Men invest twice on their hair removal than women, and spend more money on shaving and trimming their long hair. More than half of these people shave the leg hair, chest and back hair.

The hair on the body is what distinguishes men from boys, or at least that’s what has been portrayed to us by society for decades. We have seen the concept of body and facial hair, nevertheless, but perhaps body hair removal has seen tremendous growth over time.

If it is adopting the bushy jungle or being absolutely clean down there, it is a choice. However, some people indeed prefer to dress their body hair  within the grooming industry that has been embraced. 

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Manscaping could be out of the interest of some guys because it is a personal choice and we get it. However, keep reading if you are wondering about how to go about shaving or trimming body hair.

Trimming Body Hair

The advantages of manscaping are multifold: apart from making you feel smoother, more secure and sexier as per a Braun poll on the subject. One of the reasons given for hair removal is if you work out regularly, it also increases muscle definition. 

It is no surprise that the Braun study also found that men who attend the gym at least once per week are 63% more inclined to trim or shave their chest hair entirely. 

However male grooming operation is supposed to be carried out with caution and attention is really needed for working around the nipples. A man must be equipped, prepared and skilled in order to combat the hair, you never know when the situation demands so.

In many times, we have spoken about so many different methods of effectively manscaping. Nevertheless, we have yet to explore in-depth the easiest of all approaches for body hair removal. 

There are several reasons why it is a smart idea which is why so many men practice a manscape routine. Manscaping counts as a style pattern and a way to theoretically attract romantic interests. 

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How shaving your hair benefits you

  • Greater Hygiene 

Many scholars suggest that since it helped minimize the incidence of genital infections, pubic hair developed. In the days when clothing was a little scarce, it also helped keep the male valuables safe. 

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But nowadays, pubic hair is thought to be more of an obstacle to proper hygiene than is indeed an advantage since, for one, it retains moisture and induces discomfort. The principle is that it is better to exercise specific skin hygiene without having to compete with an oversized pubic pelt.

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  • Convenience 

Comfort ratings are some of the most significant factors that so many men are pursuing a consistent routine of manscaping. Remember, for instance, of the hundreds or probably thousands of times your pubes have itched?

Or perhaps have you gotten snagged on the zipper? Sure, a lot of people live with these things as a part of life, but that does not mean that it is an obligation to bear them. 

You may remove such nuisances by trimming or shaving unnecessary hair, such as pubic hair while giving yourself a peace of mind that you could never have cared anything about. In other areas of the body, the same goes for long, overgrown hair. You may feel a comfort level that you never thought existed.

If you can easily and painlessly trim away your unnecessary body hair, why prefer waxing or shaving? You can even do it at home almost as quickly as in a salon, whether it is chest hair removal or cleaning your armpits. 

What? How? Ok, it’s what we’re here to respond to! Using a standard trimmer, this thorough guide on trimming body hair will help you get the perfect look in the most straightforward way possible. These basic hacks would make for you an easy-breezy job of manscaping! 

5 step guide for trimming body hair

Step 1: The Warm Shower 

Before trimming body hair, most men make the error of not showering prior to the grooming session and often take a bath after trimming. Alright, having a hot shower prior to the trimming session and a cold shower after it is a great option. Hot water will loosen up your pores and thoroughly cleanse your scalp. This would make trimming a very smooth and easy process. 

Step 2: The Pattern & Form 

Take a couple of seconds before getting into  deciding if you want to go for a tidy, smooth trim or leave some slight fuzz. For many of the areas of the body, this takes virtually no thinking, but the chest area is slightly more complicated. For your chest hair, you need to think about which form or growth pattern you like.

Please ensure you align your chest hair growth rate with that of the remainder of your bodily hair. Do not make the error of abandoning hair at uneven and shabby lengths on your body. 

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Step 3: Go Forward & Start Trimming 

Now, you can actually begin trimming the hair on your body. Start by using a wide guard as an overall trim. Trim all of your hair down to an equal length. Then start closely trimming the places you want to shave full, with a smaller guard. Go for the smallest or no guard trim on the outer edges to have a long chest hair to no chest hair fade.

Step 4: Shave For A Cleaner Look 

If you go for an absolutely sleek look, after trimming, you can have to shave. It is generally easier to shave body hair than to shave your beard. The skin is not delicate and has virtually no curves. A separate shaving foam, or even the hair conditioner, may be used as a hack. Use your razor and get to shave. Do not neglect to keep the body and face razors apart. 

If you wish to build the natural fade that we spoke about in the previous point, stop shaving at all. 

Step 5: Rinse off

The final step is to take one more shower of cool water to rinse the excessive hair off. After doing so, make sure to moisturize the skin. There you have it, the grooming session is finished effectively and easily.