When you have a six-figure salary, it’s easy to be a spendthrift to look fashionable. The problem arises when you are a man on a budget and you couldn’t help but think about whether you can pull off the style? Well, the answer is yes. But, it requires an investment of effort and time to develop a keen eye and sense for curating a stylish wardrobe. 

Be that as it may, when it comes to a million-dollar look, you mustn’t only focus upon your attire but also your hair. This article will enlist some of the effective tips and techniques to achieve a million-dollar look. 

What does a million-dollar haircut look like? How can you achieve one?

Who wouldn’t like to save money that they’ve been spending on haircuts throughout their lives which is equivalent to millions of dollars? To achieve this million-dollar haircut look, you don’t need to pay a visit to the salon and possibly go through the painful process of explaining to the hairdresser how you like your hairstyle to be. You can effortlessly achieve a million-dollar haircut look by cutting your hair with precision and vigilance.

However, if you’ve never cut your hair or other people’s hair, then don’t worry. Under such circumstances, you can hit the internet and scour as many YouTube videos as you can. After you’re done watching them, you can give the million-dollar haircut a try. You’ll never know if you’re able to do it unless you go for it. 

If it’s of any help, then you must know that cutting your hair is a relatively easy skill to acquire. You get better at it the more you do it. So, instead of spending money that sums up to millions of dollars when you sit down to count it on just salons, you can cut your hair. 

With the million-dollar haircut look done, let’s focus upon how you can achieve a million-dollar apparel look.

Different styles that give a million-dollar look under 50$:

There are certain basic, timeless styles that you must focus upon if you want to have a million-dollar look. These core items will make your wardrobe interchangeable, that is, you can wear them with maximum pieces of clothing. 

Be that as it may, the core items of every man are different because they reflect everyone’s distinct personality. However, pieces like jackets, pairs of jeans, basic t-shirts and sweaters are found in almost everyone’s wardrobe, regardless of their uniqueness in colour, shape or size. 

Remember, your style is a combination of your taste and your necessity. Therefore, it will be prudent to make choices accordingly. Below-mentioned are some staple and timeless pieces for men which, donned perfectly, will certainly give you the million-dollar look. 

  • Jackets: Although you cannot wear jackets everywhere you go, they certainly enhance your visual framing and add a confident touch to your look whenever you wear them. Wearing a jacket on top of a simple shirt and pairing them with jeans will give you a more cool and chic look within no time
  • Suits: You must reserve suits for business and formal occasions. Try to hunt for a more minimalistic suit that exudes elegance and regality. Who said one cannot be royal under 50$?
  • Collared shirts: A few plain old collared work shirts and even dress shirts will be a great addition to your wardrobe. If you do decide to wear a collared shirt, make sure it’s a turn-down collar. 
  • Leather shoes: You must be thinking that leather shoes under 50$ are impossible to find. Maybe, maybe not. If you’re not able to find leather shoes within your budget, then you must change your existing shopping options. Instead of going to the offline stores, hit an online shop that has a sale. You can also pay a visit to a thrift store. 

When you pair leather shoes with your suit, you instantly elevate your look and you no longer look a part of the middle-class society. 

These are some of the basic styles that you can focus upon if you want to have a million-dollar look. In addition, these classic menswear styles are, as you can see, ready-to-go which adds to the advantages. You can look like a million-dollar man at a moment’s notice. Now, who wouldn’t want that?


The above-mentioned tips and styles are some of the effective ways through which you can know what a million-dollar look is, even though you may not have any idea what a million dollars look like in real. 

Unlike an expensive store that displays every piece of clothing matched with other pieces of clothing, your wardrobe will be filled with singular pieces which will be built over time. Therefore, you won’t have a single ready-made look; instead, you’ll have to work upon it and create it out of scratch. 

It might sound difficult and time-consuming at first, but once you get in the groove of it, you’ll get the desired piece. Moreover, creating your look will help you establish its uniqueness and be an expression of your individuality. 

In addition to this, while you’re buying clothes, make sure that you’re versatile. Making your wardrobe interchangeable is one of the best things that you can do to achieve a million-dollar look at the end of the day. For those who don’t know, an interchangeable wardrobe is the one wherein you take any piece of clothing and can pair it with at least two to three other pieces of clothing.

Therefore, shop accordingly. If you buy the most expensive shirt, but it doesn’t go with one of your pairs of chinos or jackets, then it’s probably not worth it. You can skip buying it and instead, buy some other shirts which are more basic and staple. 

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