Men have only limited options- so they end up concentrating their entire attention on their hair. With changing times the style for men’s hair has also changed- it’s no just a short “boy cut” or crew cut hair. From buzz to long, luscious locks- nothing is out of reach. If you have been suddenly inspired to experiment and go down the boho path- then read on ahead. This article will help you to know about Short Hair Vs Long Hair.

So, you are probably considering whether to grow your hair out. But, before you make your decision, it is important to know whether it is worth the time, effort, and patience. Besides, not everyone can pull off long hair (unless of course, you are Jared Leto or Jason Momoa).

Short hair vs long hair is an ongoing debate in the men’s world. While some may argue that short hair is sexier, it is definitely harder to maintain. And, may not be worth it in the end. Additionally, long hair can be a curse in professional settings and especially if you are trying to find a job. 

The question isn’t just about Short Hair Vs. Long Hair: which is sexier, but also which is better suited according to your lifestyle and your office demands.

So, let us settle the short hair vs. long hair guys debate for once and for all!

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Short hair Vs Long hair: Which is better for men?

1. Individuality

Judging on the aspect of individuality, short hair has been considered more masculine for ages. Short hair can become a huge aspect of your individuality once you stick to a certain signature hairstyle and it becomes a part of your personal brand. 

Short Hair Vs Long Hair

Another advantage of short hair is that there are more options to consider in terms of hairstyles. You will never run out of hairstyles to choose from if you decide to keep your hair short. This wide range of options allows men to really embrace who they are and make their hair a part of their style. 

While it can be argued that traditionally short hair was considered more masculine in men, the same cannot be said anymore. Today, men are becoming more and more comfortable with their sexuality and they are not afraid to keep their hair long. 

And, when you come to think of it, long hair is the ultimate sign of individuality. It is a symbol of saying that you don’t conform to traditional gender norms and what society expects of you. 

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2. Attraction

Now we come to the question you were waiting for. Short hair vs. long hair: which is sexier? Studies in the past showed that women find short hair sexier than men. But, it can be argued that this was mainly because of the stereotypical view associated with men with long hair. 

Since times are changing now, long hair is considered to be more attractive in men. Think of all the Hollywood hotshots: Harry Styles, Jack Falahee, Johnny Depp, Dev Patel, Keanu Reeves, Timothee Chalamet, etc. All these men sport longer locks and at the same time are considered to be some of the most attractive names in the world. 

In addition, women like it when men take care of themselves. Having long hair means that you will have to take good care of it, make sure it’s clean, well-kept, and not messy. That way, it can be argued that long hair is considered more attractive in men. 

Men with long hair are seen to be more confident and bold as well. And, if there is anything women love in men, it is confidence. 

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3. Professionalism

This one is a no-brainer. Short hair is a sign of professionalism in the office. Walk into any career, be it sales, a law firm, a hedge fund, or the military, they will kick you out of the room if you have long hair. 

So, if you brand yourself as a career man, the short hair vs. long hair debate is settled for you. You should stick to short hair and neater hairstyles.

There are obviously some careers that don’t have a dress code and don’t have a problem with men who have long hair. These careers are more inclined towards the creative arts, or careers where the company culture is more laidback. For instance, if you are an IT guy at an avant-garde start-up, or a photographer, a director, an artist, etc., you can go for a long hair hairstyle. 

In fact, in some cases, having long hair can even add to your professional brand. It will make you stand out from others in a similar job and give you a distinct identity. 

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4. Upkeep and Care

Since we settled the short hair vs. long hair: which is a sexier debate, it is time to move onto the more important things. So, which one is easier to maintain?

The answer is simple. Unless you have serious hair woes, it doesn’t need much time or effort to take care of short hair. You don’t have to brush it, condition it, or go for expensive hairstyling treatments. Just apply some hair gel on your fingers, rub it in your hair, and you will be good to go.

Sadly, the same cannot be said about long hair. Long hair needs care and maintenance. You will have to spend a little longer in the shower, use more products, wash your hair more often, and even buy more expensive products. But, think of all the money you will be saving by not going to the barber every 3 weeks. 

With long hair, you will need to start taking better care of your hair and make sure it’s healthy. But, it can be totally worth it if you dig your look!

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5. Weather

This is one of the most important factors to consider in the short hair vs. long hair guys debate. Which is one is better suited for the summer season? The answer is pretty obvious. The advantages of short hair outweigh those of long hair when we take into account the aspect of weather.

A short hairstyle requires less maintenance and is also more comfortable during the hot weather. So, if you are considering the convenience factor, it is better to go for short hair. But, if you are sure you can maintain long hair, there’s no one stopping you!

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Short Hair Vs Long Hair

Which one is the winner? Short Hair Vs. Long Hair? Well, there is no clear cut winner because the matter is subjective. While some men may think short hair is easier to maintain and thus, the clear winner, others may argue that long hair is sexier. 

In the end, you should pick the length of your hair and the type of hairstyle according to your needs. And no matter what you do, carry it with confidence!