Shake Shacks is anything but an ordinary fast food joint. This restaurant with humble beginnings as a hot dog stand in New York City has stepped up its game and currently sells one of the best burgers and custard-based shakes in the USA.

If you want gourmet fast food, Shake Shack should be your joint. This franchise is known for offering a modern-day spin on your retro roadside burgers, grilled cheese, milkshakes, fries, etc. 

Did you know that besides the amazing selection of burgers and hot dogs the Shake Shack menu sells, it also boasts of an impressive secret menu? These are items that you won’t find listed on the Shake Shack website, but they have developed a cult following among America’s fast-food lovers. 

Apart from the Shake Shack Secret Menu, the franchise also has some limited edition burgers and shakes. For instance, they introduced the limited edition Dracary’s Burger, a Game of Thrones speciality. Additionally, Shake Shack also comes with regional specialities that are to be looked out for.

All we are saying is that the Shake Shack menu is the only fast-food menu you should know by heart!

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What is on the Shake Shack Secret menu? 

Every franchise has a secret menu. And, while every fast-food joint’s undisclosed items are intriguing, the Shake Shack Secret menu takes things to a whole new level. Inspired by crazy flavours, this cult burger joint has gone out of its way to curate a secret selection. 

So, the next time you crave a bizarre yet brilliant burger, try out the Shake Shack Secret Menu. To make things easier for you, here is a list of the best items on Shake Shack’s Secret menu:

1. Peanut Butter and Bacon SmokeShack

Probably the most well-known and fan favourite item on the Shake Shack secret menu, the peanut butter and bacon smokeshack is a speciality burger. What is interesting about this item is that it used to be available on the regular Shake Shack Menu but for one weekend only. 

You have to order a regular Bacon SmokeShack which features melted cheese, applewood smoked bacon, and chopped cherry peppers, and along with that ask for a side of the brand’s peanut butter sauce. This is a burger that you will have to assemble yourself. You can drizzle the peanut butter inside your burger as per your choice. 

Sure, it does seem like a weird food combination, but this SmokeShack is a cult classic! 

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2. Cheese Dog

We all think of juicy and cheesy hamburgers when we think about the Shake Shack menu. But, here is a secret that most Shake Shack fans don’t know: Shake Shack started as a hot dog stand in New York City. That means, they sure know their way around a hot dog.

The regular Shake Shack hot dog is impeccable, they split the hot dog from the middle and grill them on both sides before serving them on a perfectly toasted bun. The Shake-cago Dog which features celery salt, mustard, pickle, tomatoes, sport pepper, and onion can be a bit too much for some people. 

Instead, ask for the Shake Shack Secret menu Cheese Dog. This item features a hot dog smothered in a creamy blend of cheddar and American cheese. 

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3. BLT

Who said that a secret menu couldn’t feature a classic? A simple yet staggering delicious burger, the BLT delivers exactly what it promises.

A perfect blend of juicy bacon, lettuce, and tomato served on a classic Shake Shack burger bun, the Shake Shack BLT is almost like comfort food. Thus, if you want to keep things simple, this should be your order from the Shake Shack secret menu.

And, in case you want to spice things up, just ask for the peanut drizzle and have your mind blown.

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4. Grilled Cheese

Who doesn’t like a classic grilled cheese? A deceptively simple yet mouth-watering item on the Shake Shack secret menu, this grilled cheese is perfect to satisfy your breakfast cravings!

To make this grilled cheese, the two halves of the roll are flipped in butter so that the cheesy outside is exposed to the pan. A messy dish, this grilled cheese is worth it! 

5. Root Beer Float

Everyone needs a drink to go with their burgers. And, sure we have all tried a root beer at some point in our lives, but have you ever tried a Root Beer Float?

Let Shake Shack fulfil your dreams. Simply order a beer of your choice from the Shake Shack menu. And, along with that, ask for a scoop of frozen custard in a cup. Now, you will have to assemble this drink by yourself. Pour the beer over the ice cream and enjoy this amazing drink.

Be careful to order the beer and custard flavours wisely. Chocolate, coffee, or vanilla-inspired beers are great for vanilla custard. But, if you want to experiment, try a citrus-infused beer with a strawberry scoop. 

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6. Low-carb protein style burger

Even if you are on a diet, you can still enjoy something from the Shake Shack secret menu. This low-carb protein-style burger comes wrapped in buttered lettuce instead of bread. This burger adheres to a keto diet or a low-carb diet, but keep in mind that it is not entirely calorie-free.

In case the Shake Shack employee doesn’t understand your order, ask for your favourite burger “bunless”.

7. Cheesy Fries with extra toppings

Last but not least, we have an item from the Shake Shake Secret menu that you can customize yourself! You can customize the staple crinkle-cut french fries with any toppings you want. You can add the signature Shake Shack tangy sauce, bacon, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, spicy sport peppers, cheese, etc. 

Ask them to throw any topic of your choice on the Shake Shack fries, and you will end up with a delightful mess. This dish is loaded with fries, but Shake Shack style! 

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