From professional athletes to fashion influencers, sneakers have become the most staple footwear and one of the essential shoes for men which help you to make a style statement wherever you go. What’s interesting is that these sneakers are used now more as a way of expressing oneself than just adopting a casual look. This article will help you get the best sneaker look with various sneaker styles for men.

Be that as it may, you’ll only be able to rock this look when you know the real style of wearing sneakers. Believe it or not, many men just wear sneakers with anything. If you wear it like this, you are probably ruining the entire look. Therefore, matching your sneakers with your entire look is extremely necessary, if you want to make an overall good impression.


How to get the best sneaker look?

1. Sports sneakers

These classic sports sneakers were probably the vanguards in starting the revolution of the sneakers that you wear today. These authentic sneakers for men are available in a variety of colours. It might make it difficult for you to choose, but you just need to choose the right colour that matches your personality and voila! You’re done. 

Sneaker Styles For Men

You can dress these stylish sneakers in basic denim, t-shirts and jackets. You can also pair them with chino shorts which will look debonair in summer. Whatever you match your sneakers with, make sure that you do not look too out-of-the-box. That’ll just draw everyone’s attention for all the wrong reasons. Try to maintain balance with the colour and style. 

2. The basic chucks

These basic sneakers are the most flexible, versatile and essential shoes for men which you can certainly style with any casual look. If you want, you can also style them with formal wear, to create a more business-casual look. 

However, you can only experiment with the business-casual, when you are holding a high position or you’ve been working in the company for a while. Don’t wear them for your interview. It will create a wrong impression on the minds of the people. 

With that said, you can style these ultra-modern and chic sneakers with denim, chinos, shorts, pretty much anything casual. However, make sure that you maintain balance with the colour and style.

3. Designer sneakers

These are the elite and the high-end ones which will definitely skyrocket your budget for casual footwear. However, as it turns out, they are worth it. The best way to style them is to wear body-fitting denim and loose shirts so that appropriate attention is given to them. Well, these expensive little things deserve attention!

If you want, you can also experiment wearing sneakers with long and thick blazers which will make you look more chic and edgy. The sneakers will add more playfulness to the look. 

4. High Tech sneakers

Out of the entire lot, these sneakers are the most ultra-modern sneakers which suit best with loose and long fitting. Make sure that you wear clothes that are dark in colour such as black. Such colours will help you draw attention to these stylish sneakers. A monochrome attire will also work best with them. 

5. Luxury sneakers

These sneakers are an elite version of the basic ones which will work best if you want to style a business casual look. They can also help you reflect your style and become a status symbol. You can style luxury sneakers with chinos, tight-fit denim, trousers, etc.

You can wear polo t-shirts, basic t-shirts to match your bottoms. If you want a more business-casual look, you can wear a tight-fitting shirt, a small tie and a blazer and pair it with these stylish shoes. 

Make sure that you abstain from wearing shorts with these sneakers as they will end up stealing the thunder. As these shoes are bulky in design, you don’t want to draw attention for the wrong reasons.

6. Modern sport sneakers

Out of the lot, these are a bit too risky to wear. Pair it with tracksuit pants, thinking they are just casual sneakers, and you might ruin your whole look. Avoid wearing too much sportive or athletic wear. These sneakers might look a bit too gaudy and out of the place. 

Avoid wearing loose-fitting denim with them. They never went well together in the first place. 

These are some of the different sneaker styles for men which can be rocked with due diligence and carefulness. 

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Basic rules to rock different sneaker styles for men

1. Wear the sneakers on the right occasion

This is one of the best rules for looking smart in sneakers, but unfortunately, this is also the one that is highly avoided. Although sneakers are extremely versatile and stylish, you cannot wear them on all occasions. Try to style them with casual outfits and casual meet-ups. These shoes cannot replace dress shoes, no matter how comfortable and chic they are. 

Sneaker Styles For Men

Sneakers can only be worn on casual occasions. They cannot be worn during weddings or important formal events. You don’t want to seem underdressed or even rude to them. 

2. Make sure they are squeaky clean

No matter how stylishly modern and expensive these little things are, you cannot rock them if they are not squeaky clean. These shoes require proper maintenance which includes washing them every weekend and brushing the outsoles using appropriate equipment. 

White sneakers are largely in style today, however, they are a bit hard to maintain. So, if you have them, make sure that they remain white for a while. 

These are some of the golden rules that you need to keep in mind while styling different sneaker styles for men. Just keep the balance of colour and clothes in mind and everything else will turn out to be in your favour!