They say that retro fashion is never completely ostracised out of the fashion world and they couldn’t be more true. One of the most eminent retro looks was the men’s dungarees look which is gaining traction in the contemporary era. It’s probably safe to say that they are in for the long haul.

If your dungarees are tucked somewhere in the corner of your wardrobe, perhaps it’s time to pull them out and style them in the contemporary mode. If you don’t have them, then you must invest in a pair of them because their functionality and fashionableness are making them the staple these days. 

With that said, let’s look at some of the important aspects of styling men’s dungarees and how to achieve the impeccable men’s dungaree look. 

But, first, let’s trace its origin.

What is the origin of dungarees?

The roots of dungarees can be traced back to the 17th century in a small Indian village called Dungri/Dongri. Its coarse and thick Indian calico cloth made men’s dungarees or overalls as protective clothing apparel for workers. 

With the advancement of time, when the Britishers purchased the rugged and thick fabric for crafting their workers’ trousers, they called it ‘dungaree’ with the characteristic British accent. Eventually, in 1853, Levi Strauss and his business partner Jacob Davis used this fabric to create the first bid and trousers which are now popularly called ‘overalls’. 

These overalls eliminated the necessity of cumbersome waist belts as they were available with loops, a bib and buttonholes. This facilitated hands-free carrying of tools, making the cloth more durable and practical for working. 

Resultantly, these overalls gained quick momentum and they came to be known as standard workmen’s garments across America. This being not enough, the garments were colour coded to differentiate based on profession. For instance, painters wore white dungarees whereas railroad workers wore hickory stripe dungarees. The rest were designed in shades of blue.

The men’s dungaree look penetrated the mainstream fashion world when Hollywood celebrities like Clint Eastwood and John Wayne started wearing them as casual wear. 

With the origins laid bare, let’s explore the how-to’s of styling and achieving a men’s dungaree cute look. 

Styling men’s dungarees 101:

Dungarees’ versatility, fashionableness and functionality always lure men towards them. They become a welcome alternative to the conventional t-shirt and jeans look. However, there are different ways you can style your dungaree. Below-mentioned is some of them which, hopefully, will give you some insight:

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  • Both straps are locked:

The classic Harry Styles look. You can pair a basic t-shirt or a printed one underneath a dungaree which has both the straps locked in. For the dungaree colour, you can go for shades of blue. Complete the look with white sneakers or if you want something more debonair, black leather derby shoes can always be the first and last option. 

  • One strap is locked:

The casual and relaxed one-strap look makes you nostalgic for one of Will Smith’s many stylish looks. To add more charm and casual vibe to it, you can pair the slim-fit overalls with a popping red crew neck shirt. Complete the overall look with white sneakers. If red is too popping, you can also go for a black crew t-shirt which will also complement the casual vibe.

  • No straps locked:

The undone blue or black overalls are a sign of a cool and casual guy. Combining this calm and cool undone dungaree look with a simple white tee and derby shoes will be nothing less than magnificent. However, don’t confine your choices to only basic tees. Always be ready to experiment with prints and various other designs.  

When is the best time to wear men’s dungarees?

Men’s dungarees are extremely versatile, therefore, there is no specific season when you can wear them. However, with the onset of the winter season, wearing the dungarees will emanate a comfortable and relaxed look. You can pair your blue or black slim-fit denim dungarees with a hoodie or a sweatshirt. Complete the look with an overcoat and white sneakers. Classy, isn’t it?

Photo credits: Dungarees Online

In addition to this, dungarees are a must when it comes to summer and festival season. For this, you can opt for men’s dungaree shorts instead of the conventional overalls. In addition, you can also don printed denim dungarees or coloured ones to complement the bright and sunny season. Pairing them with denim shirts, printed shirts or a simple white tee will suffice the fashionable look. 

Clothing options for pairing men’s dungarees:

When it comes to achieving a chic and comfortable dungaree look, one needs to be aware of the other clothing options with which they are airing the dungaree. Some of the clothing options and accessories which you can consider include:

  • Retro accessories:

If you feel something’s missing or off in your overall dungaree look, you can complete it by wearing retro accessories such as bum bags or bucket hats. Since dungarees are retro, it makes sense to pair them with retro accessories. 

  • A fisherman beanie:

Beanies are mainly fashionable which will never fail to elevate the dungaree look. To add more zest to the outfit, you can also pair a check shirt with it. 

  • Trainers:

Be it hi-top canvas trainers or chunky ones, trainers complement the casual and comfortable vibe to the slim-fit dungarees. 

  • Basic tees and sweatshirts

A basic t-shirt such as white or even a simple sweatshirt can never go wrong with your dungarees. In fact, it adds an effortless touch to the entire outfit, even when these are men’s dungarees with the button on back pockets. 

  • Boots:

If shoes or trainers are just too casual for you, boots will satiate your demands. They add a masculine appeal to the outfit and elevate the look from casual to more debonair. 

Now that you’ve reached the end of this brief yet comprehensive guide on men’s dungarees, hopefully, you’ve gained some insight into styling this minimalistic, yet fashionable piece of garment, called dungarees. 

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