She glances often, laughs at your jokes, and acts anxious around you? You don’t know whether she’s being a tease, being cordial, or is just uninterested? Want to know if there are any signs that a girl likes you? We’ve got you covered.

Here’s a list of the signs she secretly likes you:

1. Search for open non-verbal communication: 

This is perhaps one of the most obvious signs a girl likes you. When a girl likes you, she will face you. If a girl has her face turned towards you frequently, this means that she is sure interested in talking with you. 

If she has a shut body position, like crossed arms or legs, she may be bashful or apprehensive to talk to you or she may essentially be creating a barrier to signal that she isn’t interested. In case she is sitting with her legs crossed, watch her feet. If they are pointed towards you, it may mean that she likes you and wants to draw nearer to you.

Generally speaking, a girl will stand close to you and will have more relaxed non-verbal communication on the off chance that she feels comfortable around you — for example, she’ll have relaxed shoulders and she will not fold her arms, But, everybody’s personality and culture are unique, so don’t take it as a sign that she’s not into you if this isn’t the case.

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2. Pay attention to eye-to-eye contact:

If a girl likes you, she will in general either maintain eye contact with you for a couple of moments or glance down the second your eyes make contact with hers. Both of these reactions could mean that she likes you.

On the off chance that she pulls away rapidly, it regularly means she is anxious or not ready to reveal her actual expectations yet, yet she may in any case like you. One of the signs a girl likes you is that her pupils may dilate, however, this will be hard to tell.  

Notice on the off chance that she contacts you or attempts to draw nearer. If a girl likes you, she will regularly attempt to touch you, as this is a noticeable yet still unpretentious way to be a tease. It allows a girl to evaluate how responsive you are.

She may press on your arm when you say something clever, “accidentally” brush your shoulder or hands with hers, or delicately place her hand on your knee. 

Not all girls will get a handle on comfortable reaching utilizing contacts. In this case, don’t assume that she doesn’t care for you because she doesn’t attempt to touch you. She may be too anxious to even think about doing as such. On the off chance that you like her. 

She may also discover different reasons to contact you, for example, delicately punching your arm. These moves can be a daintily masked way of drawing nearer to you without it being excessively clear to your companions and hers. 

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3. Pay attention to whether she randomly embraces you: 
signs a girl likes you

This is one of the other signs a girl likes you. This is especially significant if her random embraces are saved for the most part for you. Embraces are a cordial, affectionate way of drawing nearer to you and contacting you without it necessarily bargaining her stealthy being tease abilities.

Return the gesture if you like her back, or delicately decline her embrace if you don’t want her to misunderstand the impression. 

4. Check whether she reflects your moves

On the off chance that a girl imitates you for example, if you run your fingers through your hair and you notice her do the same a couple of moments later, she may be subliminally reflecting your developments.  

5. Notice if she’s playing with her hair:

If a girl runs her fingers through her hair or brushes her hair back each once in a while, it tends to be an indication that she’s playing with you. 

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6. Search for signs of anxiety or squirming:

Signs a girl likes you, she will contact her lips, collarbone, or neck to draw your attention to these areas. She may even apply lipstick before you. 

7. Notice on the off chance that she grins around you:

This may be her way of signalling to you that she’s comfortable and happy in your quality. One of the signs a girl likes you, she may also laugh at your jokes (regardless of how interesting they are). 

8. Take setting into account:

The way you decipher a girl’s non-verbal communication will vary contingent upon the specific situation. For example, in case you’re talking one-on-one with a girl, her contacting your arm for a couple of moments could be viewed as being a tease.

In any case, if she rapidly taps your shoulder to borrow your time and disclose to you that your companion is searching for you, she may  be attempting to help, not tease. 

Having said that, on the off chance that she makes the eye to eye connection with you for an all-encompassing timeframe without talking, or on the off chance that she takes a gander at you and breaks away the moment you glance back at her, she may be charmed by you. 

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The most effective method to tell if she’s not interested 

On the off chance that you approach a woman and she will not make any eye to eye connection with you while you’re attempting to engage in considerate small talk, she’s not intrigued. If she gets distant from you, feigns exacerbation, yawns, or starts talking to another person, well chances are that she’s not attracted. 

Try not to assume she’s playing hard to get and don’t just assume you can sway her by talking yourself up or negging her or doing whatever other ridiculous method you read about from some blog entry written in 2009. It will not work, and you’ll just put on a show of being a desperate guy. Look out for the signs a girl likes you before jumping in.

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