No matter how much body hair you have, or whether you are a young adult or an old man, you have most probably thought about or indulged in shaving your balls

In today’s era, when no body parts are off-limits, shaving balls is a common habit observed in many men today. Several surveys have detected that the majority of the men prefer shaving their pubic hair over not shaving. Properly shaving your balls can be a task, especially if you are just starting out. So are you just starting out for shaving your balls or are in need of some tips to get a good shave down there, then you are at the right place. 

Confused? Here’s how to shave our balls:

1. Cleanliness

Folks, before you embark upon the journey of shaving your balls, remember that cleanliness is godliness. Hence, it is really important that you take a good shower or clean the area thoroughly before you begin saving. Additionally showering not only cleans the area but also softens the hair follicles making it easy for you to shave your balls.

2. Use the right razor and go slow

It goes without saying that, but it is really important to go slow while you are shaving your balls since the skin around the area is extremely soft and sensitive. Hence, not using the right razor suited for shaving your balls can be used to prevent cuts and infections. It is really important to go slow since you do not wanna harm or injure some extra skin there.

3. Be patient and flexible

Balls are a really delicate part of your body and are situated in a portion which is extremely difficult to shave. Hence, you should be extremely calm as well as flexible while shaving down there. You have to stand with your feet apart in such a position so that you can easily reach out to your balls and then move your hands patiently in a convenient direction to shave them.

4. Use a pre-shave balm or oil

When shaving an organ as delicate as your balls, you should always begin with the protection. No, we do not mean condoms, we mean that you should apply a pre-shaving balm or oil to hydrate the skin and ease out the hair follicle. 

A lubricated and well-moist skin will allow the razor to glide easily and give a closer and clean shave. There are no specific recommended oils to use but it is safer to go with tested and proven age-old Coconut, Mustard or Almond oil.

5. Use the correct technique 

The technique is extremely vital, especially when you’re shaving down there. The technique might appear confusing at first but you would slowly get the hang of it. You must keep your skin stretched and slowly guide the razor across it. A good reference to take is remembering the process of scratching your balls when they itch, from downward to upwards. 

That is exactly how a shave is achieved down there. It is advisable to use short, soft strokes through the rigid skin. Know that you do not need to grip your balls with all your might, you just need to hold it firmly and always remember to shave it in the direction of hair growth. Go on and apply a soothing oil or moisturiser afterwards just to hydrate the skin.

6. Get ready for stubble

This goes without saying that if you are shaving your balls and the area around it, you will be facing and growing in-grown hair and stubble. And let us tell you, the stubble itches. Hence, if you have any special occasion like a body-building competition, you must ensure that you shave only a day prior to these events because if you shave around 2-3 days earlier, the stubble will start growing back and can cause itchiness and irritation. 

The only way to prevent such ingrown hairs and stubble is indulging into and developing a good shaving routine. If you are regular with your shaving routine and do it consistently on due times without fail, you must’ve mastered the art of avoiding the stubble.

7. Be prepared for cuts

It is a given reality of shaving that cuts will happen, even to a person who is extremely experienced in this, especially when you are shaving extremely sensitive areas of your body like your balls. It is not always possible to look all around or even beneath your balls and hence a few areas where you shave might go unnoticed and a cut or bruise might persist. 

shaving balls

It is advisable that if you encounter any sort of bleeding for any reason, immediately stop there and prevent from shaving any further. Wait for a couple of days for the cut to heal and the scab to come off before you can finish shaving. If you decide to continue, make sure that you do not disturb the infected area. 

If you happen to hurt yourself during shaving, clean the area with wash and water and apply steady and firm pressure for around 15 mins on that area to stop bleeding. Once the bleeding stops you can use any ointment to apply on the cut or might even consider putting a bandaid if it’s an emergency.  Keep repeating it for a few days until the scab comes off on its own. In case of excessive or non-stop bleeding, it is advisable to seek medical help.

You most probably know by now that the answer to how to shave your balls is a complex one but something achievable and it is not a matter of joke.

The issue isn’t how effectively you shave your balls, but how precisely and gently you do it so as to not hurt to bruise your skin with scars and bumps. Go through our how to list correctly and follow the steps gently and with great safety to achieve your desired results of awesomely shaved balls. Now that you have a guide to shaving your balls, try and implement in your bathing routine next time and see the difference.