Have you ever wondered why you feel something is odd or missing in your outfit even after everything fits you well? If it does, then it’s probably because you’ve worn the wrong shoes. More often than not, men invest a huge sum of money in clothes but end up having the wrong shoes. In this article you should know about 5 Shoes Every Man Should Own In 2021.

If you recognize yourself to be one of them, then don’t sink your hearts in the boots (pun intended!), because the rest of this article deals with some of the most basic and stylish shoes that every man should own.

5 Shoes Every Man Should Own In 2021

1. Sneakers

The birth of the sneakers took place in a dusty old factory during the famous Industrial Revolution that had lured the world in the 19th century. Since then, sneakers aka tennis shoes have been in the long haul. In 1916, a man named Keds made the first tennis shoes that were commercially available for the general public.

Previously made with canvas and vulcanized rubber, sneakers were considered to be inexpensive in comparison to the hand-made footwear during that time.

In addition, Adi Dassler, a shoemaker, started making sneakers in his home as a hobby. Eventually, this hobby soon took the form of business, and now it is popularly known as Adidas.  

By the late 20th century, sneakers had become one of the most staple things worn by children and young adults. 

Sneakers continue to be the most basic and staple footwear that you can wear anywhere you want to. They can make you look stylish no matter what. 

2. Oxfords

Cap-toe Balmoral oxfords are yet another stylish must-have footwear in your wardrobe. What makes these shoes interesting is that nobody knows about their origin. Some assume that they were first worn by students of Oxford University in 1825. Others trace Oxford’s origin in Scotland and Ireland. 

No matter what the birthplace of Oxfords is, these shoes continue to be one of the most popular things that every man should own in their life.  

They are identified by their intricate and stylish closed lacing system which is also a mark of difference from a Derby shoe. A high-quality Oxford shoe will have box-calf leather and no broguing. 

Unlike any other shoes, Oxfords are some of the most versatile shoes you will ever find in the footwear collection. You can wear them to parties, weddings, formal effects, job interviews, etc. 

3. Penny loafers

Unlike other shoes, the modern penny loafers were made after years of modifications in their style and outlook as per the occasion. The first penny loafer was produced in 1936.

5 Shoes Every Man Should Own In 2021
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Earlier, fishermen from Northern Europe used to wear slip-on style shoes which were quite similar to moccasin in the 1930s. Due to their unconventional yet attractive outlook, these shoes lured many men during that time and slowly people started wearing such shoes in casual wear.

Years later, the penny loafers were developed whose distinguishing mark from the simple loafers is the cut-out shape at the top of the shoe which is absent in the latter. This cut out shape seems like a small pocket or slot created in the shoe. 

If you want to emanate more relaxed and comfortable vibes, you can wear penny loafers. They are generally advised to be worn in summers as they are more casual and chic. If you want to exude business-casual vibes, you can wear these at work and make a fashion statement.

4. Wing-Tip Brogues Shoes

Brogues were generally the first option for the Irish population especially during the beginning of the 20th century. Brogue shoes are characterised by their intricate lacing system and holes which are often a mark of style and sophistication. 

However, during the earlier times, this intricate design was created because of a reason. These holes which are now a mark of fashion were earlier punched through the shoes for draining water quickly that would catch in them. This was done so that people did not have to take their shoes to especially drain the water. 

After the 1920s, men and women started wearing modified versions of these shoes and many actors made a lot of style statements by wearing them in photoshoots and films. 

Actors like Cary Grant and Fred Astaire made the Brogue popular in the United States and therefore, helped in heralding a Brogue era. 

Out of the variety of brogues, some of them such as a ‘Full Brogue’ or a ‘Wingtip Brogue’ are some of the best ones that a man should own. 

Brogues generally suit with more casual wear and business-casual dresses. Regardless of how stylish and cool they look, vigilance is required while wearing these shoes. Due to the holes perforated in the shoes, dust and dirt particles get easily attached to them.

5. Double-monk strap shoes

Another must-have addition to your footwear collection has to be these stylish double-monk strap shoes. Similar to the Oxfords, no one has been able to trace the origin of these shoes; people have been successful in making only assumptions. Some assume that they have arrived at the monks who lived in the Swiss Alps who made a sandal in the 15th century which was quite similar to these shoes. 

Later, an English traveller found these shoes and took them back to England. No one has been able to prove the substantiality of this story.  

In England, the uptick in the sales of the double monk strap shoes was observed in the early 1900s which eventually became a staple to men’s dress shoes. 

Originally, there was only a single strap and as a matter of fact, those shoes were known as the single-monk strap shoes. However, if you want to up your fashion game, then you can invest in the double-monk strap shoes. 

The latter ones are more modern than the classic shoes and they help you maintain balance with your overall outfit. In addition, wearing these shoes will help you stand apart from the crowd and grab everyone’s attention for all the right reasons. 

These are some of the most modish and staple shoes that every man should own. They will help in balancing your outfit and make you look more stylish. 

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