Whenever it comes to shoes, comfort is the first thing any man or woman would seek. No matter how stylish or expensive the shoes are, if they’re not comfortable enough, chances are extremely low for the person to purchase them. 

Due to the increasing traction, the importance of the comfort factor has increased post-pandemic, this has led to men’s slip-on shoes gaining popularity in the market. If you’re thinking of buying them, here’s an ultimate guide on how to style men’s slip-on dress shoes. 

Let’s dive in!

What are the key things to consider while shopping for men’s slip-on shoes?

1. Fit

The fit of the shoes precedes comfort. Therefore, make sure that whenever you’re going out to purchase these shoes, you give equal importance to fit. You don’t want to squish your toes and delimit all the blood circulation just because they are stylish and extremely expensive. 

2. Fabric

The next thing that you should consider while buying men’s slip-on sneakers is the quality of the fabric used. More often than not, sneakers are extremely stylish and contain some intricate details. However, just after a few months of its usage, the quality of the fabric deteriorates and it starts wearing and tearing. Therefore, spending thousands of bucks on shoes that do not last for even a few months is not prudent. 

3. Soles

Needless to mention, if the foundation of any house is weak, the house is bound to crumble during a natural calamity. Similarly, the soles of the shoes are equivalent to the foundation of a house. If they are not sturdy and strong enough to support your feet, your feet will get exhausted rapidly and the money you spent on those shoes will go in vain. 

In addition, you don’t want to buy shoes whose soles sink in or which are so strong that it hurts your feet. As mentioned earlier, comfort should be given priority. 

4. Look

Once the shoes fit you perfectly, you need to comprehend whether the shoes complement your attire. If you’re looking for a more sophisticated and chic look, men’s slip-on boots will match the attire. 

For a more casual and relaxed look, sneakers will work just fine. If the shoes don’t help in elevating the look you desire it would then don’t buy them, no matter how enticing they look. 

5. Branding

It’s always prudent to buy shoes that belong to high-end brands which are trustworthy and reliable. In addition to this, you can also search for endorsements such as reviews that can make the shoes more reliable. 

Styling men’s slip-on shoes 101

Casual chinos

Chinos are the perfect middle way between too sophisticated and too casual. And the best way to complete the chinos look is with men’s slip-on sandals or sneakers. This is the most basic outfit that you can think of. By adding variations to it, you can make it more lively.

For instance, if your outfit is simple and minimalistic enough, you can experiment with shoes that have emeralds or rubies in them. It will match the vibe of your attire. 

While styling the chinos, make sure that the tops are basic and simple. Don’t opt for something too bold or experimental. 

With formals

While styling men’s slip-ons with formal attire, the first thing that you need to consider is the material you’re choosing to wear. The best material that you can wear for this outfit is patent leather and suede. As the formals emanate high-end sophisticated vibes, you opt for patent leather loafers available in darker shades such as black, or navy.

Men’s slip-on shoes rocking with the traditional

Wearing men’s slip-on sandals with something traditional like dhoti pants, pathani suit, loose salwar might sound tricky but if you are able to style it impeccably, you’ll know how perfect the pair is. 

When it’s a regal festival or an important occasion, you can pair a velvet suit that has breeches with velvet loafers. For this one, try some popping colors which usually are not your go-to choice. 

For instance, you can experiment with greens, cherry reds, or even blue. These colors will add more life to your overall look. 

However, if the occasion is not that important, but you still need to possess some sartorial skills for rocking a stylish outfit, you can pair tapered pants and a simple kurta with or without the jacket with suede or leather slip-on. For a touch of regality, you can add a small intricately designed brooch. 

Relaxing in jeans

Jeans and slip-on; name a better pair that will be given this amount of comfort. When it comes to styling these shoes with denim, make sure that you wear straight-leg jeans as they go best with the overall look. These jeans shouldn’t be too baggy or too fit, but create just the right silhouette. 

Be that as it may, while styling the casual outfit, make sure you understand the vibe of it. There’s a difference between casual and rugged. So, make sure that your outfit paired with the boots is the right amount of casual. 

For a chic vibe, you can wear a pair of black slip-ons with sky-blue straight jeans. Or if you want something that is business-casual, you can don a blazer or a dinner jacket that will help you elevate the look. 

These are some of the styling tips that you can keep in mind to rock men’s slip-on shoes. In addition to this, many have questioned whether one should wear socks with slip-on sneakers or not. Well, the answer is yes. 

This question arises because men’s slip-ons are highly styled during the spring or summer months. Under such weather, no one would like to wear socks. However, wearing socks is preferred because it protects your feet from loose fit, blisters, and odor. So, don’t forget to wear socks for your and everyone else’s sake!

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