Suits are one of the most popular attires among men. Business, workplace, family gatherings, or formal parties, they are possibly one of the best apparels for men to appear like gentlemen and charm the audience. Suits have been popular right since the time men had very limited options of styling and clothing, and have only gained popularity since then.

Now, it is best known that any apparel would look the best only when it is worn with the right accessories, and shoes are for sure one accessory you just can’t miss. There are various types of shoes for suit, and different men prefer different types for themselves, according to what suits them and their body types. 

However, suits do not go along with all types of shoes, and you must style your suit with the right type of shoe and shoe colour. 

What shoes to wear with a suit?

Here we list out a few types of shoes for suit, and you can certainly try them out the next time you plan on wearing a suit.

1. Oxford shoes

pair of brown wingtip shoes
shoes for suit

The closed lacing oxford shoes, hugging your foot’s contour are definitely one of the best shoe choices to wear along with a  suit. They give a minimalistic look to your outfit and are the best for business meetings and casual wear to workplaces. 

Leather oxford shoes in blue, black, brown, red colour are widely worn as daily wear. 

For business attire or formal meetings, dark brown or black patent leather generally works the best.

2. Loafers:

The original loafer was a casual house slipper made for King George VI of England. They came to the U.S. in the 1930s, and people began wearing loafers with suits as late as the 1960s. The introduction of a new type of loafer with a metal strap, in 1966, by Gucci raised the standards of loafer shoes, and people began wearing them casually as well as formally.

brown suede penny loafers
shoes for suit

Clean Venetian loafers or embellished loafers are easy to wear with suits and enhance the look of the attire.

3. Dress boots

The dress boots are short lace-up boots with a long shaft. These types of shoes date back to the Victorian era, and right since then, they have been popular among men of all age groups.

Fine leather dress boots in black or brown colour greatly complement suits. Sleek boots with thinner laces go well with almost all types of suits.

4. Chelsea boots 

The Chelsea boots also originally have their roots in Victorian England, where they were quickly and easily adopted by the equestrians. However, when The Beatles wore them in the 1960s, these boots gained instant popularity and revival among men.

pair of black leather boots on brown surface

These boots are laceless, and to be honest, this adds to their sleek look. The simplicity and minimal look of these boots make them one of the best shoes to wear with a suit.  They are generally not worn, and neither do they suit, daily or casual wear. 

5. The opera pump:

These are the most formal dress shoes that exist for men. They were most popular during the Victorian era, and it can be said that their popularity has decreased in the present times. However, they do present a very formal, neat look when worn in evening gatherings. They can certainly be worn on some special occasions, with a suit or a tuxedo.

Looking for the right shoe colour? Have a look!

Apart from picking out the best shoes to wear with a suit, it is highly important that you also choose the right colour for your shoes, according to the type of suit you’re wearing and the occasion you’re wearing it for. Here, we have categorized for you what coloured shoes would look the best with some commonly worn suit colours.

1. Blue suit:

Blue coloured suits are highly common, but what colour shoes should they be paired with?

Well, a blue and brown combination surely looks very dapper and gives you a classy, adventurous look. Chestnut brown or dark brown shoes are always a good option to choose from various shades of brown. However, almost all shades of brown go well with blue suits.

Another colour that can be worn with a blue suit is black. Most men prefer black coloured shoes over others, and honestly, they give the most formal and elegant look to almost any possible coloured suit.

2. Black suits: 

Black is the most popular colour among men, and every man generally owns at least one black suit. However, there aren’t a lot of combinations available to be worn with a black coloured suit.

You can obviously always pair black with black, and it can never go wrong. But there’s one more colour that goes along well with clack suits, and that is brown. Brown shoes are versatile enough to be worn with any suit colour, including black, and are among the best shoes for suit. They give you a neat, formal look and enhance your attire. Shoes when added and worn appropriately can make a huge difference to your entire outfit. 

3. Grey suits:

Grey suits look the best with dark brown colour shoes. You can wear them on semi-formal occasions as well as to formal gatherings, and they wouldn’t disappoint you a bit. However, light brown shoes along with a grey suit might give you a too bright and loud appearance, that you might not necessarily like.

They can also be worn with black shoes and give you a contemporary look that everybody likes.

This was a small guide from us on how you can make the beauty of your suit stand out with the right pair of shoes. Remember that apart from what others like, you must also like what you are wearing. We assure you that when you wear an outfit that you love, the beauty of that outfit just increases manifold times. So, love what you wear, and wear what you love!

We hope this small guide on shoes for suit helps you with choosing the right shoes to wear with suits.

Happy Styling!