In the realm of menswear, a men’s navy blazer is a must-have. It’s not only stylish, but it’s also one of the most versatile pieces in menswear, bridging the gap between smart and casual. For good cause, it’s the second instalment in our Essential Men’s Style Series. It’s a highly adaptable piece that looks well with everything from formal suits to slim-fit dark-wash denim and a plain t-shirt.

What we currently refer to as the men’s “navy” blazer began out as a red blazer. Members of the Lady Margaret Boat Club, the name of St. John’s College rowing club in Cambridge, donned red jackets when they arrived in 1825. The majority of guys get on the blue blazer bandwagon early in their fashion adventure. A slim-cut men’s navy blazer is one of the most important fashions for any well-dressed man, alongside dark wash trousers.

The blazer became often worn in clubs as a sign of membership. Men wore blazers not just to watch athletic events, but also to participate in sports like cricket and tennis. Believe it or not, there were men’s navy blazers for the military. Blazers and sport coats come in a variety of colors, patterns, and stripes. Today, a knowledgeable and fashionable man who understands the significance of style wears a navy blue blazer as a staple.

Before looking at ways to style a men’s navy blazer, it is important to differentiate between a blazer and a suit jacket as men often confuse the two. Both jackets are available in single-breasted (2 or 3 buttons) and double-breasted (6 buttons) styles, and they share a lot of the same features.

The thing that sets the navy blazer apart is that the navy blue blazer is a stand-alone item that does not include a pair of matching pants. This makes the blazer a great match for various pieces of apparel and accessories. The navy blazer is inspired by the naval reefer jacket. This double-breasted jacket was first worn by sailors in bad weather to conduct reefing chores while sailing. The impact of the nautical profession on the navy blue blazer may still be seen today.

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Mentioned below are ways how to style a men’s navy blazer- 

1. The springtime fresh look-

The first look is basic, fresh, and classic—with a few changes to make it more casual. One approach to tone down a blue blazer is to pair it with a denim shirt, and another option is to pair it with white denim. They may also be worn with white jeans for a more casual look than chinos. They’re still sporty, but they’re more dressy than a pair with a medium or light wash. Classic Clubmaster sunglasses give a complete look, and a polka dot pocket.

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2. The classic look-

With more or less the ‘menswear uniform’ of a blue blazer, white shirt, and medium-grey pants for outfit number two, we’re keeping it quite basic and extremely simple. You could easily dress it up a little with a tie, but it is usually wanted to be more casual.

Penny loafers are a great model for this style, and they’re a touch more streamlined than smooth leather tassel loafers would be. A white pocket square keeps things simple and tidy.

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3. The Casual Look-

One of the best things about owning a blue blazer is how simple it is to pair it with jeans. To keep the look casual, simple rugged black jeans will look great with this men’s navy blue blazer. 

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A pink shirt under the navy blue blazer will accentuate the look. The pink shirt provides a pop of color to the outfit without being too overpowering. A hat (or perhaps a wool ball cap) may be a good touch to make the appearance a bit sportier.

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During the summers, you can also take inspiration from the springtime trends above for this summer, but amp it up a notch. Belts, watches, pocket squares, sunglasses, and a tie bar are examples of additional accessories. You may also use brighter colors such as white, yellow, or red.

The fact that it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t look smart in a men’s navy blazer. There’s much you can do to sport the blue blazer in elegance, from camel topcoats to lightweight vests, and winter accessories like scarves and caps to turtlenecks and cardigan sweaters. So, for the winter season, when it’s chilly outdoors and all you want to do is remain warm, wearing heavy layers and covering your neck is one of the finest methods to do so. A beige turtleneck, often known as a roll-neck sweater, is featured in this winter ensemble. Finally, apply a topcoat or peacoat of your choosing to complete the look. The elegance of this ensemble lies in its simplicity. And when it comes to menswear, less is more. You may, of course, boot up if you like, as this is more suited for the chilly weather.

The interchangeability of a men’s navy blazer is one of its greatest features. If you find one with the correct fabric weight, it can be worn all year round. For the spring season, the navy blazer was tailor-made. You may use one of my favorite styles, a high-low approach, in which formal items are mixed with more casual ones.

For a casual yet sophisticated look, combine the navy blazer with a light wash or classic wash trousers, a light blue button-up shirt, and a necktie and clean, white pocket square. If you don’t want to wear a tie, opt for khaki trousers and tan chukkas instead of jeans for a more relaxed but still polished look.