You always have that one friend in your group who denies every plan by saying, ‘My father won’t allow it.’

Be it from a simple get-together to a trip, you would have to help that friend with a plethora of excuses to convince his strict desi father.

If you are the child of a strict desi father, you know the drill all too well. Convincing your father for a meeting was equal to going on a mission. You would have to prepare mental notes, get the help of your mother or your siblings to convince him. Sometimes, you got the much-needed nod, but most of the time, you were still denied. 

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If you still don’t know what a strict desi father is, here is the list of characteristics that will ring true if you are living with one

strict desi father
1.You need to be home early

Now, this is one of the most common parents’ restrictions that is often frustrating for a child. When you have just warmed up to your friends in a get-together, your dad calls you to be home ASAP. The level of embarrassment and FOMO is skyrocketing inside you but you are also helpless because he is your father (even if you wished he wasn’t ;)). So, you apologize to your friends even after enduring their savage jabs and run back home. 

However, if you dare to become smarty pants and not pick up your father’s call, you have to be ready for Judgement Day. Not only that, things are much worse, if you mistakenly put your phone on silent. Hell would break loose and your parents would then gradually start to call all your friends and their parents.

2. No last-minute plans

Here’s the thing with children who have strict parents. To convince their parents to allow them to go to a restaurant with their friends, they will have to prepare for them a week ( or month, depending on your strictness level) before the meet. As a child, you do not have the liberty to agree to a last-minute plan. You can try it for yourself.

And the thing with preparing your parents for the get-together you so want to go next week is also not easy. In addition to casually grinding it in their minds, a child growing up in a strict environment will have to adhere to all the house rules and come home early before the curfew time. Basically, play the role of a ‘sanskari beta’. 

3. There is no such thing as a sleepovers

Staying out of the house for one whole night?!! That’s like a crime in the parents’ law book. No matter how hard your friends try to convince your parents, you know that it’s a sinking ship and they will remain staunch on their decision.

4. What is dating, Eh?

Dating and having a girlfriend or boyfriend is not in your ‘sanskar’. So, as a child of strict ‘sanskari’ parents, you better not be dating somebody. And if you are, it’s only a matter of time before they find out and you have to break up with your partner.

Now that you have got a fairly good idea of who a strict desi father is if you haven’t already had one, here’s a list of Bollywood dads that reminds you of yours. 

strict desi father

5 Bollywood fathers who remind you of strict desi fathers

1.Nandkishore Awasthi from Taare Zameen Par

If your father does not compare you to your academically bright cousin or sibling, is he even a strict desi father? Believe it or not, a strict father would always want his son to come first in everything he does. And sometimes that can come at the cost of a good parent and child relationship. That’s exactly what happened in the movie. 


2. Mr. Qureshi from 3 Idiots

There was a reason why characters in the movie called Farhan’s dad Hitler Qureshi. His father had so high expectations of his son’s career and his life, that he stopped being a supportive parent and refused to acknowledge his son’s passion for wildlife photography. Moreover, he hated the words, ‘passion, creativity and wildlife photography.’ However, Farhan did get lucky in the end, thanks to Rancho, but in reality, very few are fortunate.

3. Gurtej Singh Kahlon from Patiala House

This NRI dad, Gurtej Singh Kahlon, compelled everyone to follow the strict house rules. Not only that, but his passion for his country, overpowered his love towards his children and their choices. 

4. Narayan Shankar from Mohabbatein

When you are raised in a stringent environment, sooner or later, you learn to adjust to it. Instead of saving the name of the opposite sex in your phone, you save it by the name of your sex. 

Now, this is what it feels like to be raised by Narayan Shankar. No matter what you do or how meticulously you find a loophole to dupe him, he will always bust your plans or catch you red-handed. 

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5. Mahavir Singh Phogat from Dangal
strict desi father

Okay, so not all strict desi fathers ruin your life. Some like Mahavir Singh Phogat also help you win gold medals. But then again, winning that gold medal was his dream initially. 

Be that as it may, he still forced his girls Geeta and Babita to wake up at 5 AM without any argument. 

These are some of the strict desi fathers with high parenting goals in Bollywood films. The most annoying thing about them is that their words are Gospel Truth and as a person who is still very young at age, is required to follow them if they want to have a successful life. 

As a child raised in a strict environment, you know that there is no such thing as healthy discussions or negotiations. You are expected to follow their path. Now, this is extremely pressurizing and it often creates a negative impact on children. 

Therefore, if you are a parent reading this article, you need to consider what type of parenting strategies have you been applying to raise your child. However, if you are a grown adult, living with strict parents, make sure you approach your friends or your siblings and get the help you need. 

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