The greatest and the most fun part of the winter season is the opportunity to play with the layers and look classy. If you’re into clothes, then you’ll certainly understand the joy of it. One of the most essential parts of layering when it comes to the winter season is an oversized cashmere male blanket scarf. If you don’t have this as a part of your winter collection, then sorry to say, your collection is not complete. 

Wearing a men’s blanket scarf can be a final touch to your entire outfit which makes it look put-together and chic, especially when it is paired with a winter coat or a cardigan. Therefore, it’s important to style the blanket scarf correctly to look effortless and fashionable. If you’re wondering how to do it, this article will aid you with all the details.  

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Men’s blanket scarf: How to wear and style with different pieces of clothing

1. Blanket scarf with men’s suit:

A suit is certainly a must-have in your wardrobe. It adds to your confidence and makes you look debonair. However, if you’re surrounded by people who are wearing suits, you may not be able to make an indelible first impression in the minds of people you interact with. Therefore, for that, you might need to add a personal touch. A cashmere blanket scarf is just one of the ways to do so. 

The way you style your scarf depends upon the situation you’re in at the moment. If you need to wear the scarf for professional reasons, then you must keep the wrap understated. This can be achieved by choosing a neutral or basic tone that will not attract undue attention from the people.

How to style:

For a suit, you need the scarf to be designed in an overhand tie style. Here’s how:

  • Start by draping the winter scarf around your neck and keep one end longer than the other one
  • Similar to tying a necktie, wrap the long end around the short end and voila, here’s your office men’s blanket scarf ready.
2. Male blanket scarf and leather jacket:

A leather jacket and a cashmere blanket scarf? It might sound weird at first, but have faith in us because this look is one of the best blanket scarf looks. The softness of the scarf balances the ruggedness of the jacket, especially when the scarf is worn in a Parisian knot. 

If your leather jacket is in the darker shade, then you might want to opt for lighter colours for your scarf. For instance, for a black leather jacket, you can pair a charcoal grey cashmere oversized scarf.

How to style it:

  • Fold a large men’s blanket scarf in half and then drape it around your neck. 
  • Now, take these two loose ends and wrap them back through the loop.
3. Blanket scarf and a denim jacket:

If a leather jacket is too tacky for you, then you always have a denim jacket to rock the casual vibe. You can always style a denim jacket with the staple white tee. However, when the temperature dips, you can style a cashmere blanket scarf which will elevate your entire casual look. 

You must be careful when it comes to striking the contrasting colours among the jacket, t-shirt and scarf. For instance, if you’re wearing a dark blue denim jacket, combined with a simple white t-shirt, then a silver-grey cashmere scarf will work wonders.

How to style it:

  • For this look, a short men’s blanket scarf will also work. 
  • Make sure that while you’re styling, your denim jacket shouldn’t be too tacky or too simple. It should be the right amount of casual. 
  • Now, start draping the scarf evenly around your neck with one end over the other. This will mismatched lengths on both the sides
4. Male blanket scarf and a gilet:

More often than not, when the temperature plummets, people have to compromise with the style. Not anymore! Styling a gilet with a men’s blanket scarf is a smart, subtle style that adds an extra touch to the outfit. By adding a blanket scarf with the gilet, makes the look more vibrant and luring. 

How to style it:

  • With the gilet, you can wear the scarf in a Parisian knot. For this, as mentioned above, you must fold the scarf in half and hang it loosely around your neck. 
  • Next, insert the loose ends back through the loop and secure the knot loosely.

Pro tip: If you want more inspiration, follow the Italian fashion for colour matching the cashmere scarf. You can also tie it in a wrap-and-tuck style which will add a bit of ruggedness to the outfit. 

5. Blanket scarf and a coat:

Wearing a blanket scarf with a coat is similar to walking on the edge of the cliff. Don’t believe it? Just recall Lenny Kravitz’s giant scarf moment.

You must understand that when it comes to a scarf, one should always choose lightweight material. If possible, avoid any sort of embellishments and bright colours. Neutral or pastel colours work with almost every piece of clothing you wear. 

In addition, when it comes to styling a scarf with an overcoat, you need to pay attention to the cut of your coat and the kind of style you want to achieve in the end. For instance, you might not want to style a casual knot with a coat as it will dial down the professional look of the attire. 

Here’s how to style it perfectly:

  • For styling the blanket scarf with the coat impeccably, you must roll the scarf from its width. In this way, you’re keeping it as narrow as possible
  • Once that’s done, you must drape the scarf around your neck in such a way that one end is longer than the other. 
  • Now, take the longer end and wrap it around the shorter end, followed by threading it up the back 

The above-mentioned are some of the best ways to style a male’s blanket scarf in the winter weather. Amazon’s men’s blanket scarf is highly reliable and available in high-end quality. So, make sure that you check them out to keep your winter warm and comfortable

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