Stripe T-Shirt Outfit Of The Day is the latest Instagram trend bandwagon that you should hop on! Striped T-shirts go way back, they are a wardrobe staple and nothing can go wrong with it. 

Stripes have been a popular trend for as long as one can remember. To date, they are one of the most sought-after prints in men’s fashion. Not to forget, they are pretty laidback and extremely easy to style. 

But what is so great about a basic black and white strip t-shirt. It is definitely the subtlety of the style. The striped look isn’t too boring and isn’t too gaudy either. Besides, they are super versatile. A simple Fremont drag strip t-shirt can be styled in a multitude of ways. 

In addition, striped t-shirts make a safe bet for those who aren’t the biggest fan of solid tees or Polo tees. So, without further ado, let us explore some Stripe T-Shirt Outfit Of The Day looks!

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Stripe T-shirt outfit of the day: 10 Looks 

1. Layered stripes look

The celebrated Runaway “Crossed Lines” has inspired mainstream fashion, and men are increasingly going for this look. So, take inspiration from the catwalk and layer your stripes. The Crossed Lines style is high-fashion and can go wrong if you don’t layer properly. Therefore, pay attention!

Layer your black and white strip t-shirt with a striped shirt for the perfect high-fashion Runaway look. Keep your bottoms simple with dark solid colour chinos, preferably in navy blue or black. For shoes, go for classic Vans or low-top Converse. Of course, you are free to accessorise this look but don’t go too overboard. Keep things simple and let your stripes do the talking! 

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2.College freshmen look 

Stripe T-shirt Outfit Of The Day screams college. Pair your old matty comic strip t-shirt with beige or olive chinos and a denim jacket. This striped tee look feels like home. It is a comfortable look and perfect for when you are running around campus to attend classes. Don’t forget your plain white sneakers to pull the look together. 

And, if you want to elevate the trendy factor, swap your chinos for modern cargo pants. 

3.A simple yet chic Look 

This look is perfect for the sweater weather. Wear this during the transition season when it is too warm to wear a sweater but too chilly to just wear a t-shirt. Pair your striped t-shirt with plain black jeans and layer a black or navy blue jacket on top. To make this look more trendy, go for olive green shoes and a brown wristwatch. 

A perfect look, this one is devious in its simplicity. You can never go wrong with dark colours on the top and bottom.

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4. Down to business look

Who said you can’t wear your striped t-shirt for a formal or business casual look? For this business casual look, swap your office shirt and tie for a minimalistic striped t-shirt. Make sure you pick the trousers and the blazer from the same suit to maintain uniformity. For shoes, go for white trainers. 

5. Printed shirt look

Everyone loves layering. And, why shouldn’t they? It is simply the best fashion trend ever! For this Stripe T-Shirt Outfit Of The Day Look, wear your striped t-shirt with navy blue or white chinos and layer it with a bright printed shirt. A fresh look, this one is not for everyone. If you are bold and in the mood for experimenting, this is the look for you. For shoes, keep it simple with white trainers. 

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6. Classic stripe-tshirt look

This is the look that made Harry Styles famous. To keep things simple, this look is perfect for first dates, grabbing a beer with the boys, or meeting your girlfriend’s friends. Pair your classic Fremont Drag Strip t-shirt with a pair of your trusty black skinny jeans. For shoes, keep it classy with black oxfords and you are good to go! 

7. Trench coat look

A basic striped t-shirt look can be elevated from drab to fab with just a trench coat. For a smart look, pair your old matty comic strip t-shirt with your favourite pair of blue denim and a statement beige trench coat. Keep the shoes sophisticated with a pair of timeless Oxfords. 

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8. Soccer sunday look

For the ultimate Soccer Sunday Stripe T-Shirt Outfit Of The Day look, pair your favourite striped t-shirt with neutral coloured cargo shorts and grey sneakers. Don’t forget to accessorize this look with a denim trucker hat and some hipster black wristbands. 

9. Travel look

This striped t-shirt look is the ideal airport outfit. This time, we are swapping the basic neutral-coloured chinos in beige with a utility 5-pocket pant. Wear your most comfortable striped t-shirt with it and for shoes, keep it basic with solid blue vans or sneakers. You can also wear a brown leather belt if you like. 

Since this is an airport look, don’t forget your trusty travel companion, the Herschel backpack. And, to make sure that you are on time, wear your Rolex wristwatch. 

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10. Retro reference look

Last but not least, we have the retro look that involves Stripe T-Shirt Outfit Of The Day. This is our take on the Chanel James Dean style with a dash of the past. A classy yet incredibly sexy outfit, wear the same t-shirt as before with dark beige chinos, a black bomber jacket, and brown Oxfords or loafers. 

To pull the look together, accessorise with your favourite wristwatch and a simple silver chain around your neck. If you want to make this look more professional and office-worthy, carry your brown briefcase. Just make sure that the colour of the briefcase matches the colour of your oxford shoes.