Styling your short hair with a well-groomed beard is certainly trending in the lists of cool and handsome men. When you groom your short hair with your facial hair, it surely makes you noticeable in a room full of other people. In addition, women find men with beards and short hair irresistibly lust-worthy and attractive. 

If you’re thinking of adopting a similar style for you, you’ve come to the right place. This article includes some of the attractive and unique short hair with beard style that you can experiment on yourself this year. 

10 Best short hair with beard style ideas :

1. Faux hawk with short sides and beard

This is one of the ideal short hair and beard hair combinations for round and small faces. The faux hawk hairstyle helps in elongating your face and taking the attention off of your cheeks. This makes your face look more rectangular in shape and slimmer. In addition, the beard, be it a stubble or a full-grown beard, provides an edgier look to your face. 

2. Buzz cut with a beard:

Buzz cuts have increasingly become the popular choice of young men, especially in the African American region. A buzz cut with a beard is one of the simple yet stunning short hair with beard ideas that will never fail to draw the attention of people towards you. 

3. Short Mohawk with a beard

Have you ever seen black men with short hair and beards? If yes, then you’ll know how 

fabulous and debonair this idea is. To rock this look, you can style a short Mohawk with a short or medium beard. Make sure to groom it regularly. If you go the extra mile, you can also keep a moustache, that will just serve as a cherry on top of the cake. 

4. Short sides with short back beard:

If you want a more professional and formal look to style your business-casual look in your office, then this is one of the top short hairs with beard style. However, maintaining the length of your sides and beard is strenuous than you think. It requires plenty of time, patience, effort and dedication. 

The idea behind styling this hairstyle with a beard for your formal and professional look is to showcase your responsible and organizational skills. Believe it or not, people, especially the ones who hold some form of responsibility, do pay attention to intricate details related to your general appearance. 

5. Short side-parted haircut with beard

This is one of the top hairstyles for men with beards which will turn eyeballs in your direction when you attend a professional or a formal party. You can groom your hair by tapering it to the side and maybe curl some of the locks from the top.

If you want to go the extra mile with this one, you can style the entire look with a moustache which will certainly give you retro vibes. 

6. Razor fade and box beard

Have you ever wondered if there is a middle haircut between the pompadour haircut which sometimes makes you look like a cartoonist and the old-fashioned goody-two-shoes side part? Well, fortunately, there is. This razor fade haircut with a boxed beard is often considered to be a hipster look.

This is one of those short hair with beard ideas that will help you balance your facial proportions and give you a striking balance between a punk rockstar and the office gentleman. 

7. Fringe up hairstyle with medium beard

If you want to get a sexy and cool appearance, then it is surely one of the ideal short hair and beard hair combinations. You can even curl those fringes and get a messy look. Imagine how stunning and irresistible you will look when you style it with a light beard or stubble!

However, if you want to up your beard game, you can certainly get the messy hairstyle look with a long beard. Make sure that you commit yourself to maintain and groom your beard. This includes regularly oiling, shampooing and conditioning it with the products that are strictly made for the beard. Using a scalp hair shampoo for your beard is not a good choice. 

8. Mohawk with ducktail beard

This is one of those hairstyles that you can match with a beard. To style this look perfectly, make sure that you shave the sides of your head and groom the Mohawk on your back. 

9. Tapered side with beard

Styling your beard with tapered sides and a long top is one of the popular choices among Indian men. This is one of the most stylish and trending hairstyles and beard combinations, however, it requires an equal amount of maintenance and care.

10. Buzz cut with a boxed beard

A  more decent and sophisticated version of razor fade and boxed beard is styling a buzz cut with a boxed beard. It’s low-maintenance, accentuates your facial features and gives you a cool, edgier look. What more could you ask for? This is the ideal choice for those who have square and rectangular faces.

These are some of the top short hair with beard styles that are trending in 2021. They are modern, forward-looking and almost all of them are low-maintenance. It’s time to cut the crap on your hair which you’ve been wearing since ages over and over again in the same manner. Try something new and exciting this year and you will thank yourself later. Or not!