Hoodies, be it Nike hoodie, or carhartt hoodie are an indispensable item of clothing in everyone’s wardrobe, but since streetwear stroked the big time some years ago, nearly every stylish man could count several in their collection. For our latest blog post review, we take a look at a Supremebeing Hoodie; read on to find out more!

Streetwear is a multi-billion dollar industry in 2020, and at the front position of it all is James Jebbia’s Supreme, initially founded as a small skate shop in New York City in 1994. Credit to a private equity firm’s $500 million investment in 2017 for 50 percent of the company, Supreme is currently valued at $1 billion—an unprecedented valuation for a clothing brand with no official marketing.

The name Supremebeing is pinched straight from a strapline from one of the first t-shirts we ever designed. We liked the sound of it; brash, youthful, idealistic, and full of possibilities, it replicated how we felt. Supremebeing is not about dominance, elitism, or religion. It is about individuality, uniqueness, and attitude.

Source: youraverageguystyle.com

This brand is going through somewhat of a renaissance after some time in the shadows; we fondly remember them back in their peak just after the millennium. The brand is fortunately back on the scene, boasting an exciting success story both at home in the UK (founded in Cambridge in 1999) and abroad, with customers in well over 80 different countries.

The brand has a cult following, mainly in part down to their eclectic visual based around streetwear, with their core pieces consisting of T-Shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies, all attributing high-quality graphics. One of their key selling points is that all of their variety is designed and printed in England using diverse organic and recycled fabrics.

For our review, we choose an iconic Core Logo Hoodie sweatshirt to get a feel for one of their best sellers; read on for more.


The Supremebeing Core Logo Hoodie boasts an unquestionably effective design, a solid vivid white fabric for menswear with a contrasting black logo emblazoned across the chest area. We are happy to report the logo is alike to the original design from 1999. Many brands (such as those trying to re-create themselves to a younger market) change their logo style, frequently with disastrous results!

Luckily, aside from the logo, the hoodie is free from any other kind of branding or ‘cool’ features such as needless metal pins, badges, or the popular branding tab along the edge of the side seam. Generally, the look is sleek and modern without forgetting the brand’s popular origins.


The Core Logo Hoodie brags a heavy-weight composition coming in at 350gsm; containing 85% organic ring-spun pure cotton and 15% recycled polyester (definitely a top-selling point amongst the current creation of sustainable clothing on the market). Regardless of the use of nature-friendly resources, the material is super supple to touch and feels amazing when worn! Each of Supremebeing’s products is crafted in the UK for that added homegrown quality.


The hoodie is distinctive of a street style outfit; pairing it with your best jeans and chunky sneakers would be rather of a simple yet winning combination. Obviously, you are not limited to this ensemble and can even team up with a duo of skinny joggers or even some smart/casual trousers for a fashion-forward outfit.

The ease level with this Core Logo Hoodie is second to none; a little oversized in shape, so you will not feel tightened with movement or struggle to take it off in a hurry; who can dispute a super-soft hoodie? One of those comfortable style statements!


With the RRP sitting at a very just £59.99, we feel the cost is more than rational especially compared to the brand’s closest competitors like ahegao hoodie, or champion hoodie. You can effortlessly pay well over this from alternative brands, though without the quality or fit to show for it.

If you have read all through the review so far, then you must have by now seen in which way the tide is turning with our score; certainly a top-class product and a clothing item we can see anyone wearing regularly! The hoodie boasts amazing benefits like, an incredible minimalistic design, superior comfort level, and a bank account affable price point. If you are looking for a brand new Core Logo Hoodie sweatshirt to append to your clothing collection, we give top marks to this release from Supremebeing.