Binge-watching is the practice of consuming large amounts of television or other entertainment content in a short period. The act of consuming television in this fashion is called binge-watching television. It is a type of consumption that is easy to do on a computer or mobile device but can be difficult when applied to a more traditional form of media like film or books.

Binge-watching a TV show or movie can be an addiction like gambling or internet use. You can start watching an episode of Breaking Bad without breaking the law but if you start doing drugs or alcohol while watching this series then you are in trouble. 

So, if you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom with your streaming service addiction and are looking to stop binge-watching, here are a few helpful tips that can help you overcome this addiction.

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Is binge-watching bad?

Eating something sweet before bed is a habit some people have. However, binge-watching television or movies can have negative effects on your health. It’s best to choose episodes carefully so you won’t end up feeling nauseous or upset overnight. 

And, if you do find yourself watching things repeatedly, try turning off your computer, TV, or device for an hour before going to bed so you can reflect on what you’ve seen or done. It is easy to get caught up in the binge-watching culture and what it represents. 

Binge-watching is bad for your health because it shortens your lifespan. It’s also bad for business because it diminishes morale. Every time you binge-watch TV, you waste time that could be used for doing other things. 

Think about it: you’re sacrificing the time that could be spent researching products or planning your next move. Instead, you’re watching something that someone else made, and probably even less worth it than it might be due to it.

It’s also bad for business because it poisons the workplace, substituting teamwork with call-center drama. Every episode you binge-watch is an hour you’re not performing research or otherwise advancing your career. Instead, you’re watching something that someone else made, and possibly less worth it than it seems due to its spoiling of other potentially better content.

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Here are the tips that can help with your binge-watching addiction

1. Try to savor your shows

Similar to eating your favorite food, consuming small portions in small intervals will increase the overall satisfaction when compared with finishing the whole thing in one go.

2. Do not purge-watch

Most people like to only binge-watch shows they’re really into. It’s easy to get wrapped up in purge-watching your favorite Netflix series or movie, but when you do, it’s easy to lose track of time. You may not notice what’s going on around you and may miss out on so much that is happening.

3. Have a break once in a while

Taking a break from the show at the spots which do not leave you in suspense can help you focus on other important things and is a big step towards getting over the binge-watching addiction.

4. Turn off the autoplay feature

By disabling the autoplay feature in the settings, you’ll be given a natural break and forced to actively decide if you want to continue watching and can ultimately help you stop binge-watching. Try to take frequent breaks from the allure of TV. Practice “conscious consumption” by focusing your attention on what’s going on around you. Be mindful that there is more to life than a TV show or newspaper article.

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5. Incorporate a fitness plan into shows you watch obsessively 

You can probably do some push-ups or sit-ups every time someone dies in an action movie, or the scene makes you laugh or cry in a comedy or romantic movie respectively, the motivational possibilities are endless. 

6. Allot yourself a specific amount of viewing time and stick to it

It is easy to get engulfed in the never-ending sea of information and entertainment options at our fingertips. We can get lost in social media, TV shows, movies, and books when we feel overwhelmed by life. 

Despite the distractions, you can still make time for yourself. It’s best to dedicate a specific amount of time to watch your favorite series. This, however, needs active participation from your side to not ignore the notification completely.

7. Use your favorite shows as a reward system

The urge to purge-watch can be significant, especially in cases of thrillers and action series. It is suggested to watch episodes as a reward for doing something productive, say your homework, or other activities. Not only will you complete your favorite series, but you’ll also perform all the tasks you’re expected to.

Final word

Binge-watching is great. It’s the best way to catch up on a series and you can feel so satisfied when you finish an entire season. But binge-watching isn’t always appropriate or healthy. If you find yourself binge-watching TV regularly, you’re not doing your health any favors. 

It’s easy to get sucked into a Netflix binge when life gets overwhelming. We become so immersed in a TV show, movie, or book that we fail to notice our surroundings. It’s easy to get caught up in the storyline of a program or 24-hour news cycle because it’s so fascinating to us, even when it isn’t relevant or relevant in the greater scheme of things.

You could also be missing out on other opportunities in life. Always make sure you’re staying on top of business matters and your personal life. Remember that if these shows are getting between your overall happiness and performance,  you should try these tips to stop binge-watching.

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