Tiger Shroff, may not be the first choice for everyone if acting is the sole criteria, however, someone that appreciates a healthy physique cannot really dispute that his body is not among the top 3 superstars in Bollywood film industry. What makes stand out among the rest is Tigers Shroffs workout routine. 

You strike two points concurrently while talking about Tiger Shroff—he is very young and looks like a Mongolian fighter with cheekbones and wooly hair.  Jackie Shroff’s son, the Tiger, decided to be a professional soccer player but then realized that he could not survive on sports in Indian. Apparently, it was too slow for him, except cricket as he has said himself.   

He switched to films, but his first passion remains fitness. He was always an athlete, he played football in school, he learned martial arts as a teen, he struck his physique in the gym four years ago. 

He has laid down himself as one of the leading action stars of the modern generation. While he is packed with muscles, he can jump like jello and still surprise us by the endurance of an elite gymnastic.

Tiger Shroff’s debut film “Heropanti” came out in 2014. His official name is Jai Hemanta Shroff. Tiger practiced pace training and versatility for his debut feature, including wall flips, front pike and jumps, 360-degree backward turns, etc. 

However, this routine was not challenging enough for the athletic actor, and thus for another movie featuring him called “Baaghi,” he decided to take things up a notch. Keep reading to find out more about Tiger Shroff’s workout routine. 

A niche was created in Bollywood by the actor Tiger Shroff, far far away from mustard fields and romantic gestures. Just by looking at him on the big screen swirling and dancing around the road shirtless, we all have one question in mind – what kind of a workout this man does to be so fit? 

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At the ASICS event Tiger, who was confirmed as a brand ambassador for the Japanese footwear business, was asked for an insight into his workout routine. Tiger not only announced his everyday workout – which btw is more than anyone could expect to finish within a week but also his diet and nutritional plans.

Tigers Shroffs workout routine and diet plan:

As rightly said by experts, your abs are made in the kitchen and Tiger for sure does take the advice very seriously. Tiger has a tight but balanced diet. Not only did he completely eliminate packaged and junk food, but he also monitors the richness of carbonated, sucrose products in his diet. 

As a non-vegetarian, he also consumes egg, chicken, and legumes that provide a significant amount of protein to his diet. For breakfast, he relies on brown rice, boiled vegetables, and chicken along with 10 white eggs with oatmeal whereas for dinner he consumes broccoli and fish. 

Tiger normally takes whey-protein shakes, dried fruits, or nuts to stay satiated every couple of hours, maintaining a tight feeding or snacking program. He has a cheat day, much like any normal person; he often prefers an ice cream or dark chocolate on Sunday, because of his sweet tooth.

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Now, let’s find out what all this athletic actor does in the gym to flaunt such an impressive body. 

Here’s Tiger Shroff’s workout routine:

Monday: Chest Day

Inclined machine and dumbbell presses, flat bench. The Chest flies with the weights in each hand being roughly 60 kg. 

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Tuesday: Shoulder Day

 Back Pull-ups, side machine pull-downs with around 80-85 kg, low and one-armed dumbbell rolls with around 100 kg weight. 

Wednesday: Legs Day

Squats with190 kg on shoulders for 4 sets of 4-8 repetitions each to start with, hamstrings twists with 91 kg’s, step-ups with 100 kg’s, and open barbells and squats to finish with. 

Thursday: Back Day

Shoulders press and shoulder kneel with 90 kgs each, military press, side lifts with 15 kilos of dumbbells and machine using the same weight, rear flies with 45 kg’s weight. 

Friday: Biceps and Triceps

Arms Olympic barbell curls with around 60 kgs, dumbbell curls with 32 kgs, reverse curls with around 30 kg’s, close-up barbell presses, press downs, skull crushers with 68 Kgs each.


Functional Deadlifts with a massive 250 kg’s weight, squats with around 200 kg’s, kneel and press with 100 kg’s, and plyometric push-ups to finish. 

Sunday: Abs Day

abs and calves for 10-12 sets of 10-12 repetitions each, Crunches both traditional as well as hanging reverse crunches, weight loaded reverse crunches with 10 kg’s weight along with standing and sitting calf presses with 68 kg of weights.

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Tigers Shroffs workout routine


It is often said that only exercising and a proper diet cannot help you to have a perfect body, there are some lifestyle changes that might need to be changed. Tiger seems to have checked all the boxes in this area too.

Hydration is incredibly essential to manage blood pressure during workouts or high stress work out to prevent the heart from getting exhausted quickly. It also increases the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles and helps develop lean muscles quicker. 

The versatile actor is following a stringent ‘no alcohol or smoking’ stance. He typically drinks 7-8 liters of water along with green tea or whey protein shakes to keep him hydrated for the whole day. 

Tiger has a fading shave which not only embraces his chiseled jawline and cheekbones but which also brushes off his age and tends to make him look even younger.

The fitness fanatic usually has a clean appearance and vows on using a face wash infused with matcha green tea which not only aids to clean the skin but moreover detoxifies it from impurities and pollutants. 


This talented actor’s discipline for his lifestyle, particularly his diet and exercise routine, is somewhat enviable. Tiger maintains a very healthy lifestyle without any unhealthy smoking or drinking habits. 

The actor agrees that each person has a unique type of body and must develop a diet or exercise plan accordingly. Although the trick to becoming a healthier and fitter version of yourself is to obey the general principles and adhere to the specific regime best suited to your body type and requirements.