If you are a rich and successful young man, kudos to you! But, your success comes with a major warning, especially when it comes to dating. Unfortunately, once you become wealthy, there are hundreds of people who will try to take advantage of you. And, how do you understand if the woman you are seeing likes you or just likes your money and is a gold digger?

A rich and successful lifestyle is all fun and games till people start clinging to you for money. When it comes to the dating scene, it can be difficult to figure out which girls are genuine and which ones are only after your money, and here for the expensive gifts.

But, don’t worry, we have come to the rescue! In today’s article, we have highlighted the major signs of a gold digger. Keep reading to look out for red flags and signs she is a gold digger!

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What is a gold digger? 

First and foremost, what is a gold digger? A gold digger is essentially someone who pursues a relationship with someone else solely for the intention of using that person’s wealth and money. Gold diggers don’t have honest or genuine romantic feelings and emotional connections to their partners. 

The only goal of a gold digger is to enter into a relationship with someone wealthy just to have access to the perks and money. It is usually a parasitic relationship.

However, it must be noted that this is the day and age of sexual equality. And, we are not playing into any stereotypes here. While the traditional picture paints the woman as the gold digger, men can be gold diggers too preying on wealthy and successful women. And, of course, in all fairness, gold diggers exist in non-binary relationships too. 

On that note, let us discuss some of the major warning signs of a gold digger. 

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7 Signs she is a gold digger

Here are 7 signs she is a gold digger:

  1. She asks to go somewhere fancy and expensive on the first date

Nine out of Ten times gold diggers won’t even bother going on a date unless it is a fancy and expensive place. While some people may play it off as being “romantic” going to a fancy restaurant on the first date, it is a test to see how rich the target is. 

If the restaurant she chooses is expensive to the level that it should only be reserved for special occasions like an anniversary or any milestone achievement, there is a huge possibility that it is one of the signs she is a gold digger. 

  1. She asks about your wealth and career on the first dat. 

First dates are supposed to be exciting as it allows both the partners to get to know each other and to find out interesting things. But, the first date can be crucial in determining signs she is a gold digger. 

If she asks you questions about your career, concerning how lucrative it is, what car you drive, or the last place you vacationed in, most chances are these are signs of a gold digger. These are some of the clues you should look for. However, don’t mistake a woman who is genuinely interested in hearing about your career for being a gold digger. 

  1. She refuses to pay for anything

Most men indeed believe that paying for your date when you go out is the gentlemanly thing to do, but if your girl never even offers to pay can be concerning. Gold diggers always expect their wealthy partners to cover all expenses of the date. 

They might even insist that it is the man’s job to pay the bill. Relationships should be given and taken. And, if your girl never treats you once in a while or offers to pay the bill, these are the signs of a gold digger. 

  1. She only asks for and appreciates expensive gifts 

The idea of a thoughtful gift can be anything genuine like a handmade card or a simple bouquet; it doesn’t always have to include expensive gifts. However, such thoughtful gestures have no value for a gold digger. 

Gold diggers only ask for and value expensive gifts, If your significant other asks for expensive gifts around occasions, it might be time to assess if she likes you for who you are or likes your money.

Even if you can afford it, you shouldn’t gift your girlfriend of six weeks a diamond ring. 

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  1. She uses her looks to get things

Typically, gold diggers are young and attractive women. You will rarely find a gold digger in her late 40’s. And, young attractive women who know that they are hot often tend to use their looks to get things from people. If your girl flirts with the bartender for a free drink, it isn’t a good sign. 

  1. Her friends are gold diggers

You can say a lot about people by the company they choose to keep. And a girl’s friends say a lot about her personality. So, before getting serious with a girl who you suspect may be a gold digger, meet her girl pals.

 A gold digger usually hangs out with other girl diggers. So, if you spend an evening with your girl and her friends, and they talk about nothing except how much their boyfriends own, clothes they wear, etc. these are signs she is a gold digger. 

  1. She is obsessed with status 

Gold diggers are gold diggers because their ultimate goal is to be acceptable and high-position in society. They believe that money will bring them power, recognition, and status. Gold diggers are obsessed with status and are generally distasteful of people who have a low status in society. For example, you can say a lot about a woman by the way she treats homeless people. If she stops and gives the person a couple of bucks, she is a keeper, and if she dismisses them like dirt, signs are she is a gold digger. 

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These were some of the major signs of a gold digger. Before pursuing a relationship, always look out for these signs. Try to confirm if your partner only likes your money or genuinely likes you as a person. 

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