Following the fashion influencers on Instagram and keeping oneself updated on the daily fashion trends is just not enough if you want your fashion sense to be classy. You need to also watch out for those sexy, chain-smoking badasses on television who, from their underworld mafia meetings to professional conferences, get their outfits well donned.

So, without any further adieu, check out some of the famous style icons of the fictional world who are hated by many but liked by a few; whose contribution is not only limited to fighting cases in the court or keeping someone under observation. They are men of style and taste, and nobody could hate them.

13 Most popular style icons from television

1. Ari Gold from The Entourage

Ari Gold is a Hollywood super-agent who has got money and looks to make him the most endearing of all the agents. His style is not more or less than a classic American businessman with three-piece double-breasted blue suits with a tint of Italian style and tone. Vacca, Prada, and Politix are the brands that he wore throughout the series.

2. John Luther from Luther

John Luther is recognized for his classic style of pairing a red tie and long coat with dark bottoms-up and grey suit pants. Imagine how mysterious he would look when he matches his signature style with his intense, observational skills. No wonder why he is characterized as a possessed and obsessive police officer who is dedicated to his work.

When it comes to brands, Paul Smith, Ralph Lauren and Politix are the major propagators.

3. Patrick Jane from The Mentalist

When Patrick Jane mixes his brilliant, sharp mind with his sense of style which covers a three-piece suit, trousers, a vest, and jacket, women just cannot resist him. These suits are in the perfect shades of black, grey, and baby blue belonging to Homme, Mr. Porter, and Politix.

4. Chuck Bass from The Gossip Girl

His signature style is nothing more than overcoats, accessories, and three-piece suits. Then why is he so endearing, you might ask? Well, the combination of this sense of style with his attractive personality makes it irresistible.  

If you have a good personality, but you lack his sense of fashion, then just scroll through J.Press, Martin Greenfield. Jos. A. Bank, Kiton, Robert Graham, Brioni, Brooks Brothers, Hugo Boss, and Thomas Pink.

5. Hannibal Lecter from Hannibal

Who can forget Hannibal? What makes this man so indelible besides the fact that he is a cannibal is his unmatched elegance when he dresses. His crisp suits accompanied with matching accessories and colors make him the best style fashion icon of the fictional world, hands down. The brands that he wore were Gentleman’s Gazette which includes everything from his dinner suits, ties to his silk pocket squares.

6. Matt Bomer from The Last Tycoon

A classic of a workaholic who is running away from his wife’s death by overworking himself. But this man, living in the 1930s, never misses a chance to attract women by fashion sense which includes wearing wide-legged trousers, fedoras, vintage pajamas, and bowties. If you want to do the same, just check Guess, Mr. Porter, and MJ Bale.

7. Harvey Spectre from Suits

When it comes to the most popular characters from television who are also style fashion icons, it is not possible to leave Harvey Spectre out of the discussion. Turns out that an immensely successful New York corporate lawyer does not only carry temper issues. But he also has some suave and debonair attitude which is often accompanied by his impossibly slick, crisp cut of his suits.

If you want to be anything like him, do not forget to check out some of the brands such as Canali and Hugo Boss.

8. The Doctor from Doctor Who

This Doctor does not only change his face every few seasons but also changes his wardrobe. From long thick coats for hiding gadgets to a variety of woven wools, the Doctor has every sense of fashion. The brands favored were Reiss, Jon Smedley, Herringbone, Barber, Dr. Martin, and Crombie.

9. Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother

It seems that Barney took his catchphrase ‘Suit Up’ way too seriously. From crisp clean suits, double-button jackets, pleated pants to cuffs, his confidence is exuded from his fashion. He wears nothing except Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, and Herringbone.

10. Mr. Big from Sex and the City

Sex and the City is so much more about sex and the cities. If anything, it is about fashion and no one would deny it. When it comes to Mr. Big, it is all about mixing large coats with loose-fitting Italian suits made by Zegna, Brooks Brothers, or Dsquared2.   

11. Tommy Shelby from Peaky Blinders

Tommy Shelby is known to everybody for his amazing sharp mind that cannot be compared, the razor blades that hide in the peak of his flat cap, and his strange accent that everybody secretly loves.

Apart from these peculiarities, he is also known to be one of the amazing style icons who dons the perfect clothing to match his personality in the 1920s. All of the clothing in the television series was done by the costume designer called Stephanie Collie. However, if you want to get a deeper insight into the fashion style of Shelby you can search for Hudson, Herringbone, and Victor Valentine.

12. Enoch Thompson from Boardwalk Empire

Enoch Thompson, besides his dual personality of a politician by day and gangster by night, is an extremely attractive person due to his flamboyant fashion sense. His style covers fedoras, lapel pins, pocket watches which are very authentic for a politician to wear in the 1920s.

The favorite brands favored in the show were Topman, World of Watches, and Goorin.

13. Spencer Strasmore from Ballers

Spencer Strasmore has a light sunny wardrobe that makes you think like you are in Miami. His well-fitted suits, those irresistible shoes, vests, and body shirts cannot be resisted at any cost. Magnanni, Under Armour, and Dita Sunglasses, have suited him well.

These are some of the popular style icons of the television world who will help you develop a keen eye to look out for fashion and bolster your fashion sense.