortable with yourself, you are in no position to expect something different from the other partner. 

Spending some time in solitude will only make us know more about ourselves and believe it or not, you’ll be surprised to know what’s in there. When you know a majority of yourself, you become more confident as you are aware of who you are, what you’re capable of and what needs in life. 

These are some of the secrets which will help you in dating beautiful women confidently, without any hesitation or malice in your heart. In addition, these points will help you to direct your focus on your inner self. It will help in cultivating confidence in yourself and control of your thoughts, emotions and feelings. Once you get a hang of that, you do not give the time of the day to other people’s notions of you. 

Therefore, the secret of guys dating beautiful women in real life is their trust in themselves and the inner confidence that radiates outside, acting as a magnetic pull towards everyone. 

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