Meditation For Psoriasis: The stress-psoriasis connection is a tricky one. Did you know that stress can not only negatively affect your mind and mental health, but it can also affect your body? 

Stress can trigger psoriasis and even exacerbate the symptoms. In fact, according to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), stress and the nervous system can have a direct impact on inflammatory conditions such as psoriasis. Thus, taking steps to channel the stress can help reduce the inflammatory response that is responsible for causing itchy skin and red lesions associated with psoriasis. 

So, what is it that you can do to reduce stress? Mind-body practices like meditation for psoriasis, aromatherapy, biofeedback, aromatherapy, yoga for psoriasis, etc., will help you connect with your body, manage mental turmoil, and relieve the physical symptoms and discomfort. 

In today’s article, we have covered everything you need to know about meditation for psoriasis and other relaxation techniques. Read on! 

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What is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a type of skin disorder that causes the skin cells to multiply up to 10 times faster than they normally should. This results in skin build-up in the appearance of bumpy red patches covered with white scales.

These red lesions can grow anywhere on the body, but they are most common in parts like the scalp, elbows, lower back, and knees. Psoriasis lesions can be itchy and uncomfortable if not treated properly. It is an inflammatory condition. 

meditation for psoriasis

However, psoriasis isn’t contagious and cannot be passed from person to person through contact. It is considered to be an immune system problem. Several treatments for psoriasis are available, the most popular ones being meditation for psoriasis, topical ointments, and medication. 

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Meditation for Psoriasis and other stress relieving techniques 

Here are some of the most effective mind-body therapies and stress-relieving techniques for Psoriasis: 

  • Meditation for psoriasis/Yoga for psoriasis

Those who suffer from psoriasis should try meditation to relax their body. Meditative disciplines like Tai Chi employ repeated physical movements that connect your mind and soul to your body. All forms of meditation for psoriasis entail concentration techniques that narrow your mind’s focus to your condition, and channel energy positively. 

Meditation for psoriasis or yoga for psoriasis isn’t hokum, but there is science behind it too. There is science-based research behind practicing meditation for psoriasis. Besides, it can also help with chronic pain and anxiety disorders. 

Similarly, yoga can do wonders for psoriasis. Some yoga asanas are designed especially to reduce stress levels and provide relief to the mind and body. These yoga asanas are easy to perform and appropriate for beginners. 

Thus, if your psoriasis condition is bothering you, you should give yoga for psoriasis a try! 

  • Biofeedback information 
yoga for psoriasis

Biofeedback Information is a relatively new field of therapy, perfect for treating psoriasis and other skin disorders. In Biofeedback information, meditation unites with technology. Curious about how it works? Hear us out! In this form of therapy, therapists use devices that can track the indicators of stress in your body such as blood pressure, heart rate, skin sensitivity, and muscle tension. 

Then relaxation procedures are used while a monitor tracks how the treatment is affecting your body, possibly by reducing your muscle tension, relaxing heart rate and, reducing blood pressure. 

Biofeedback Information has proven to be beneficial in managing excessive stress levels and reducing anxiety, thus, it can do wonders for your psoriasis skin condition. 

  • Spa therapy

Gone are the days when you thought that Spa Therapy was just a pampering session. However, in reality, it is way more than that! A good soak in mineral waters and bath salts can clear your mind, release toxins present in your skin and also improve psoriasis plaques.

The National Psoriasis Foundation has confirmed that spa therapy,  mineral or saline spa baths, particularly when used in combination with exposure to ultraviolet rays can be effective for most people with psoriasis.

It is very similar to the Dead Sex experience of sunbathing and soaking in saltwater. You can also recreate this experience in your bathtub by using warm water and bath salt and minerals. 

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  • Aroma therapy

Aromatherapy is yet another brilliant stress-relieving technique that involves the use of pleasant fragrances and essential oils. These essential oils are carefully extracted from flowers, herbs, or plants, and they help you to help relax.

These scents can be diffused through the air using an air diffuser or applied as a massage oil. You can also combine Spa Therapy with Aromatherapy by soaking your body up in a tub filled with aromatic bath salts.

Aromatherapy works by sending chemical sensations to the mood and emotional apexes of the brain.

 People with psoriasis are known to benefit both from the calming effects of the natural fragrances as well as the antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal properties of the herbal essential oils. The National Psoriasis Foundation has reported that chamomile, tea tree, peppermint, rose, sandalwood, and lavender oils are among the best essential oils for skin disorders treatment. 

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  • Spending time outdoors

Research has shown that spending time outdoors can help you connect with your mind and body. Outdoor activities like going for a walk, cycling, hiking help people clear their minds of worries. This can have a positive effect on psoriasis treatment. Exercise, too, helps in relieving stress by releasing endorphins or happy hormones. 

If your psoriasis condition is flaring up and getting out of hand, it’s time to take your mind and body outside!

The bottom line is that practicing mindfulness meditation for psoriasis is the best way out. It is tough to escape feelings of stress, but it is possible to control stress responses that can trigger psoriasis plaques. For those who suffer from psoriasis, mindful activities will not only improve the quality of your life but also reduce the possibility of severe outbreaks. 

Therefore, it is time for you to focus on your mental health. 

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